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Arno J. Flint has been many things. SWAT squad leader. CIA anti-meta operator. A Deterrence elite capebuster. A ground trooper at the site of not one, but three separate extraterrestrial invasions. A bitter rival. A hooded vigilante. A black ranger.

But he never thought he'd go by Hero.

Arno has died three times. Three times, he has come back from the brink. He believes there is a purpose for him in the world of the living.

There was nothing special about him. There were better men than him who gave their lives, who passed from the world with no fanfare, with no chance of revival. There were others who lost their way; just as any man can rise from nothing, so too can any man fall to the darkest depths. The man whose standard Arno now bears, whose divine shield he wields, was one such hero. Now Arno is one of three.

The first was the legendary Aristotle of the World Wars, his origins unclear, but who was said to have lived and died pure.

The second was the troubled Atlas, the lonely man of two eras, fallen from grace, lost to shadow.

The third is Arno Flint, Axiom, the blackguard given the chance to rise, and fulfill his true potential.


Name: Arno Johnathan Flint
Occupation: Full-time Superhero
Identity: Secret
Alias: Axiom
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 lbs.
Species: Human
Age: 37
Alignment: Good
Gender: Male
Team Affiliation: The Society of Superheroes
Base of Operations: The Beacon (Earth); the Empyrean (Space)

Former Stations: SWAT squad leader. CIA anti-meta operator. Deterrence elite capebuster. Urban vigilante.

Personal History
Before Axiom, there was the Daemon. And before the Daemon, there was Deterrence capebuster Excelsus. Long before all of that, he was just Arno, son of Carl and Olive Flint, a dedicated child who rose to the challenge of working post-human security for law enforcement, the CIA, and finally, private security contractors. Arno had never been blessed with the opportunity to enter that magical world where anything was possible - but he could interact with it from the outside, hone his skills, dedicate himself to something. Alien invasions needed stopping. Supercriminals had to be apprehended. Even "average" men could be of use.

Everything happened so fast; as Deterrence's chief combatant, he became the corporation's Black Knight, taking down threats to global security left and right. Flint even killed a God, though it brought him no peace. In the face of injustice, powerlessness becomes rage, self-righteousness, pride. Shadows in the mind, once fuel, turn to poison. Even while doing good, a man can sow evil without realizing.

Arno raged against the system, the Wild Wolf challenging the most powerful institution on the planet - supers. Arno's nemesis was Invictus, the self-appointed moral paragon who assembled the celebrated Society of Superheroes. Arno's victim, a boy caught in the crossfire, was Arin Gestalt, now the pilot of his very own towering death machine. The imminent threat - Volksgeist, the Nation-Spirit, threatening the geosphere itself, and the hidden enemy, Gatekeeper, a threat from beyond the stars. And in the most shocking twist? Arno's allies were those he once opposed - Teja Docesznic, Garrick Valeria, and Hope Sterlyn.

Trial by fire left Flint with Volksgeist's divine shield bound to his very soul, and a new mission. With close allies to stand by, old mistakes to correct, and a never-ending battle before him, it's now his duty to be strong for those who cannot, to show courage against unthinkable odds, and to watch over his people until his time passes, and the sun sets on his life.

Arno has been through Hell and back. The burnings and beatings left their scars, but also renewed will. There is great strength and shame in his past, and by accepting both, he has the opportunity to heal and rise.

To strangers, Flint is a silent professional, serious, rarely smiling, burdened by purpose. Hard-eyed and skeptical of everyone, he's quick to decisive action, impulsive at best, reckless at worst. This aggression is the source of power and weakness; he could take inhuman amounts of punishment before being blessed by a soul-bind, propelled by nothing more than spirit and a refined mind, but he could also be brutal, relentless, and uncompromising, both on and off the battlefield. The same energy which enabled him to conquer unbeatable foes hurt those he tried to heal, like young Arin Gestalt, with consequences that haunt him to this day.

For the first time, though, he is with others like him. They balance his weaknesses and complement his strengths; they can share his pain. He can place trust in them, draw on them for hope, companionship. No longer a number who confides in machines, he's free to express doubt and weakness - and have those weaknesses accounted for. Embracing growth and change, he seeks to reconcile the mistakes of his past with his new role as a hero that works in the light instead of the dark. No more digging graves and burying memories; with the Society of Superheroes, he's going to finally build.

At the suggestion of someone who knew Brock LaVerne, he's picked up the mantle originally worn by Aristotle, and recently used by Atlas. Flint's greatest challenge is now to fill the shoes of a man who walks in the light, instead of a warrior who strikes and retreats into darkness. He has new responsibilities outside the battlefield now, and new concerns that come with them. Winning is not enough; now, something has to be left at the end of the day, and if there's not, it's his responsibility to pick up the pieces. That's what keeping the peace consists of now.

