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The Monster

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:52 pm
by Deterrence


The Monster
A Warrior Denied his Rest

"We shouldn't be using it. Thing shouldn't be walking around at all. God, I hate being near it."
"Shut up. He can hear us. He's looking right at you, for fuck's sake."
"It can register sound, yeah, but trust me, it doesn't care. It's dead. It doesn't have feelings to hurt, man."
"He's going to kill us."
"It doesn't care. It doesn't get ideas of its own. It's basically retarded. A zombie. It just sits there until we point it at something and say kill."
"Why the Hell does he listen to music, then, if he doesn't understand things? Things like every word of this conversation -"
"Relax, rookie. Don't ask me about the music. Just a quirk. Thing won't hurt us. Just wish I could put it in the ground where it belongs."

Subject is a prototype "RE_ANIMUS" currently operating under executive direction from the BOARD. The Subject's existence is classified, as its existence technically violates the Deterrence maxim regarding (reanimation). The Subject was previously an elite special agent employed by Deterrence who underwent extensive trauma during a field operation gone wrong. Autopsy report suggests the Subject was tortured over an extended period of time; the left arm from the elbow down was completely amputated, and the right eye had been mutilated severely. The Subject died during retrieval, an explosion destroying most of their internals and fully burning away their skin.

Reconstruction on the Subject commenced immediately at the direction of the BOARD. Approximately 45% of the Subject's body was salvaged; the rest was replaced in reconstruction. Medics were able to save the brain, preserving higher reflex functions such as muscle memory and training, though the Subject's personal identity was unable to be recovered. All records pertaining to their previous employment were subsequently DELETED.

A breakthrough in military engineering, the Subject was found to no longer possess any significant indicator of individual identity found in either HIGHER or LOWER frequency bands, making them ideal for dispatch against PSY-types as well as LOWER-FREQUENCY EXONORMALS.



Code name: The Monster
Aliases: The Creature, the Ghoul, the Gloom Walker, "Frank"
Identity: Concealed, even to agents of Deterrence
Occupation: Deterrence secret operative
Country of Origin: United States
Education: N/A
Age: Activated 6 months ago
Height: 6'1
Weight: 350 lbs. (Skeletal augmentations raise bodyweight)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: One damaged, one blue
Base of Operations: Mobile, self-sufficient


The Monster, as befitting his name, is grotesque, his face made up of a number of patched-together 3D-printed flesh grafts to compensate for his severe pre-mortem wounds. Even when fully reconstructed, scarring is evident, the use of Deterrence healing techniques incompatible with the treatments which allow the Creature to live as it does. Consistent dermal therapy serves to replace the skin which falls away, as is common in combat; though it does not inhibit him in any way, it's still unsettling at best when part of his face simply fades away. Several scars are prominent, including one along the bridge of his nose, and another over the left eye. The Monster's right eye was too far gone to repair, and replacing it with a cybernetic duplicate interferes with the Creature's stable self-perception - apparently, he ties his lack of right eye to its old life, anchoring him in reality.

The Monster's left arm was fully amputated from the elbow down, and has since been replaced with a cyborg prosthetic (see CAPABILITIES). He often dresses in military fatigues or camouflage suited to the mission at hand. His height is above average, and he typically sports a beard. An indestructible inorganic carbon horn protrudes from the right side of his forehead, a holdover from the liquid-hardening process which augmented his physique.



The bodily makeup of the Creature has been significantly altered. His shattered bones have been filled in with a non-toxic inorganic carbon substrate, which has made them functionally unbreakable and has significantly raised his bodyweight. His muscle fibers and much of his skin has been replaced with a sort of 3D-printed polymer base, amplifying both their flexibility and strength. His elastic muscular tissues have raised his explosiveness in movement to post-human levels, meaning that he can strike and / or lift with significant force. Given that much of his skeletal system has been replaced with artificial diamond, he could easily, for instance, punch a hole through a man's chest.

