Nemo [Official Narrative]

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Nemo [Official Narrative]

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A Man Charting his own Course

In the early 21st Century, clandestine special-operations and counter-conspiracy group PERSEVERANCE suddenly went completely offline. Suddenly absent was the only force which could defend the world from extraterrestrial threats, rampaging supersentient AI, exonormal human bioweapons, DNA-stealers, and others who would destroy free will itself. What remained was the organization's contingency plan: their most elite agent JASON CARPENTER, codename RESOLUTE.

Jason battled on his own for nearly a year, facing a multitude of foes and undergoing deadly trials which nearly claimed his life dozens of times. He fought solo in the most devastating exonormal invasion in history, almost sacrificing everything to destroy the enemy's invasion force. Only the bizarre revelation that his organization still drew breath had saved his life...but the truth itself practically destroyed it regardless.

The fact was that Perseverance had not been neutralized, but rather, in a form of stasis. It had grown, in secret, into a new group: DETERRENCE. Its objective was to end crises before they could even begin, to avert the sorts of mass-casualty conflicts involved in full-blown exonormal war.

And Jason?

According to the books, Jason Carpenter is retired. He's touted as the ideal man, the standard to which all Deterrence troops are held. He is their icon, their inspiration, their model, their hero. He has attained that which they are all taught to desire: a world in which he is no longer needed. He has peace.

But reality is more complex. Deterrence may not be enough to deal with the sinister machinations of the TRULY UNKNOWN. The world still needs protection. Conspiracy is everywhere. Even the HYPERCORPORATION may be compromised, or one day, become a threat itself. Or perhaps the threats will evolve to match its new strategies, elude its overwhelming firepower. Deterrence works in the light because it can afford to. But it can't afford to work in the shadows anymore.

Only one man can. He's unsanctioned, unknown, and facing impossible odds...just the way he likes it.

His code name is NEMO.



Name: Jason Carpenter
Code name: Nemo
Identity: Set up without his knowledge as a propaganda tool of Hypercorporation Deterrence, Jason's exploits have led to his widespread recognition. However, as far as the world knows, he's out of the game.
Occupation: Wandering Hero
Country of Origin: United States
Education: Comprehensive training in relevant fields
Age: 38
Height: 6'0
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel (one, an inactive cybernetic eye, appears foggy, like a glass eye). Jason lost his eye in the Rome Crisis.
Base of Operations: Currently mobile within his submersible craft, the Indomitable.


The revelation that Perseverance survived its demise and evolved into Deterrence has left Jason without a clear goal in life. His mentor, the Major, urged him to retire in peace, but something about that is unfulfilling. Whether you call it refined human spirit or unbridled self-destructive ego, something has pushed Jason to defy orders and go undercover continuing his fight. Injuries sustained in the field, though, have forced him to reevaluate his tactical approaches to battle.

Jason's reputation among Deterrence personnel (given his extensive use as a propaganda figure) combined with his tactical acumen has allowed him to evolve from a solo-operative into a potent squad commander. He's also become more social with civilians as of late, given that he no longer works for a secret organization or has any need to protect his identity.

Another interesting change in Jason's behavior has occurred as a result of his head injury. His right eye was destroyed in Rome, leading to him wearing a patch. However, he was gifted a cybernetic eye by the Major, which could serve the same purpose as his old eye and more. Despite this, he refuses to use it, citing Perseverance's old policy of non-borging. He keeps it in his head where the old eye was, but deactivated, such that it resembles a glass eye. While he could turn it on at a moment's notice, he would regard doing so as a betrayal of his principles, of his very identity. For that reason it remains off.

In the time following his honorable discharge, Jason has also spent more time reflecting on himself. His newfound vulnerability and independence alike have brought about more changes in his behavior. Given his eye injury, he's more reliant on others, particularly for combat. He's reoriented himself somewhat to focus on close-ranged weapons as a result of his inability to aim at long-distance targets.