The shield he wields gives him confidence, but he's still a grim man to those who don't know him, closed off to loss, powered by an inner fire rather than any sort of centered calm. Doing his best to cultivate a new energy in himself, he's embraced redemption rather than retribution as the ultimate value - one which lets him create and preserve, instead of just destroy. Redeeming the uniform is the first step - breathing new life and purpose into a symbol of the past, an identity which can inspire more than just fear.

Beneath it all, though, Flint is living with optimism for the first time. He still thinks that anyone can fall - but that doesn't mean everyone will. And if anyone can fall, conversely -

- anyone can rise.


Since recovery from the battle at Krakatau, Arno has developed physicals which are nothing short of superhuman. His endurance has been amplified significantly; he can withstand conventionally impossible amounts of raw punishment in battle, capable of persevering through massive falls, drastic blunt force impacts, burns, and other deadly attacks without slowing down. Arno is strong enough to trade blows directly with conventionally invulnerable enemies; he no longer tires from regular exertion, and is capable of peak performance even in extreme conditions. He is resistant to severe heat and cold.

Arno's newfound strength is effectively in the above-human range, at least insofar as this range has yet to be reached by normal beings under controlled conditions. Because he can no longer damage his own muscles through exertion, he is capable of lifting far more, moving faster, and striking with much greater power. With maximum exertion, he can approach the same level of output as one of the Type-1 exoskeletons he used to wear, completely unaided - effectively allowing him to barge through doors, run along walls, and bend metal with his bare hands. He can sprint past moving cars, leap greater distances than should be physically possible, and free-climb nearly any structure unaided.

When outside of stressful situations, such as combat, Flint's body now recovers from injury at an astonishing rate. Despite being little more than a barely-breathing charred corpse, he later made a full recovery over the span of three weeks; broken limbs heal in a matter of days, and basic flesh wounds vanish in hours. Flint can go without food and water for an extensive period of time, and he appears to be extremely resistant to a number of poisons, toxins, and diseases. This resistance is not a function of his physical biology, but rather, the metaphysical relationship he has with Höllenfeuer - the mystic shield which belonged to Volksgeist, the Nation-Spirit.

Flint is now the sole and rightful wielder of Höllenfeuer, the weapon which originally belonged to Volksgeist, the Nation-Spirit. Höllenfeuer passed to Brock LaVerne for a brief period of time before being reclaimed by its original creator. During the Battle of Krakatau, it was claimed by Garrick Valeria, alias Noctua; without a moment's hesitation, he passed it to Flint, the first time an Eldest weapon had ever been given away by a mortal. In so doing, Valeria cemented a special bond between Arno and the weapon, which bound itself to the Black Ranger's very metaphysical soul.

As a result, Flint is personally connected to the shield on a transcendental level. This consecrated bind is the source of his new abilities, as his skin and body are now effectively as resilient as the holy material which of which it is constructed. The shield itself bears Eldest durability, rendering it unbreakable by mortal means. Its edge boasts variable properties, ranging from a softer bouncing rim which can ricochet off targets to a lethal slicing edge that can carve through nearly anything. The shield can also burst into holy flame, casting light on its surroundings as well as scorching that which hides in shadow while preserving and invigorating that which is of the light.

The Divine Bulwark, as it is called, is also directly connected to Arno in a spatial sense. Even when he is unconscious, it finds its way to him, capable of sliding out of sight and to his side through effectively mystic means. Even if it were sealed within a safe and shot into space, it would eventually vanish from where it were held, finding its way back to the man to whom it is bound. This bind also enables Flint to manipulate its location through force of will; he can guide it through the air back to his hand after it is thrown, draw it from the ground to his open palm without so much as touching it, or alter its course drastically after hurling it at an enemy.

Arno shares the same property as the tool to which his soul is connected - namely, being extraordinarily resistant to magical tampering, atomic rearrangement, or structural disintegration by direct means. In addition to his supernatural human durability, he is exceedingly resistant to attempts to attack his structure, ranging from assaults on memory to molecular makeup. Flint can resist attempts to dissolve him, control his blood by means of psionic attack, or abuse the electrical signals inside his brain. He can resist destructive magicks to a certain degree; being hit with forces that would typically annihilate matter merely repulse him, as though he'd been struck with a kinetic impact rather than a metaphysical one.

This change has also affected Flint's relationship with time-space; he can willfully resist efforts to tamper with his normal passage through the universe, such as concentrated time manipulation, being trapped in a stasis field, and being atomically transmuted. Flint can no longer be teleported in the sense that his atoms are destroyed in one location and reconstructed elsewhere; however, he can be translocated, i.e. slid as a whole object through a controlled breach in space-time. Even then, he appears capable of resisting this, remaining in place via sheer presence combined with an altered aura which defines his being.

