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The Worst Around

Roach was killing the weird before Deterrence got their hands on him. Putting himself in the classifieds as a solver of meta problems, he was contracted solo to deal with superhumans on the Australian subcontinent when the authorities either weren't enough, or weren't wanted to be involved. Roach's unnatural aptitude along with his ruthlessness made him a competent eliminator of threats he should by all means stood no chance against. Why Roach is so obsessed with killing metas has never been revealed - nor does anyone know anything about his background, which appears to have been scrubbed from all official records. People just know him as "Roach, that guy who'll kill your supervillain if y'e've got one."

Though all analysis confirms that he is a normal baseline human, his incredible resistance along with uncanny pain tolerance has led some to suspect he harbors some form of superhuman durability. In reality, he might just be some combination of lucky, determined, and insane. Roach's first big break was in disposing of a pyrokinetic with extreme ballistic resilience. Strangling the foe, he sustained radical burns on his forearms, but not before collapsing the attacker's windpipe and incapacitating them for good. From there on out, he was the top meta hunter in the Southern Hemisphere, sustaining an entire business operation completely on his own as a bounty hunter with a specialty in bringing in superhumans. Deterrence recruited him before any competition could, banking on his independent nature and low-key profile.

Roach had his nickname long before it became his official callsign with Deterrence. In fact, it's the only name they have on record. An absolute loner, he refuses to work with any backup, and doesn't even generally identify as a member of the Hypercorp. They're a source of pay, gear, and orders - nothing more. The Security Nation is fine with this distant relationship, letting Roach do as he pleases so long as he's loyal at the end of the day. He takes side jobs continuously, and works best as a covert agent - someone without ties to the corporation who can handle more clandestine problems.

Roach is mean, bitter, greedy, violent, deceptive, vengeful, ugly, and he stinks. But, atop all of these, he's creative, practically ingenious when it comes to handling exohumans, and resilient enough to tank hits from them and keep on fighting. He has no ID, living totally off the grid. Nobody knows he exists outside of his old business. Ruthless and experienced, his complete independence makes him a valued asset to the Security Nation...

...even if they prefer to keep him a secret.



Name: Unknown. Goes only by Roach.
Official Code Name: Roach
Identity: Known bounty hunter, no apparent citizenship records or identifying materials
Occupation: Independent contractor for Deterrence, bounty hunter on the side
Clearance: External to the company. Roach only knows info relevant to his missions.
Country of Origin: Australia
Education: Probably none
Age: 32
Height: 5'8
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Bogan
Gender: Male
Base of Operations: Personal VTOL


There's not much to say about Roach in terms of his interactions with others, given that those interactions are generally kept to a minimum. He has no interpersonal relationships to speak of aside from the guys, as he calls them, though the nature of this friendship is dubious. Roach himself is continually unkempt, seemingly never bathes, and has little interest in the desires or preferences of others. If annoyed, he becomes verbally or even physically abusive; on a good day, he's just a little bit more than rude. It's unknown whether or not Roach has ever enjoyed the company of any other human being for its own sake, though he does derive some manner of pleasure from mocking or otherwise messing with other people.

Roach harbors an intense overwhelming dislike of anything supernatural, including superhumans, mutants, aliens, demons, xenoparasites, and true AIs. He also hates grandstanders and moralizers. Superheroes, of course, represent the confluence of all these traits - nothing fills him with more disgust than caped supers. Why this is the case is presently unknown, particularly given that Roach will lie when it presents him with an advantage, or even for no reason at all.

On his own, Roach is anomalous. He shows little respect to personal property or standards, but will have some manner of fun in destroying things, or at least doing them in an unconventional way. He does have certain attachments to objects he owns, such as his sword, and he retrieves souvenirs from missions which went well. He does seem to take pride in his personal skill and ability to fight supers, though he does so without any semblance of fairness or honor, going after any advantage he can.

Where Roach stores his money is unknown, though he does seem to be quite rich, even if he lives like a hobo. Roach is a kleptomaniac, prone to stealing.


Roach is a man of below-average height with a crooked nose and scarred face. Two detachable cyber-implants located atop his cheekbones can deploy small "clean-screen" scrubs to protect his eyes from debris using tiny jets of air. If removed, they leave two light scars behind. Roach's hair is never groomed - his beard is unkempt, though he prevents it from getting so long that it'll get in his way in a fight. His physique is honed, as he's dedicated to his occupation.

Roach has a set of easily-identified severe burn scars on his forearms from his first job.

Generally, Roach looks and smells like he's living through an apocalypse. His tattered, musky cloak generally conceals his armored frame. Roach jury-rigged a prototype exoframe to several implants in his body, further boosting his durability. Though it can be detached, it's virtually always on him when he's out in public. An assortment of weapons and souvenirs can often be found beneath the cloak, which is itself as dirty as the man wearing it. Roach will usually wear sunglasses or goggles when in public.

If he's relaxing, Roach usually walks around naked.