Jason has always been driven by his will to triumph, be it in academics, competitions, or general endeavors. This fact combined with the murder of his parents during a break-in drove him to hone his investigative skills as a member of law enforcement. This life proved unsatisfying, however, particularly because it seemed nothing could explain the break-in or the bizarre murder method. It was part of the world of the mundane, the meaningless. Only the clandestine group Perseverance gave him any leads, which he discovered after extensive, obsessive pursuit. Only Perseverance had the answers.

They permitted him to join, recruiting him into a world of the strange and unknown. A mix between the archetypal Men in Black and an elite government strike force, he prospered in his new environment, quickly becoming one of the top agents in the field. Over a period of seven years, he participated in field operations involving exonormal contact, ranging from non-terrestrial entities to psychics to rogue supersoldiers. With a brash self-confidence bordering on arrogance, Jason continued to complete his missions. The condition in joining Perseverance was that it be the last job a man ever have - he was fine with that.

When the Agency collapsed, Jason was truly alone for the first time. In one sense, it was a disaster that the group stopped working, as the threats to the planet were now that much greater. But in a way, Jason enjoyed the challenge of being on his own, the one the whole fate of the world seemed to come down to, one way or the other. He was made to bear the greatest weight possible, and that was perfect.

Not everything, as it turns out, was as it seemed. Jason hadn't been told the entire story - his trials were all essentially under controlled conditions, and though the danger was real, the truth was that the Agency had never been in danger. The revelation that it was still intact was crushing, calling into question all of his values. Doubly reaffirming that he would never be controlled by the agendas of others, Jason accepted his new codename "Nemo" and set off to pursue his own truths, aiding the new hypercorporation only as a courtesy.

Recruiting his own crew from within its ranks, Jason now fights conspiracy against humanity on his own terms, existing in an uneasy alliance of convenience with his former employers. Fully committed to the greater Truth, his own human potential, and the power of good over evil, he eschews the contradictions and hypocrisy of the system which made him who he is, battling the darkness his way, giving 200% of his life to the fight.

Without the old answers to satisfy him, he now seeks only to live a fulfilled, complete life. The first challenge is discovering what that means.


Jason is a man of muscular build and average height, sporting a black patch over his right eye and scruffy hair. His hair is brown and his remaining eye hazel - his posture is straight-backed and attentive. He's allowed his facial hair to grow out too, and while he might shave it for certain missions, he's come to enjoy the more non-professional look his freedom affords him. Deterrence medics repaired the burn scarring around his eye, leaving his face mostly as it was before.

Jason usually wears his new quad-type Miracle Suit, the upgraded version of his previous mission garb. It is a dark full-body garment with a furred collar, which can be extended into a hood. Given its adaptability, it can be worn comfortably in almost any climate. When necessary, the aesthetic fur lining can be retracted. The quad-type is notable for its use of expanding armor plates, which can be deployed for advanced full-body protection.

It is common for Jason to wear extra gear and pouches overtop of the suit while on missions.


As a result of his exploits and role in the Rome Crisis, Jason was an ideal figure for the Hypercorporation to popularize and capitalize off of. Their first propaganda objective was to market him as their ideal soldier, the ultimate product of their training programs, ideology, and individual touch he brought to the job. Deterrence soldiers study his tactics and journal entries, all of which were recorded during Perseverance's stasis period. They emulate his mannerisms and regimens, each seeking to essentially become a copy of Carpenter.

Jason himself feels, predictably, very uneasy about all of this. Being a propaganda figure makes you a target, of course. However, the tactical influence it has afforded him among Deterrence operatives is unparalleled. They practically worship him, making it possible for him to acquire anything he wants from the Corp. just by asking. This is how he obtained his submersible and the crew which followed him beneath the waves. His soldiers are unfaltering in their loyalty, and carry out his orders to the letter. As a propaganda figure, though, it can be hard for him to find a quiet moment on the surface. The legend of Resolute and the reality of Jason Carpenter, now "Nemo," interact in interesting ways.

Mainland society believes him to be retired.


Before departing on his new personal mission, Jason took the time to recruit for himself a force that would obey his commands, maximizing his tactical options while also developing his skills as a leader rather than a follower. The enigmatic "Captain Nemo" of old literature now lives on in Carpenter, whose men follow him unquestioningly. Handpicked from Deterrence's own corps and armed with their familiar highly advanced weapons, Jason's crew are the elite of the elite, all thrilled to join their sensationalized hero on his new journey.