The Monster's capacity to feel anything has been altered significantly; his parietal lobe has been chemically edited, resulting in a re-routed sensation system which registers pain, but only insofar as it provides a danger signal. It cannot inhibit his functionality. His other senses have been amplified to a beyond-human level; he is more perceptive than even the most attentive man, capable of registering objects traveling at astounding velocities (such as speedster-type exonormals) and anticipating their movements with ease. His senses of smell and hearing are also improved, though potent "kill command" chems can detect when over-sensitive stimuli threaten the Monster, dulling these senses to compensate. Though he has only one eye, his vision with it is sharp.

The Monster's 3D-printed flesh is more durable than human skin, though it resembles it in almost every way. It is non-susceptible to chemical irritants and toxins, and a fast-clotting system prevents fluid loss in the event of penetration. With sufficient body armor on, he can wade through a hail of bullets without slowing down. The Monster can go without oxygen for a significant period of time and can endure temperature extremes that would incapacitate even the strongest survivalists. He requires less nutrition to function for prolonged periods, and can subsist easily on basic rations. His need to breathe has been reduced.


As an unflinching walking horror, it's easy to see how the Monster is well-suited to close-quarters combat. Blows which aim to debilitate by causing pain are doomed to failure, as his senses are too dulled to be agitated; strikes against specific nerves or organs fail to stun, his biology too different to be exploited through skill alone. Attacks on bones, such as kicks to the side of the leg, will not only bear no fruit, but actually pose a risk to the attacker, the ultra-hard composition of his skeletal system enough to shatter an enemy's foot or hand as the result of their strike.

Further, his enhanced striking power and prodigious skill make him a beast of a man at close-range, capable of pulping an opponent's internals with a simple blow. The inorganic carbon material making up his skeleton gives him much more weight to work with, enabling him to fully incapacitate enemies with a simple tackle. Furthermore, it makes throwing him virtually impossible for human enemies, given that he weights approximately 350 pounds without gear to consider.

The Monster's altered biology has opened up new avenues for unconventional combat. Using his weight to his advantage in fights, he can easily apply massive amounts of pressure to an enemy's wrist, easily disarming them, or simply snapping their limb; with the protruding adamantine horn present, a blow conducted with the head can easily be lethal, puncturing armor and forcefully crushing a target. The prosthetic arm's 360 degree wrist rotation capacity enables the Gloom Walker to apply absurd amounts of torque to a foe, or perform unconventional maneuvers with, say, a knife.

When it comes to physical retaliation, the Diamond Demon moves with speed and skill, often neutralizing foes before they even notice his presence. By abusing a foe's blind spots and employing proximity stealth, he can appear to vanish mid-battle, re-emerging from outside an enemy's field of vision to strike with obscene effectiveness.


Living as what is essentially a reanimated corpse, the Gloom Walker distinctly appears to lack any sort of exonormal frequency which denotes the presence of human consciousness. Psychics, for instance, can no more read his mind than they could a piece of meat; attempts to penetrate or attack his "soul," as it were, yield nothing, as there seems to simply be an absence within him. This is significant because biologically he is a 1:1 functional copy of a human being, albeit one reconstructed by artificial means.

The Monster's personal identity, too, appears to be a transient, listless thing. His perception of reality and action within it appear to be only a product of external stimulus. He can perceive the world through the emotions of others, but appears unable to reflect on them. The Creature's desires appear to be entirely shaped by his surroundings. On the surface, he is often said to appear inattentive, distracted, vacant. In reality he is in a sort of permanent sleep mode, directionless until a threat appears. Deterrence analysts conclude that he is entirely without the capacity for reasoned examination, capable only of tactical action.

Whether or not the Monster possesses an internal monologue is the subject of intense debate among Deterrence medical engineers. He submits to routine hypnotherapy sessions in order to maintain mental stability. These sessions grant Deterrence staff who are authorized to know of his existence insight into the Creature's psychological makeup, and enable them to edit his motivations and drives in order to suit their needs. Whether or not he is aware of this, too, remains to be seen.

