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Miss Mayhem

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Name: Holly “Mayhem” May

Alias: Miss Mayhem, Gigajoule, G, Pint Sized Powerhouse, The Kinetic Kickboxer, Miss Mayhem, R.H.I.N.O. (Rip You A New One), Profane Powerhouse, B.F.G. (Bad Freaking Girl), Kid Kinesis, The Princess of Suplex city, The Mayor of Beatdown Town

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Race: Human Mutant

Height: 5 ft

Weight: 110 lbs

Affiliation: Millennium Academy

Alignment: Neutral

Holly was a privledged girl who grew up in the two percentile part of society, her family apart of the rich upper class. She most always got whatever toys she wantes, and she had plenty of friends at her cushy private school where she would be provided some of the best education money could buy. Of course she was born with this. Her family lived amd breathed money, so she didn't really know anything else. Life was alright but it was boring. She got the latest cellphones, the best toys, the latest and greatest im fashiom and name branr clothes. It all came very easily. A fairly smart girl, she worked a bit to have good grades because it was all she really earned herself, but she found the whole prospect of school and classes to be boring. For a while nothing much would truly interest or stimulate her except for one thing.


As a kid, Holly grew quickly obsesssed with all things combat culture. From boxing to wwe to ufc. She stopped asking for toys and going out clothes began asking for training videos and competitive combat gear. Her parents abhored violence, especially for someone supposed to be their little girl, but soon they found she couldn't be stopped. She did all she could to train, and even went as far as to start fights at school over little crap until she eventually got her way and had a method of channeling her passion a little more productively. She quickly found herself to be one of nearly prodigal skills.

Things improved and Holly even did other sports on the side. Football. Wrestling. Track. Weightlifting. A little bit of basketball. Her parents tried to encouraged her to go to other sports but the main thing she focused on was her kickboxing career. She loved every moment of the fight. To hit, and to get hit. There was nothing like it.

It all changed when her X-Gene activated.

Generally when you punch someone, they drop. They don't fly across the ring. Her opponent was some pompous bitch named Reggie Connors. Reggie and Molly had been going rearing to go mono a mono, and Reggie was dominating Molly's “brawling” infighter style with outboxing and whip like kicks. After getting knocked out and taunted the third round. Molly had enough. One body body blow was enough to toss Reggie across the ring with broken ribs, a jut of blood on the floor.

Reggie's family tried to press charges, to pull the mutant card on her. But tests had shown that the gene only recently activated, seemingly by Molly's sheer force of will alone. Irregardless, she was banned from ever participating in any sport, let alone any popular combative sport tournament ever again.

Needless to say, Molly was a little pissed at having no place to practice her passion. As the world grew to seemingly reject her from her power, she rejected it.

If she couldn't fight them in the ring, she found people somewhere else. She started sneakinng out and picking fights with grown men in allyways. And then groups of men. Guys with guns. Knives. A supervillain. She founs that nearly nothinf could stop her newfound power. She could get up from getting hit by cars and trains like it wasn't really shit. She laid out any man ormetahuman she came across in a fist fight she could find.

One day, she came across a fire, seeing a woman cry and mentioning her son was trapped within. Being the girl she was, Holly felt sympathy for the woman and wanted to make a difference. So she ran into the burning building, and she never came out on her own.

Hours later she wakes up with a firefighter over her, giving her CPR (He was kind od hunky) and her parents crying next to her and looking at her in shock. She was covered in soot and didn't have any memory of what happened. She passed out. But they boy was saved.

Her parents have kept her on tight lock and key ever since, but she is growinf more difficult to keep in place. Her newfound strength let her destroy physical barriers with ease and she slowly came to value their authority less and less. They grow understandably concerned over the future of their child.

Some say it's fate that Holly has a power perfectly fit for physical combat. Otherd say she simply told her X-Gene what to do and it simply obeyed.

Whatever the case, Holly is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of mano a mano combat due to her trademark Fortitude Field, which allows Holly the ability to control kinetic energy of herself and affords her the ability to selectively strengthen any material im her grasp with the culmination of kinetic energy.