Conjecture about the origin of Roach's nickname is diverse. One common conclusion, however, is that it's a result of his overwhelming resilience. Over the course of his career, Roach has been stabbed, shot, burnt, beaten, frozen, crushed, buried alive, dropped from high altitude, infected with numerous debilitating diseases, irradiated, and struck by a stray train. He has remarkable pain tolerance, almost completely uninhibited by wounds sustained in battle; his stamina is outrageous, enabling him to keep fighting like a cornered animal for hours on end, every blow more ferocious than the last. If there's a chance, even the smallest chance, that a human being can walk away from something, odds are that he will.

This iron nature affords Roach more than just durability. His strength is in the peak human range, with training and techniques buffing him up to be able to knock enemy combatants to the ground with just a single well-placed hit. His endurance informs his strength - he can bend metal bars and pry open sealed hatches without injuring his muscles. He can overpower even super-strong opponents with his bare hands, and his bite force is said to be unnaturally augmented.

These traits are further amplified by the use of a Deterrence prototype Exoframe. Seized from an early warehouse job in Africa, Roach's armor is directly connected by means of cybernetic hardpoint to his neural system, bypassing standard reaction time limitations and enabling him to move with far more grace and quickness than anyone wearing such a suit has a right to. Though detachable, the suit is adhered to his very bio-structure nearly 24/7 when on a mission, the myoelectric power source continuously amplifying his movements. Preventing broken limbs as well as nearly any amount of concussive damage, the suit turns Roach into a genuine beast capable of going toe-to-toe with metahuman enemies.

Roach has also jury rigged a personal defense shield that can be deployed to auto-counteract incoming projectiles moving at speeds above 800 mph, making it a dedicated solution to both small-arms fire and speedster-type enemies. He can also deploy the shield physically, erecting a translucent barrier that absorbs kinetic energy before it can strike him.


Roach is a vicious, overwhelming fighter. Taking advantage of his outrageous resilience to continually press an opponent onto their hypothetical back legs, he brute forces his way through their defenses, attacking the most painful areas and never giving them a chance to breathe. To Roach, battling a meta involves taking advantage of their inherent arrogance, their belief that ordinary humans pose no threat. A combination of unchecked aggression, instinctual hostility, and genuine creativity make Roach a powerful foe. Always employing his surrounding environment in a fight, Roach will never hesitate to fight dirty, either by changing the battlefield, manipulating an enemy through third parties, or laying traps for them to fall into.

One of Roach's great skills is to improvise during combat. He will commandeer vehicles to ram into targets, manipulate household objects such as bats or steel bars, or repossess a foe's own armaments and turn them against themselves. Roach is a skilled projectile weapons user, ranging from guns to thrown weapons such as knives or rocks. In his hands, anything can and will become a deadly weapon - turning anything into an edge against his foes, including his words. Manipulating and mocking during fights to instill anger or uncertainty in an enemy, he'll continually jabber in incomprehensible dialect, often punctuating his strikes with insults or promises of future harm.


Roach has trained himself extensively in the use of advanced ballistic weaponry. He has a massive arsenal of personally-acquired weapons over the course of his career, as well as clearance to wield offensive devices from the Deterrence arsenal. When sent on a mission by the Hypercorp, he'll often be given limited-time access to these powerful weapons, such as ground-to-air missile launchers or anti-exo acoustic guns.

Roach prefers the use of explosives and combustible ammunition to all other types. He has installed a miniature flame projector on his right gauntlet, which can immolate a target in seconds. He has been known to employ personal hoverdrones which can provide him with target readouts and overwatch mid-fight.

Roach has been known to use a wide array of personally-mixed drugs to boost his performance in fights, including steroids, stimulants, muscle hormones, and alcohols.



As a privately contracted agent, Roach is authorized to bring his own gear to fights, meaning he can show up to an operation with just about anything. His backpack uses a piston and body-coolers to reduce the on the wearer's back, enabling one to carry far more than they would be able to normally. Combine this fact with the incredibly lightweight nature of Deterrence's gear, as well as Roach's strength-enhancing exoframe, and you have a man who can stroll into battle carrying an entire vault's worth of equipment. An array of hardpoints allow Roach to snap tools and weapons to the pack, and the deep compartments can carry a variety of tools, knick-knacks, and oddities. A compulsive thief, Roach will often seize items and place them surreptitiously in the pack.

Roach uses vambrances and boots salvaged from ATG Personal Armor. A wire-whipcord can be deployed to hoist him to higher elevations, or manipulated to enable him to move quickly from place to place. He's also installed a flamethrower on the right vambrance.

Roach's favorite weapon is his sword, which has been refurbished and reinforced with Deterrence technology. The hummingblade-type acoustic edge can slice through nearly anything and disrupt the inner workings of a foe, though Roach uses the weapon more like a baseball bat.


Roach commonly carries the following miscellaneous gear into operations:
- Modified ATG Headgear
- A short-range EMP blaster
- Magnet-based frequency lockpicks
- High-explosive remote charges
- Garotte wire
- An assortment of poisons and toxins, along with antidotes
- Smoke pellets
- Flashbangs
- First Aid Kit
- Personally-brewed MEDGEL, based on Deterrence formula

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