Animals, such as dogs, appear to be naturally frightened by the Monster.


A myoelectric arm affixed at the Monster's left elbow. The prosthetic requires minimal maintenance and functions via fiber-optic technology so as to make it immune to the adverse effects of an electromagnetic pulse. The battery is charged via kinetic energy generated from the user's natural movements. Simple and effective, it possesses a ball joint at the wrist, enabling the hand to spin 360°. The grip of the hand can generate a compressive force of several tons, more than enough to crush steel. Much of the arm is composed of a polymer composite to ensure that it is lightweight.

It has been implanted with a variety of miniaturized tools, including:
- Lockpicks
- A miniaturized flame projector (Right fingertip)
- A laser device (Middle fingertip)
- An aerosol-based sleeping agent (Ring fingertip)
- An extandable blade (Pinkie fingertip)
- Sonar pulse (Wrist)
- Ballistic propulsion attack (Back arm - chemical propellant)
- Electromagnetic Pulse emitter



The Monster, of course, has access to all weaponry and equipment available to high-ranking Deterrence affiliates. However, it often eschews the use of these advanced weapons on command, in order to avoid being linked back to the Hypercorp. For this reason he typically packs more standard market weaponry, such as the AK-47, Beretta M9, basic hunting rifle, or sawed-off shotgun. Given that he lacks a right eye, and thus depth perception, he is forced to either aim with his left eye down the barrel, or by instinct. He retains his past life's proficiency with guns.

The Monster favors the use of incendiary weapons, given that they can do him little harm given his fire-retardant flesh and extremely dulled sense of pain. Furthermore, these weapons seldom require precise aim; a blanket coating of an area will suffice, enabling the Creature to compensate for its missing eye. Flamethrowers, firebombs, and incendiary bullets are all commonly used. Likewise, aerosol-based gas attacks are advantageous because of his skin's natural resistance to blister agents and other toxins.


Though he could feasibly be equipped with ATG Personal Body Armor to heighten his already monstrous durability, the Creature wears nothing that would link him to the Hypercorporation, dressing instead in standard camouflage fatigues. Naturally, this garb is chosen from an array of options, with different fatigues being suited to different environments. The rugged, flame retardant material can well endure the amount of wear and tear he puts it through. A harness for extra gear is typically layered over the back between the legs, letting the Unliving Trooper carry more gear into operations.

The Monster tends to wear combat boots on his feet and a de-fingered glove on his right hand. His long hair is often set in a ponytail by a band. The Monster often carries goggles to protect his eye, either stored in a pouch or dangling around his neck.


Though resistant to the effects of airborne toxins and aerosol bioagents, the Monster can still be slowed or temporarily incapacitated by them. In the event that he need to enter a hazardous or quarantined environment, he can equip a rigid gas mask with oxygen filter, preventing him from inhaling pollutants, poisons, or other toxic materials which could damage his quasi-functioning internals. Constructed of an elastic polymer with a filter cartridge near the mouth and nose, the Monster's gas mask is a variable fit, and can be adjusted for different users, which can prove useful for missions involving target extraction.

Resin cartridges, each tailored to a different toxic group, can be inserted to nullify specific chemicals. A catch-all oxygen supply is also available in case the filters run out, or a substance is too foreign to be filtered, such as nanomachines.

Re: The Monster

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:35 am
by Deterrence
1/4/19: Significant update to add Paraphernalia section and more description to the Monster's style of combat.

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Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:40 am
by Orph
Heaven's not my kinda place anyway.

I know I've said this before, but this is a really excellent bio. The choice of images is phenomenal.

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Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:53 am
by Deterrence
Orph wrote:
Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:40 am
Heaven's not my kinda place anyway.

I know I've said this before, but this is a really excellent bio. The choice of images is phenomenal.
Thanks man. I appreciate it :)