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Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:00 pm
by Azra
"Officer Elektra Echo Pygmalion, last name was changed to help people identify quicker what I am. Registered Metahuman to work global at least a bit easier, though some places take the idea easier then others."
"Pygmalion Daughter but knowing you humans let's just say mythological creature right?"
"uh I look around twenty, twenty one so let's go with that. But birthday is October 13th."
"Blonde, athletic build, looks to be missing a eye though vision tests say otherwise. Has a tendency to wear green."
"I would describe myself as good intentioned and law abiding. That said I don't think we creature types matter for shit legality wise and I'm after the worst. So who's going to care if I use a bit more force?"
"Not really a weapon but I usually have around four pairs of cuffs. I've recently had a claw of Ravage converted to a knife. Made of Esoterium it can regenerate from damage to an extent and is nearly unbreakable."
"Compound Bow and usually thirty arrows in the quiver. The belt to hold the quiver is easily repositioned should I desire to rest along the hip instead. It's more a modern aesthetic that it's worn on the back. Various pouches are worn with additional arrow heads. While I usually use broad heads for increased damage I also keep blunt arrow heads and bodkin on me as well. Blunt being good for non lethal take downs or stunning and bodkin to get longer distance if need be. As for the compound bow itself uses limbs, cams, and string use a heavier carbon base and sturdier cord to help handle the strength that can be put behind it. The silencer, scope and stabilizer aren't anything particularly different or special in nature. One arrow connected to the bow itself has a cable allowing to grapple and swing between positions. After a incident with spiders I've updated gear a bit, located in the center of the arrow shaft is a glowstick now for illumination purposes. I've also equipped a small canister of spray that can be ignighted for fire on the arrows. Or more practically to let the arrow ignight on impact. After the events at a MAVU facility a dozen light weight arrows have been added to the quiver that are a bit more silent and travel at a further accelerated rate.
Recently a friend provided rune magic along the quiver and bow these include for the bow "haste" and "mass" while for the quiver includes "haste", "mass", "wind" and "ice". For the bow this means either an easier draw weight for faster draw time or heavier draw weight allowing more force behind the shot. For an arrow this can mean faster projectiles, ones that upon impact can way several tons, arrows that can freeze a subject or ones that generate massive kinetic force and shockwaves via air pressure. Following the investigation of Ravage the bowstring was made of Esoterium by Teja. This allows better draw distance and more compatibility with superhuman strength. There's also a "Christmas Bow" a gift from a strange squawking girl I bumped into a rather I'll admit pretty bow in my kind of colors that is now tied to my quiver. I don't know who she is but seemed cute I'd be a total bitch if I didn't put it to use. The image of the bow can be found here. After the whole Surgath world threatening ordeal Terminus further modified the bow, almost entirely remodeled to be of Esoterium the flexibility is maximized without compromising its durability. This allows for a max draw weight and heavier arrows. In summary any arrow can get up to several times above the sound barrier. Finally there are a total of eighteen heavier arrows (for a quiver total of sixty) to make the most of potential kinetic energy.
I also recently was given a card by the previously mentioned friend, Drake giving access to the Plainsville though this isn't anything really field related.

"For those uninformed Pygmalion refers to an artist who carved a woman of ivory and fell in love with his creation. He wished for it to be his wife, for he felt there was nobody who could be its equal and the wish was granted. I'm a daughter of those two, as such I'm a bit more durable. Like striking a stone and have slightly improved strength. A downside being no recovery is likely possible of damage done to me without a earth manipulator's help or some other similar ability. If you want exact well I can say I'm able to lift almost any standard vehicle with effort and have been able to endure most gunshots without a scratch."

"Currently have a neighbor who's adopted the arachild and one cat. Previous wounds have been recovered during Divergent Assault."
"Some time ago I was born, for awhile looking human it wasn't even to bad. One night though I'm at a bar and a guy is being to rowdy and a fight started. Next thing I know he's trying to use a pool cue against my head and being admittedly pretty strong do to metahuman ability he thrusted it like a spear. It strikes against my eye cracking the surface before it breaks. It sort of glows do to being broken and the more unique nature of what I am. So secrets out and I get to see the shit treatment of my kind instead of just being treated like a blonde who likes archery. It's a fantastic life from then on out no really I'm not sarcastic here at all. Not like it makes every interaction basically one judged. Ain't like getting a job becomes like impossible from then on.

The saving grace comes as my own kind is the abilities are useful. How damn charming right? So I offered to join the police force to help deal with these things. And sure some say I think there's more bias then there is but I doubt you can convince me so."

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Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:08 pm
by Kaija21
Man, the lack of recovery part is kinda disturbing XD. A lot of characters run around without a healing factor, but living organisms actually heal... a ridiculous amount on a daily basis.
Imagine getting a cut on your hand or knee that never healed and only stayed open and got bigger every time you moved...

Anyway, cool idea, just gives me nightmares, lmao

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Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:24 pm
by Azra
Im excited for it lol makes her need others but she also is kind of standoffish which gets in the way of that

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Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:37 pm
by Azra
Updated briefly post Spiders, has built a glowstick feature into arrows for illumination purposes. Now has a canister of flammable fluid to place on arrows. Nothing really game changing

Additional notes, currently has a hole in her neck with slight cracks around it. And has one arachnid baby or arachild to try and get someone to take

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Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:46 pm
by Azra
Updated, specifically with Christmas bow

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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:09 pm
by Azra
Edited 2-12 for post Ground Zero, as well as for current interaction in NYC
-An addition of lighter weighted arrows to move faster.
-Though the previous spider bite and gunshot wound from GZ I felt could be recovered from an interaction with Paragon in New York I didn't feel the shoulder wound from GZ was yet. So atm there's cracks along her right shoulder

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Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:33 am
by Paragon
I really should have read this first before RPing with you. My bad. Lesson learned. I'll do better in the future my friend. ^_^