Manaria "Mango" Goleme

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Manaria "Mango" Goleme

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Name: Manaria "Mango" Goleme
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Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 200 lbs 90 lbs from cybernetics
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Orange
Species: Female Metahuman
Augmentation Level: High

Manaria often going by Mana or Mango for short was born in L.A where she was originally rather care free in her nature as a girl. However as is a rather common thing in the cyberpunk city one of the gang based conflicts caught Mana in the crossfire. Within its current status of disrepair she was in she was left largely for dead. A thirteen year old Manaria was found clutching onto life as the site was investigated and from there she was taken in for emergency care.

Sense then Manaria has taken to cybernetics and engineering work. Having done multiple odd jobs around the city she lived in and working upon her own augmentations on a regular basis. Having multiple clients reporting of a talented mind for picking up on how things work be they old cars or the latest pieces of hardware. The interviews with her gave off the impression of someone excited to work and trusting. However she also hails from a telepathic mother and a father who'd been a hero with Herculean strength as such has been directed towards Millenium Academy.
Augmentation List

Arms: From the elbows down is a collaboration of gears and components largely made of a variation of composite alloys that can weather the heat of most thrusters and endure a rather large weight upon them at any given time. With each digit and the wrist able to make rotation in almost any way required. Having on more than one time assisted in actual power loaders and the like. More people however care about the numerous bits and pieces held within with a variety of fuel cells contained in the arm. Right index able to be a plasma blow torch middle finger able to function as a screw driver with rotation and size able to adjust as needed. Ring and pinky finger capable of generating an electric current. Meanwhile the thumb comes with a cord extension that's able to hook usually into most machinery. The palm holds a mag lock to adhere to most surfaces and four small spikes that retract to hook into a wall should magnetism not suffice. Finished off with the arm holstered rotating cannon, dispensing small explosive needle munitions at a high velocity. Not ideal military combat hardware but capable of putting a lot of fqorce down range should the need arise.

Legs: like her arms they're durable and full of rotation as well as measures to cling to most surfaces. Withheld inside the legs however is a different assortment. The main stay is a back up tool kit covering just about all she might need. There is though as well an added cylinder of ammunition and a plasmic charge should a need for demolitions be required, while held in a position where it shouldn't be at risk. And lastly an oxygen tank and gear needed should things be under water that still need her work.

Eye: comes with night vision, a camera, recorder, light, an assortment of zoom enhancements and the ability to be resistant to most flashing lights or changes that otherwise could be problematic.

Ears: provides a music player and music storage, communication systems, translator devices, and similarly to eyes comes with a recorder. More importantly however it provides protection against the countless sounds her job might encounter.

Spine: Though it doesn't extend into a cybernetic skull it runs all throughout the spine and does connect throughout the rest of the body in addition to this is a six foot long tale. Like the rest is a highly durable machine that also can help endure weight. Her spine's main functions initially is powering the other cybernetics and climet management helping survive various instances of heat or cold. Within the spine however Mana added the tail and features to such which include the end three clawed hand, which is important to note is just as useable as one. It's equipped with a mining laser as well as the devices to assist in holding to a surface. Finally is a extended cable within the tail with a rather far reach to assist in reaching points on buildings ships and so on.

Telepathy: The ability to speak with people through thought and to read minds of others. Able to reach the minds of anyone within roughly the city area provided they've no resistance. She however doesn't have much skill beyond this with such ability so far. While she may grow to be able to explore the astral plane or manipulate minds and so on presently these allude her do to being absorbed in mechanics over her mental ability. However as a telepath she does have a fair level of resistance to forms of manipulation or things intended to diminish her thinking ability.

Technomancy: That is to say the ability to "commune" with most mechanical devices. This can be anything from knowing when a car turns on to controlling someone's computer from a distance. However it does demand a level of technological function, the standard firearm for example or older cars don't have enough of what Mana likes to call the "tech language". Which is a sort of simplified term for electrical signals moving components and so forth. Like her telepathy it reaches out to about a city wide radius. Do to the complexity of making devices follow her orders though she typically is limited to around a city block, which can become smaller if looking to command to much.

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