Jason's physical condition is impeccable, and his resilience to harm, amazing. His stress resistance is profound; he can exert himself at maximum output without tiring for extended periods of time, all while sustaining injuries that would normally neutralize a standard combatant. Even without the aid of technology, Jason can strike with great power, sprint for great lengths without tiring, and endure wounds that would kill an ordinary man without even slowing down. This combination of physical training and sheer willpower makes him an uncanny agent.

Jason is trained extensively in unarmed combat. His hand-to-hand skills are supreme, combining elements of a variety of martial arts into one fluid style which has consistently seen him through the day.. Jason makes use of a variety of holds, strikes, and throws to control opponents. The techniques are seamlessly integrated with armed combat; gadgets, firearms, and melee weapon use all are woven into the individual movements. Drawing, reloading, and firing a pistol is as fluid as any other maneuver in the set.

Disarming opponents is also emphasized, field stripping their weapons to gain an unexpected advantage. Wrist control and weapon control enable Jason to engage foes using exonormal weapons with only his hands. A further level of improvisation adds to his close-quarters lethality. When up against the supernatural, of course, adaptability matters, but these principles can be applied to a variety of situations. For example, abnormal blades with the potential to cut through armor may be evaded or caught rather than deflected, then turned against their wielders via a lock or redirection.

Jason uses the principles of weight and balance to his advantage when fighting foes of superhuman power. He will roll with blows from super-strong enemies and evade attacks which penetrate or ignore armor, using his agility to his advantage. By tripping, barring, and executing takedowns, he can neutralize opponents who significantly outclass him in strength and durability. Combining close-quarters moves with weapons designed to penetrate a conventionally invulnerable being's skin makes Jason easily able to eliminate those who physically dwarf him.

The Rook's reflexes are nearly inhuman. His balance and physical coordination are superior, and his acrobatics training has made him a versatile operative. Jason is an accomplished practitioner of free-climbing, parkour, and sneaking techniques. His combat ability is centered around improvisation; rather than overspecialize, Jason focused his training on tailoring his strategies against opponents' weaknesses, manipulating the environment to surprise and put down foes who would be invulnerable to conventional harm. The clever use of footing, height, and surprise enables him to not only challenge, but overcome foes thought to be impossible to destroy.


RFR techniques originated with the clandestine organization Perseverance, and their traditional implementation is carried on by the hypercorporation Deterrence. Jason is one of the world's most proficient practitioners of RFR, or Rejecting False Reality. RFR is a mode of thought making use of the human brain's natural neuroplasticity and potential for abstract throught in order to overcome assault on the mind. The successful and habitual practice of these techniques also strengthens the physical body, making emotional extremes more manageable while also improving tissues' ability to heal themselves.

RFR techniques literally accelerate a person's thoughts, enabling them to react to external stimuli with multi-line interior monologue even in the midst of extremely tense situations, making it possible to plan and execute complex maneuvers in the blink of an eye. Jason's creativity in the field is aided by his potential for mid-fight abstract thought as well as his ability to react to stimuli more quickly than any normal human man. RFR enables Jason to overcome pain from severe injury by force of will, as well as recover from sensory impairment at a rate which should be impossible.

In addition to this passive bolstering of the human mind, RFR is essential to resisting illusion, mental control, and telepathic intrusion. Attempts to penetrate his conscious mind are often rejected outright, the unfamiliar degree of discipline and structure enough to shield Jason's subjective experience from manipulation and even simple observation, with some commenting that his mind is simply unreadable. Higher-class psychics who deal in illusion or mental combat may find that he can retaliate on the mental plane, and that invading his mind is itself hazardous. For those who read minds in a way that does not expose their own mind (such as by machine), Agents were taught to think in other languages to confuse them, or simply to let instinct take over so one cannot hear their internal monologue. Carpenter can recognize and break through illusions more easily the longer he is exposed to them.

