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NAME: Subject John Doe, 2.7.14. Known by the monikers of SJD-2714, Two-Seven, 2714, SJD. Born as Wyatt Moore. Known primarily as Django.
AGE: Young. Or old. The years blend into one another after a certain point.
SEX: Male in appearance and temperament as well as drinking habits.
SPECIES: Once upon a time, he may have been human. Now? A machine, a sum of moving parts given life and new purpose.
HEIGHT: 6'6", though his horn technically makes him 6'8".
WEIGHT: 30kg, or around 60 lbs. Lightweight frame makes for faster movement and heightened agility.

The second piece of equipment to note is the sharpened horn upon Django's head. It acts as both an information reciever across multiple signals, as well as a transmission and signal jammer. He can't do both at the same time, obviously, so it's set to either one or the other.
"The handsome face is just an added bonus."
The chassis that forms Django's body had been formed from a variety of materials. The outer shell is a composite metal, formed with the synthesis of both lightweight alloys, polymers, and the substance known as graphene; the end result is a durable, yet oddly flexible material with high tensile strength. Another added benefit is its incredibly light weight, which allows for heightened agility and dexterity. Aas a result, a slight amount of ballistic and energy protection was compromised in favor of raw speed and reflexes.

Two pieces of equipment— functions of Django's body, rather— are of note. His pair of eyes allow for increased magnifications and heightened probability calculators, allowing him to:

1. Practically cheat his way across most card games and betting sports;
2. Gain to ability to masterfully ricochet bullets and other objects off of surfaces.

In addition, his clothing and cloak contains amounts of ballistic weave to help guard against bullets and other energy projectiles.
"Whether I'm running towards or away from the danger, you can bet your ass it'll be in style."
Django's lightweight body allows the android to perform extensive feats of athletics undreamt of by most humans without metahuman abilities. His decreased weight allows him to land with both decreased sound and risk of injury; his mechanical core, given that it only has to power sixty pounds, allows him to run faster than a peak human; magnetic soles upon both his feet and the soles of his boots allows for orientation and traversal across sharp inclines, walls, and ceilings.

Because his core— the "heart" of his body— only wastes a minimum amount of its true power to move such a low mass, this piece of machinery is able to put excess energy towards the accomplishment of feats that would otherwise be impossible in other forms. Enhanced reaction speeds and hand-eye coordination are the result.

He might not be able to withstand house-crumbling impacts— but, he can strike a moving target from over half a mile away. On a good day, anyway. And that's not event talking about the tricks he can do with throwing cards.

Bottom line? "I float like a butterfly and sting like a bullet ant— an insect with one of the most painful bites, mind you. Most people laugh at me when I say that line, but they usually go quiet once I but a bullet in their heads."
"I call it the Royal Flush."
The Jack of Spades
"Why? ‘Cause I’ve never had a losing hand with it by my side.”

A hand-crafted gift from Alpha, the Royal Flush is Django's only firearm of choice. While only holding 8 bullets, the robotic gunslinger is capable of utilizing every round to its fullest— and deadliest— potential. It never, ever jams, it's always polished by its owner, and the body had been decorated with the spades suit by both Alpha and Wyatt to reference his previous background as a gambler. While it usually houses regular bullets, Django prefers to keep combat fresh by swapping in incendiary rounds every so often.

Besides the brass locket and deck of metal playing cards, it's the only reference to his human life. He prefers to keep it that way.

In addition to the Royal Flush, Django keeps a bundle of 10 throwing knives upon his back hip. Their sharpened points are capable of digging past reinforced armor due to what Alpha called "mono-molecular edges"; they, too are capable of being lit on fire due to a small energy unit housed within the body of the blades.

Also on his person is a deck of lightweight, stainless steel playing cards. They're strapped on the side of his hip opposite his holster for the Royal Flush and are capable of piercing flesh with their refined points. Through training, he'd gained quite a bit of skill in figuring out how to throw them at people for silent takedowns.

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Re: Django

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Have you always been alone?
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it
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Re: Django

Post by Ganymedes » Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:22 am

Damn b, I like these vibes a lot!

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Re: Django

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Darth Vader vs Hoar
That yin is gonna yang

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