Oliver Hammerlock

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Oliver Hammerlock

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The Professional

Someone has to worry about doing the right thing. Any large-scale organization is, in short, at risk from what could only be termed as excessive buffoonery. Even the most effective system will fall prey to time and its merciless advance. The short-term result of this is that things fall; they become imperfect, subject to irony and self-referentialism. Without a steady, impersonal grip on things, time will ravage everything. Justice, honesty, security - all of these things will be replaced with mere illusions, unless you have the discipline, the fortitude, to prevent it. Even Deterrence is not immune to this inexorable advance.

Unless, of course, they have Oliver Hammerlock in command.

Leadership is clarity. Clarity of vision, of communication, of understanding. Hammerlock possesses this clarity and employs it, taking up the former callsign of Sergeant Arno Flint now that he's been promoted by the Major to complete madman. To Oliver, that's just fine - let him be the cowboy, the selfish hero he claims to despise. Deterrence could use a wild card, someone to bring the X Factor to a world of X Factors...but they also need a backbone.

Unlike the passionate Flint, Hammerlock is cold and collected, using RFR techniques to cut off his personal interests and thoughts from the battle. He is impersonal, dispensing the Company's Justice wherever ordered, as doing so seems guaranteed to promote the greatest overall good. This impersonal calculus in conjunction with strict adherence to the laws of the world is the only chance for mankind to survive the coming storm.

Hammerlock will be there, and unlike so many others, he has no need for glory, no need to prove himself right. He merely does his job, and does it damn well.



Name: Oliver Justin Hammerlock
Code name: Guardian
Identity: Known within Deterrence. Former Navy Seals coordinator, anti-meta unit.
Occupation: Deterrence special officer
Clearance: Sergeant Level. Commands soldiers when deployed.
Country of Origin: United States
Education: Complete military training.
Age: 42
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: African-American
Gender: Male
Base of Operations: Rig Delta, Deterrence Headquarters, the Caribbean Sea


Anyone who is not one hundred per cent devoted to following the rules set forth by the authorities in place has not legitimately contemplated what it would mean for there to be chaos in the world. In particular, they do not understand the gravity of threats currently lurking beyond the scope of mankind's understanding, yet that are here all the same, and with the same intent - to destroy us. Anyone who does not comprehend the meaning of discipline, in short, is an eventual liability. That is Hammerlock's philosophy, one he is devoted to.

It is pure egotism to think of one's self as in any way above the worth of the species' survival. It is pure ignorance to not pause and consider what it means to break the law, particularly when there is an apocalypse around every corner. Call him an overbearing tyrant if you will - the truth remains that Hammerlock understands that survival will be a group effort, and if that means forging every last soldier under his command into a precision instrument of violence with which to protect the Earth, then he will do it.

The same goes for metahumans, the X Factors of planet Earth. He holds much the same opinion as Flint - that they are, in sum, harmful to the species. Unlicensed, unrestrained, and idolized by society at large, they are perhaps the biggest threat to mankind's continued survival in that they are an inescapable glitch in the system. For all the good they do, all it takes is one rogue group to bring an entire population to their knees. That is why they must be controlled.

Hammerlock's ego has nothing to do with it. He's simply best fit for the job, just as the Hypercorporation is best fit for protecting the planet. A simple calculus, to bring about a greater long-term good. It may be impersonal, inhuman - but then, so is justice. And justice is worth fighting for.


Oliver is a man of slightly average height and conditioned build, the result of years of consistent training and muscle therapy. His hair is black and cut at regulation size. His eyes are brown and can often be described as intense. His expression is typically neutral. His posture is controlled and imposing, the gravity of his presence palpable. He is a man of little humor, given the seriousness of his work. He typically sports either a mustache or a beard.

Hammerlock dons the ATG Personal Armor along with the Deterrence Frame-1 Exosuit when in battle. These armors are devoid of personal modifications or decoration, and the color is typically a mute black.