Even attacks on Jason's spirit, or soul, as it is sometimes called, have been observed to be resisted by means of successful RFR. Its employment allows a man to re-integrate severed parts of their conscious experience, remaining firmly within the material form of their body. Though Deterrence research on souls is largely pseudoscientific and experimental, there is no doubt that exonormal entities who operate by means of anima manipulation and / or destruction exist.


The ability evade detection is indispensable to any successful counter-exo agent, and Jason is no exception. Developing his skill as a stealth-master of Perseverance, he retains his mastery of sneaking even as a private agent operating in the shadow of Deterrence. He is trained extensively in infiltration techniques, combining physical skill with clever gadgetry to completely avoid exposure both during infiltration and even on the battlefield.

To Jason, and those who learn under him, there are two types of stealth: first-order stealth and proximity stealth.

First-order stealth relates to avoiding engagement entirely during infiltration, escape, and general espionage. This is the stealth which exists within the public consciousness, relating to the ability to sneak around. This includes all forms of movement for the purposes of gathering intelligence, moving into a tactically advantageous position, retrieving objectives while escaping notice, or simply moving from point A to point B without being seen. It is achieved by slow, calculated movement in conjunction with knowledge of an enemy's blind spots, referring to areas in which they are incapable of detecting movement. Anticipating hostile movements, evading or subverting surveillance devices, and using specialized routes all contribute to first-order stealth. Hanging from ledges, performing "split jumps" up narrow walls, hanging on to the undercarriage of a vehicle, and perching on vertical structures are all examples of first-order stealth maneuvers.

Proximity stealth refers to one's ability to evade detection in the middle of battle, often after being noticed. It demands elaborate footwork in conjunction with the ability to predict a target's lines of sight, abusing their blind spots and the surrounding to seemingly disappear in the middle of a fight. Stepping outside of one's vision before striking can significantly amplify the effectiveness of any attack, resulting in a seeming blitz of a foe that can barely be reacted to. Jason can also easily retreat from fights he cannot win by using these blind spots, vanishing from sight in order to gain the upper hand.

All of Jason's stealth-based abilities are enhanced by the use of technology. Computerized camouflage in his quad-type Miracle Suit enables him to blend fully into any background, rendering him completely invisible to the naked eye if he stops moving. The suit completely stifles the sound of his footsteps, and the heat shielding within makes identifying him by infrared or thermal sight an impossibility. The texture of the suit even changes to match its environment - with a full face mask equipped, Jason can become the environment, blending in so perfectly that even those who are aware of his presence in the area cannot locate him.


Jason is highly proficient in the use of all firearms, as is necessary for a man in his position. Jason can draw more quickly than most men can think, let alone process his action, making it seem as though the gun has simply appeared in his hand. He can load and fire most weapons in milliseconds, the hand-eye coordination nigh-perfect as the result of both obsessive practice and limitless will. As a result, Jason is deadly at mid-ranges even in his one-eyed state, as he does not need to aim in the traditional sense. The moment he acquires a target, he can fire at it perfectly; the difficulty now comes with acquiring the targets, which is why his lack of a right eye has hampered him so significantly. Thus, the use of sniper rifles with his right arm is unfeasible, and though Jason is ambidextrous, it's made their utilization that much more impractical.

Jason, of course, has access to all weapons within the advanced Deterrence arsenal, due to his extensive contacts and fame within the organization.

Paraphernalia - Advanced Attire


In the interim between Deterrence's unveiling and Jason's official departure from the hypercorp, he was given a variety of new prototype tools, partially as a test operator, and partially as a gift in gratitude from the engineering squads. Even if it was never intended for him to use on additional missions, this prototype quad-layer armor represents a significant improvement over the old model, which was itself a groundbreaking tool in the field of stealth-to-battle operations. The addition of a fourth heavily armored layer to the exterior of the suit enables Jason to engage superhumanly durable foes as he did in Rome without the need for a bulky exosuit. Advancements in miniaturization and rapid-deployment of interlocking plates enables the normally flexible suit to convert itself into an extraordinarily durable body armor, and then back, in an instant.