This unusual aura can be perceived by beings who employ paranormal sensory perception.

Essentially, Arno's consciousness is supernaturally tough. Direct physical exposure to the Mind Stone, the Gatekeeper, and a Numinous Gem has resulted in Flint's mind undergoing far more strain than is ever humanly likely. If the mind is like a muscle, then his has been exercised extensively. Flint's soul-bind with the divine shield Höllenfeuer further amplifies his inner resilience. Finally, he was trained by Deterrence's RFR program - a regimen designed to enable soldiers to conduct battle on the psychic plane.

All of these factors coupled with Flint's forceful personality make him capable of impressive feats of resistance against psychics, eldritch monstrosities, and other enemies which attack through metaphysical means. He can fight through hypnotism, come to see through illusions, discern when he's being exposed to subliminal messaging, and overcome attempts to predict his actions by reading his mind. Furthermore, he can attempt to counter-attack on the metaphysical plane by sending "feedback" to an enemy who tries to probe his consciousness.

Flint's willpower defies conventional understanding. His ability to persevere through pain and overcome certain defeat is nothing short of miraculous, and may lie in the age-old concept of mind over matter.


Arno's coordination, reflexes, and combat skills are all in the upper brackets of human potential. Contending with enemies who often boast above-human endurance, strength, and speed required a top-tier physique; now further augmented by his connection to the divine shield Höllenfeuer, he stands head and shoulders above regular "baseline" human fighters. His endurance is optimal, and his ability to withstand pain is impossibly refined. His raw strength and punishing combat skill make him a truly imposing adversary in a one-on-one fight, with both his long reach and tactical mind giving him a tangible advantage over enemies who outclass him on paper. His resistance to injury is superb, even without his armored garb. Flint's newfound superhuman durability enables him to trade punches with unthinkably powerful enemies.

Flint is a master close-quarters combatant. When on the attack, he uses heavy strikes that make use of his enhanced strength, often working the indestructible Höllenfeuer into attacks. Flint's style involves simultaneous attack and defense, targeting an opponent's most vulnerable points, using simple and easily repeated blows to incapacitate a foe, and incorporating weapons or objects on-hand to improvise and make use of the environment. Manipulating an enemy's weapon and their balance is also key. Deflecting a strike with his shield or tangling a foe up with a surprise ricochet attack is all a textbook part of his arsenal.

Wrist control and weapon control make it possible for Flint to battle enemies wielding exonormal weapons with his bare hands. Adding in the extra strength of gloves and armor makes up-close battle simple. When up against the metahumans, these principles can be applied to a variety of situations. For example, the abnormal blades they often wield can be evaded or caught rather than deflected, then seized to cut through otherwise-impenetrable armor.

The principles of balance and relative weight can be turned to a fighter's advantage when engaging enemies possessing superhuman power. Rolling with blows from super-strong enemies and evading attacks which penetrate or ignore armor is key. By performing advanced holds and attacking a foe where they are most vulnerable, Flint can incapacitate even super-powered foes. Mixing martial arts moves with advanced weaponry and the environment lets Flint successfully and efficiently defeat foes he should stand no chance against. It is very easy to underestimate his effectiveness on account of his "mere" humanity. Flint demonstrated this when he successfully intercepted a planetary-level axe swipe by catching the blade between his hands, then using the principles of balance to hurl his much more powerful foe into a volcano.

Arno wears a stripped-down blue ATG Bodysuit styled after the costumes of both Aristotle and Atlas. This gear, in conjunction with the increased durability resulting from his soul-bind with Höllenfeuer, makes him a genuine brick. It affords him another layer of protection in addition to his supernaturally-enhanced skin, as well as accounting for environmental hazards such as airborne toxins or radiation. Though the standard uniform no longer covers his eyes and mouth directly, he still carries both goggles and a quick-equip facemask for emergencies, which enables him to operate in anaerobic environments.

Preparation, misdirection, and prestidigitation make all the difference in a fight against a God. The beings Arno hunts require more than brute physical force to defeat. A combination of guile, strength, and perseverance is necessary. Because of that, nothing can be left on the table - weapons need to be employed. Arno was renowned as a master marksman during his Deterrence days, but that's not because he was particularly good with a gun; it's because he had the skill to load, aim, and fire patiently, without second thought. The same skills translate into the use of all other weapons and gadgets, the accuracy with which he can deploy a tool a holdover from his time spent as a soldier.

Flint is proficient in the use of all firearms, though since acquiring Höllenfeuer, he is more likely to rely on it for any attack at range. First of all, it is far more difficult to evade than a firearm, as its movements can be unpredictable; second, it can actually harm hyper-durable opponents, whereas even enhanced Deterrence guns would do little more than annoy them. Third, he has no need to reload or conserve ammunition; in fact, the shield will always return to him, even when it is obstructed in some manner, by means of the mystic soul-bind.