Kinetic Energy Absorption: An intuitively tunable ability that allows Holly to gain and store kinetic energy, the energy of her own motion, from every impact directed toward her person.

The effects of this power at first, would make holly seem almost invulnerable, as she selectively absorbs kinetic energy and momentum of the blows of her opponent. The efficiency of this depends on what she has her own rate of absorption set to. Simply put, if she absorbs too much it hinders her movement. Not enough and she doesn’t gain as much energy as she can.

When she sets her foot down however, she is almost immovable. She'll stop a freight standing straight up, arms crossed, on any surface. And in this state, she cannot move or be moved through application of physical force. Indeed, absorbing Kinetic Energy hinders her own movements.

However, this only works against the kinetic portion of attacks. Attacks of other nature can harm her to varying degrees.

She can store nearly unlimited amounts of energy and use this energy for a wide variety of attacks. It differs from her body's reserves of kinetic energy however, and she still needs to eat and to sleep like anyone else. However, she can hit herself at the cost of exerting large amounts of her own body's energies to give herself more kinetic energy. Augmented punches a lot no additional energy however.

Kinetic Reflection: Holly can (with conscious effort) reflect the force of an impact through what would seem to some to be through sheer toughness. Bullets bounce back at enemies. Superhuman strikes send foes throttling back.

This can be used with conscious efforts over portions of her body or her entire body, and can give her the appearance of an unstoppable juggernaut as she casually redirects any foe who touches her.

Impact: Another name for Holly's ability to discharge kinetic energy into objects with a touch. This allows her strikes to hit with energy proportionately greater than her velocity and mass, depending on the amount of energy she discharges. She can send a car across a street with a flick if she has the energy for it. She can throw fighter jets multiple blocks away or send a foe through a building with a punch.

This ability also allows her to maneuver herself by imbuing objects around her with kinetic energy. She can seemingly propel herself through mighty leaps, jump off the air itself or move in agile dashes befitting her size, enabling her to turn into a human bullet. She can also send focused blast waves of air as projectiles and overall, weaponize most any object she gets her hands on.

The more optimal her movement is (IE using proper form and technique) the more efficiently the kinetic energy is used.

Fortify: There was a reason Reggie survived such a superhuman. The Fortification Field is a field that she emits that allows her to strengthen a portion of material at will for the cost of an equal amount of energy from herself. For example assault rifle round fired at her would give her about a thousand kilojoules of energy. With this, she can reinforce a small portion of an object to be able to repel one rifle round. Or she can reinforce the entire object to varying degrees (won't stop a bullet in this case).

This allows her to pick up very large objects without basically breaking them. Or, she can reinforce important things or people to have higher tensile strength and overall toughness in the face of oncoming assault. She can even make people more durable as she punches them, allowing them to survive her strikes.

This drains from the same reserves she uses for her attacks and does not require physical touch.


Superhuman Durability: At first glance, Holly might look invulnerable. However this is not the case. It is more accurate to say she cannot be harmed by attacks that at all entail kinetic energy, as her skin, organs and body simply cannot be broken.

High Temperatures above a thousand degrees are harmful. She is effected by electricity, and still needs to breath, eat and sleep. Loud noises have no effect.

In concerns to how she physically feels, she is not of abnormal density. Her skin has many of the same properties as a normal human being in concerns to softness, elasticity and the like. She can also still feel pain from things that do harm her.

Superhuman Strength: At her default, Holly has a strength that would allow her to pick up a car as though she was an olmypic athlete snatching a great weight. Her strength from most ideal positioning caps out at 5 tons.

With Impact and Kinetic Energy Absorption, she can exert as much energy as she has in selective bursts that can intuitively measure. If she can get enough energy, there is theoretically, no limit to how strong she can get.

Bashanipal,The Scholar of the First Sin
Voracious, The Vampire Vagabond
Vas, The Prince of Euphoria
Lethe, The Wild Reaper
Ultra, The Psycho Crusher

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