Offering most complete protection against concussive trauma, radiation and acoustic assault, armor-piercing ammunition, and other hyperadvanced means of attack on the modern battlefield, the Compartmentalized Reinforced Armor Bodysuit (or CRAB) is a combat engineer's dream made reality. With the push of a button, a nano-fullerene exoskeleton is pushed from the seams of the Outer Middle Layer, self-forging as it emerges from within the Kraken Layer. Capable of withstanding obscene amounts of blunt force trauma (such as that put out by Eldest-tier combatants), the CRAB is a miracle in itself of modern combat. Exceedingly lightweight yet capable of resisting absurd amounts of force given its diamond-like carbon composition, it allows Jason to contend with so-called heavyweight fighters during exonormal conflicts.

Like the BLUDGEON suit that Jason employed in Rome, it employs a joint-lock system to prevent limbs from being torn off, twisted, or otherwise maneuvered by an enemy. Deployable hydraulics amplify the suit's striking power a dozen times over, rendering him capable of wounding conventionally invulnerable enemies with his physical strikes. Given that the suit augments a user's strength while deployed, it enables them to wield certain weapons within the Deterrence arsenal which would typically demand such a power-augmenting body harness, such as high-powered rocket rifles or acoustic cannons which would destroy the user simply via recoil if they did not have sufficient protection.

A helmet grows around the head as well, featuring a complete tactical visor linked to a user's Third Eye system. Connection to Deterrence Widgets is also possible, allowing for an unprecedented degree of coordination during an operation. The CRAB functions like an extended prosthesis, myoelectric power stored up from the user's movements allowing it to move at the speed it does. Like nearly all above-baseline Deterrence tech, the suit lacks metal composition and functions via fiber-optic signal, rather than electrical wiring, in order to shield it against electromagnetic attack.

However, upon the activation of such a system, Jason's agility is dramatically reduced. First-order stealth practically becomes an impossibility, and more advanced acrobatic maneuvers cannot be completed. Further, this function of the suit has an effective time limit before the myoelectric power supply runs out, essentially giving users a time limit for rapid movement before they are forced to walk around solely under their own strength. Further, it can be unwieldy, reducing an Agent's tactical options during a mission. Further, it cannot be retracted back beneath the suit once deployed, only removed and resupplied after the mission's conclusion. It is a solid last-resort salvation tool, though, protecting its users from certain demise should they be activated at the right time.


An experimental carbon-nanotube material interlocked over vantablack-coated graphne weave, this combination of comfortable garment and battle armor plays to Jason's strengths of stealth and improvisation. The durable nanotube material is made of a unique "smart" camouflage which can, on command, replicate a surface's pattern, color, and texture, or vanish entirely for brief periods of time. The shell also mask's the user's heartbeat and temperature, enabling them to elude thermal scans. The substance under the shell-like nanotube armor has been treated to be chem-resistant, negating the effects of harmful acids on the material while leaving Jason capable of continued field operations. Lead-shielding has been carefully applied to help nullify harmful radiation, making it possible for the Unknown Ace to persist even in radioactive environments.

Jason often foregoes the helmet included with the armored outer layer, preferring to use the mesh full-face mask if needed. A collection of fiber-optic computer systems regulate the outer layer's optic camouflage, rendering it immune to attacks which disrupt electrical signals. These can be monitored and adjusted manually via a slot in the left wrist.

Based on the mission, Jason may include extra pouches and straps on the exterior of the suit to transport additional gear.


The mid layer of the armor is what grants it its high degree of flexibility. The design is a 3-D printed muscular system fitted to Jason's body, capable of contorting and squeezing the exact same way human muscles do. However, these muscles are composed of a resilient carbon fiber. By mirroring the motor system of a human being, it enhances their strength and overall performance. Though the more durable layer of the suit is the outer "Kraken" layer, the muscle segment does boast a degree of ballistic resistance.

The primary function of the mid layer is to improve speed and strength. The muscle-like system enables the user to move with grace, taking advantage of both acrobatic and sneaking abilities without sacrificing the essential endurance conferred by armor plating. The design gives the user a light touch, muffling footfalls while increasing elasticity. Strikes delivered while wearing the suit are drastically amplified; the user can perform uncanny feats of strength, such as breaking through a wall, without damaging their body.