When not conducting field operations, Hammerlock prefers to wear a fitted suit and tie, as befitting his rank and attitude.



Oliver's physique is above and beyond regulation standards for the company, a combination of strict self-discipline, diet adjustment, and muscle therapy bringing his body and combat skills into the peak human range. When wearing his personal armor he can trade blows with superhuman foes, capable of blasting through threats with fists alone. His resilience is palpable, and he can take hit after hit without surrendering in battle. His will of iron enables him to physically compete with posthumans.

When fighting in close quarters, Oliver makes use of precision strikes that destabilize an enemy's senses. Using both Krav Maga style and fundamental American boxing, he can transition seamlessly from defense into attack, using fancy footwork and the enhanced strength provided by his gear to easily incapacitate or kill a foe. Deflecting attacks aimed at the vital areas while retaliating with his own moves, Oliver has a trained sense of how close-quarters combat is to be executed. Simple, repeated blows can whittle away an enemy's strength, and provided one can outlast them in a fight, they will win.

Deterrence special training emphasizes disarming opponents, particularly ones who make use of exonormal weaponry. Successfully field stripping an enemy's weapon will always change the course of the battle. Wrist and weapon control enable Hammerlock to grapple with enemies wielding exonormal weapons that should, on paper, lead him to stand no chance against them. With his strength bolstered by the technologically advanced gloves and armor, up-close battles become easy to win. Metas with abnormal weapons can be just as easily controlled as regular humans. Take for instance abnormal blades. These weapons can be evaded or caught, then manipulated to cut through otherwise-impenetrable armor. All of this is a matter of understanding and improvisation in combat.

The principles of balance and relative weight can be turned to a fighter's advantage when engaging enemies possessing superhuman power. Rolling with blows from super-strong enemies and evading attacks which penetrate or ignore armor is key. Holds, takedowns, and precision strikes enable Oliver to engage super-powerful types without fear.

When in battle, Oliver takes the pure command route, delegating his forces from a secure position. Rather than fight on the front lines, he remains in the most tactically advantageous position possible, determined to make the enemy pay if they want to take him down. Given his strong principles towards the greatest good, he is quick to weigh his options and call in support strikes to end threats, exchanging collateral damage and image for effectiveness, if need be.


Hammerlock is a juggernaut, unimpeded by physical barrier, grievous wounds, and mental exhaustion. In divorcing himself from the mission, he achieves a level of calm on the battlefield akin to that of a gladiator, displaying no emotion or reservation in attacking a foe. Seamlessly delegating orders while completing his own objectives, his own explosiveness cannot be discounted. A one-man squad all his own, he is a model Deterrence officer, free-thinking enough to set his own goals and solutions while maintaining the uncanny discipline needed to keep one's mind when going up against the unknown.

Myostatin inhibitors and other super-steroids contribute to his uncanny strength, which is multiplied by the use of exoframes. Hammerlock can punch through barricades and superhuman hide alike, bullet-like strikes ramming through armor and pulverizing foes. He can perform feats of outrageous athleticism, such as standing jumps of great height, running along vertical surfaces, holding his breath for extended periods, and enduring wounds such as burns, stabs, or gunshots without slowing down in a fight.


RFR (Rejecting False Reality) techniques were designed and implemented by the hypercorporation Deterrence to help shield its elite warriors against the stresses of battle, among other more unusual things. Oliver continually practices RFR at all times. RFR is a form of thinking similar to a separate language which employs the human brain's natural neuroplasticity to strengthen the mind itself. With routine practice, the user's mental resilience and physical endurance improves dramatically. Further, it enables them to be aware of such mental intrusions, even directly challenging the trespassers in "mental combat."

By using abstract thought exercises, users of RFR are actually able to take in and process information more quickly than what seems biologically possible, amplifying their reaction time and helping them to execute complex maneuvers in the blink of an eye. Overcoming pain, sensory impairment, and doubts by means of absolute focus is stressed in the training, turning a standard infantryman into a true warrior who can persist in spite of injury.

