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Project File#21427

Post by Cole Faux » Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:14 am

Name: Experiment-21427

Alias: Dubbed the name "Snuggle Bunny" by facility staff.

Age: 15 by biological, 26 by chronological

Appearance: Humanoid figure, female, roughly standing at 4'3". Long bunny-like ears, cat-like eyes, a tail derived from a bunny, and human arms, legs, and torso. Eyes are a light green hue with a blue-ish backdrop. Often described as "gem-like" by facility staff. Subject has been observed widening eyes thus adding a "cuteness" to them. They are in good shape having plenty of space in containment to run around, being above-the-average for their species in terms of tone for their muscles. The subject's skin as per description in the old files is "fair" among the species it previously lived. Subject has long hair flowing all the way down their back which requires regular washing. This hair is the color of a rare Earth Gem called Sapphire.

Brief Bio: This creature was discovered on planet 126-42-1 by scientist [Redacted]. According to observation, subject was located in a facility similar to our own, however, subject was discovered in cryosleep stasis. Analysis revealed cryosleep lasted 6 years before recovery by our team. Subject was thawed and brought on board for further testing and discovery. We believe subject is the result of a failed genetic experiment of a life-form taken from the primitive planet the locale called "Earth". Subject was in shock, and immediately was hostile with recovery crew, screaming about no more needles. Had to administer sleeping agent. Subject is temperate so long as fed and kept away from needles, enjoys playing with balls of yarn and hiding from anything it doesn't recognize. Subject can speak most common languages from the primitive land of "Earth". Claims to be unable to remember anything, cryo-sleep methods were primitive, likely a side-effect of this.

Subject is very fond of scientist [redacted] we are sad to have to tell the subject that they are unable to see them anymore, scientist [redacted] has died due to a raid by a [redacted] ship. [Corrupted] failed to inform the subject after a purr was released to convince them to snuggle for a short time.

Several weeks have passed no one has managed to tell Subject about the death of [redacted]. Subject is growing restless and has begun to take frustrations out on care-takers. It appears to be growing more hostile. Further detail required. . .

Subject, escaped containment last night and left on board one of the escape craft. It showed high levels of function and overpowered and outsmarted our care-takers. It has input the destination Earth. Sending scouting parties out to secure Subject. Hopefully before the primitives find out.

_ _ _ _

What is my name... I don't know, I don't even know why. . . why did I run? I can't remember, but, one thing is for sure I can't go back. I killed the care-taker. They won't let me get away with that! I need to go somewhere... the scientist mentioned a station called Earth, it should be safe there right?!? I've got no other choice... hopefully this thing works!

Snuggle Bunny looked around her eyes adjusting the sunlight, looking around she had no idea where she was, one thing was for sure, this wasn't a space-station like any she'd ever heard of. . .

Powers: 9-lives; Not really a super-power as much as a common misconception. . . The experiment doesn't have more than one life, in fact it is simply just a very slippery subject. Do not release subject from containment under any circumstance.

Super-Strength: Only really for their legs. Enables high jumping and a painful kick. [Roughly able to generate 25,000 newtons with a kick.] <--- That is enough to easily fracture a bone more than likely breaking it, including lethal to the head if your a normal human.
Extended Hearing: Bunnies have a great sense of sound, but, it is directional. . . Can hear extremely well that being said this can easily be used against her. . . as sound based attacks will likely make her ear bleed a lot easier.
Cats-Eyes: Enhanced sight enables the subject to see things even in the darkest of environments, even enabling them to see further if they focus their eyes.
Retracting Fur: Subject has developed the ability to grow and remove their fur at any point and time as they desire, this seems to be used to survive extreme weather conditions including snow and frost.
Slippery-Kittery: Subject can bend and twist itself in ways most cannot, often, seeming to defy logic. It's skeleton should definitely shatter when it bends backwards as far as it does, yet it doesn't. This allows the subject to easily escape most attempts at pinning it down that don't involve a rather large and sticky net.
Purring-Plead: Subject has a strange ability to produce a low purring noise similarly to that of most common household felines, be warned this has a soothing effect on other people. This is not an excuse to let it out of containment.

Equipment: Subject wears a bell on their neck at all times, it has been observed touching the bell and when doing so, it seems to calm the subject's emotions. Unsure if device is actually doing this or it is a calm brought on by familiarity. Further inquiry required.

Subject 21427 has escaped, under no circumstances should a lone operative engage the subject. If spotted contact an Agent immediately.
Do not attempt to contact the local intelligent life for more information, it is assumed local life will be hostile, they are primitives and not to be harmed.

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