If Arno does use a gun, it's for a specific reason - an edge, if he needs to do something from a distance. A rifle is not uncommon, though handguns may be preferred, as he can use them along with his shield. Another advantage presented by compartmentalized gear over a handgun is the ability to transition from holding or throwing a weapon to barehanded combat - something which empirically factors far more into engagements with superhumans than mere firearms.

If an opportunity presents itself, he will readily make use of enemy tools or elements of his environment, field-stripping a foe to turn their weapons on themselves. His skills are further amplified by Deterrence's special tactical edge; he possesses tanglewire, which is indispensable for combating intangible enemies, as well as a predictive combat computer built into his helmet that can turn the tide against foes who move too fast for the human eye to follow. These goggles have to be manually equipped now that his helmet no longer directly covers his eyes.

The key staples of the old Deterrence firearm vault have been broken down and reformatted into ready-at-hand gadgets that can be deployed in an instant. These include thrown explosives, hyper-accelerated homing flechettes, high-powered acoustic weapons, and a compartmentalized laser beam projector. These tools are stored within pouches on Flint's uniform.

Flint makes use of an advanced suit of modified Deterrence armor for heavier-duty operations. Christened the War Rig, it combines technology with superhuman physicals to produce what some of termed the perfect fighter.

Arno is fast. Not only does he hit like a train, he moves like one. Since bonding with Höllenfeuer, he can replicate the performance of a man equipped with a Type-1 Exoframe completely unaided, placing him firmly in the superhuman category. Not only can he exert himself at maximum capacity for hours at a time, he can move with enough speed and grace to effectively battle beings who should by all means destroy him in single combat.

Flint's range of motion extends to the vertical axis, a powerful grappling device capable of carrying him high above foes by using the environment. Arno demonstrated the power of the grapple gun in conjunction with heavy armor when he foot-dove the Panacea in Detroit, effectively manufacturing a superhuman-force blow using nothing but the principles of physics and momentum.

The back part of his uniform is equipped with a compartmentalized versatility shroud, which can be opened to serve as a parachute / glider in emergencies. This fabric, which is based on ICARUS containment foam, the shroud can be set rigid by sending an electric pulse through the nerve-weave lining it. This enables the user to glide while wearing it, the fabric catching the air beneath them with ease. In order for it to fit within his new uniform, the photo-reactive camouflage system had to be abandoned, as well as some of the internal electronic systems. As a result, it has to be abandoned after use, and cannot serve as a "cape" in the same way the old one could. A positive trade-off is that Flint is now much faster when in motion.

When it comes to longer distances, or a need for heavier firepower, Flint has access to prototype Deterrence Vehicles left behind after the Company went into liquidation. He also makes use of a Society of Superheroes translocation watch, often worn on the right wrist.

Arno's tactical ability is informed by his careful planning and use of technology to amplify his innate human strengths. These include an unparalleled degree of both perception and communication. His specialized computer - a Deterrence WIDGET - can decode most languages, run diagnostics, scan enemies for information, and keep Arno in contact with whoever he needs to speak to...all at once. The Widget can hack targets from a distance by means of radio or acoustic spoofing, as Jason Carpenter showed in Rome. The WIDGET has been bonded with his SOS Watch, enabling them to run processes in parallel. However, extensive wear and tear has reduced the WIDGET's effectiveness somewhat, as well as disconnection from the main network Deterrence used to operate prior to its liquidation.

Arno also possesses a degree of environmental versatility which is difficult to match. He carries a sealed mask that can filter external oxygen if it is poisoned, or, in the event that he should find himself in an anaerobic environment, provide him with his own supply. Arno can survive in the vacuum of space while wearing a fully-sealed bodysuit. It can withstand temperature extremes, high-class bursts of radiation, and magnetic attack. An aural dampener protects him from the effects of sonic distortion.

Flint's eyewear is highly advanced, a closed computer-system enhancing his vision in the same manner a Deterrence HUD would. The visor is capable of video-audio recording at the press of a button on the side, or taking pictures with a rapid series of blinks. The visor protects the his eyes from bright lights, such as his flashbangs, and also boasts a form of night vision enabling him to operate flawlessly in low-light environments. The visor protects his eyes from debris and liquids as well.

Flint's connection to his Widget, as well as his ability to contact his allies with the push of a button, give him a holistic perspective of any scenario he finds himself in. He can peer through walls, listen to conversations in another room, and more with his gear. After Invictus demonstrated the drawbacks of relying on a battle computer in Solar City, though, he prefers to use direct line-of-sight, unobstructed by a HUD. It activates only on command now, rather than being a passive element of his work.

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