In addition to making the mind more efficient, RFR opens the door to overcoming illusions, direct mental control, and telepathic probes. Attempts to penetrate Oliver's consciousness fail, the routine training shielding his subjective experience from direct adjustment. Some metahumans brought in to test his resilience have remarked that his mind is difficult to read. Like a counter-virus, Oliver can implant himself in their mind to do battle against them, overpowering unprepared psychics through sheer will. To counter those who probe minds in a way that does not expose their own consciousness to harm (such as by machine), Deterrence operators are taught to think in other languages to confuse them, or simply to let instinct take over so their internal monologue vanishes.

Attacks conducted on the spirit, or soul, as it is sometimes called, have been observed to fail as a result of successful RFR practice. Users can even re-integrate severed parts of their consciousness, remaining firmly within their bodies when threatened by foes who attempt to divide the mind from the flesh. Though Deterrence research on souls is largely pseudoscientific and experimental, there is no doubt that exonormal entities who operate by means of anima manipulation and / or destruction exist - that is why they prepare to fight them.


Oliver is proficient in the use of all firearms commissioned and provided by the Hypercorp. He possesses clearance to wield all offensive devices within their full arsenal. In direct combat he prefers the use of standard rifles, taking his time to aim before firing. Unlike quick-draw obsessed rookies, Hammerlock knows that patience wins the day in a gunfight. Admiring the destructive output of sonic weapons but having no patience for their tendency to malfunction, he prefers ordinary ballistic weapons, such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

Hammerlock prefers barehanded combat to the use of weapons, using his immense strength and striking power to overwhelm up-close foes. Rather than waste valuable time exchanging a gun for a blade, he can simply drop or holster his weapon and follow-up nearly instantly with a devastating bio-enhanced punch.



Oliver makes extensive use of the Advanced Tactical Garb, commonly abbreviated ATG. His rank grants him access to the heavier Command Variant, boasting reinforced nanoceramic plating that also confers a smoother appearance. The ATG enables him to function effectively in nearly any situation, including fully anaerobic environments such as the vacuum of space. Oliver wears complete powered armor rather than fatigues, reinforced with joint-locking technology to prevent limb breakage and sprains. Even forces applying massive amounts of torque fail to twist the armor's actuators beyond their limits, guaranteeing Oliver will not be rent even by the strongest enemies. The helmet contains a Third Eye system connected to a Widget.

Bolstering his body's power, Oliver equips a Type-1 Exoframe, the infantry-based lightweight exoskeleton that opens up innumerable tactical options. The Exoframe enhances the user's speed and strength, as well as the further resilience needed to operate in exonormal conditions. While wearing the FRAME, Oliver can carry and aim the heaviest of guns with sheer ease, run along walls with fantastic grace, and batter invincible enemies senseless.

Additional benefits conferred by the ATG and the Type-1 Exoframe can be found on their individual pages.


Oliver has access to Deterrence's complete arsenal of special weapons. He is particularly fond of aerial drones under his direction, which enable him to oversee combat and support his troops directly without being personally present. A proponent of mechanized infantry, he advocates that fewer Deterrence personnel should be present in combat, relying rather on secure computer systems and drones to conduct operations.


Oliver's standard toolkit comes equipped with the following:
- A short-range EMP emitter
- Magnet-based frequency lockpicks
- Deployable OVERWATCH drone for reconnaissance
- High-explosive remote charges
- Smoke pellets
- Flashbangs
- Cutting laser, left gauntlet
- Grapple gun, right gauntlet
- Deterrence MedGel, with DNA-link

As a ranking Deterrence officer, Hammerlock has access to the following resources:
- Advanced medical bays
- Transportation and fire support from vehicles
- Orbital strikes and satellite surveillance
- Backup from his troops

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