In the event of broken limbs, the suit can harden in specific areas to set the break, acting like a cast. In the interim it can operate the limbs on an "autopilot" of sorts by sensing the user's twitch motions, keeping the wearer alive even in deadly situations. The result is that broken limbs can still be used. Pain inhibitors can be set to auto-inject in the event of severe injury.

Finally, the boots and gloves of the suit are designed with a responsive grip system. When the posture of the user locks down, the boots latch to prevent slippage; likewise, when the muscles in the wrist and hands move to grip, the layer coating the hands activates, tightening around whatever is held to prevent it from falling away.

Non-Newtonian fluids are liquid substances which alter their viscosity, or resistance to deformation, based on the amount of force applied to the liquid itself. By integrating this impact-resistant fluid into the underlayer, Jason's suit retains a high-degree of durability to impacts even without the main "hard" layer of armor. Thus, depriving him of his visible arsenal and leaving him in only the skin-tight undersuit will in not impede his ability to survive impacts that would otherwise cripple or kill an ordinary man. The non-Newtonian fluid is bullet-resistant in most areas, and damaged zones are gradually reinforced as more fluid seeps into the affected areas. However, there is, of course, a finite amount of this non-Newtonian fluid in the suit at all times. The formula itself is nondisclosed; the field name given to it is NNF Impact Gel.

A breathable mesh mask can be pulled up over the head of the user. It tucks into the collar seamlessly when not deployed. Said mask has ventilators to filter toxins out of the air, as well as a spare O2 supply. The NNF fluid is present within the mask as well, giving it a rubbery texture when touched from the outside. When pressure is applied, it hardens, much like the rest of the suit. The standard visor can be retracted in order to make use of other attachments.

Like the rest of the suit, the NNF underlayer is waterproof.


Not all of Jason's missions involve infiltration. There are certain cases during which the environment itself is affected so as to become designated EXONORMAL. This term refers to any default non-scientifically explicable phenomenon. Broadly, it can be used to classify entities or phenomena which fall into the categories of "magic," "superscience," "extraterrestrial," and "eldritch." The Hazard Gear enables human beings to enter into these "corrupted" zones without fear of compromising their biology. Further, it enables human beings to briefly function within alternate vibrational planes - commonly referred to as alternate dimensions. When there is overlap between our world and the other world (see: Wormholes), the effects on a person's biology can be severe. The Hazard Gear exists to mitigate those effects.

There are several components to the Hazard Gear, which can be layered over the Miracle Suit. However, it is far more restrictive of the user's movements. The Hazard Gear is heavy and cumbersome given its ultra-secure nature, layer after layer of technology interfaced to protect the wearer. The decontamination-style Hazard Gear insulates the wearer against chemical agents first and foremost, the nonreactive surface preventing any sort of sudden decay or melting. The non-oxidizing limbs on the back enable the wearer to manipulate potentially hazardous items or artifacts in their surrounding area.

Secondly, the Hazard Gear protects the wearer from nuclear and biological agents. Radiation cannot penetrate the secondary layer of the suit, which is shielded by the treated lining. Furthermore, radioactive particles or gasses cannot pass through these layers. A fully sealed system protects the user from bioagents. The respiratory system is typically overpressured, initially preventing contamination even if the suit is damaged. This gives the wearer a window during which to ex-filtrate the danger zone.

Thirdly, the Hazard Gear protects the wearer from exonormal interference. Exonormal influences which target specific signal-patterns (such as a psychic human's attack on the brain) are scrambled by an oscillating "mimic" device located on the belt. This also dampens the impact of "soul-targeting" lower-frequency beings, such as Lovecraft-type rogue entities. In addition to disrupting these foreign signals, the suit has reportedly been blessed by representatives of various world religions, allegedly imprinting a psychic resonance on the suit which certain exonormal entities are known to react negatively to. Jason himself is skeptical of such protections, attributing them instead to the Placebo effect "but with monsters."

The inner layer of the suit is lined with protective runes. Even the strands composing the interior fabric are said to be woven in patterns corresponding to verses from numerous faiths and ideologies of Earth.

The HUD which comes with the hazard gear filters and processes information to prevent the ill effects of direct mind-exposure to exonormal hazards. As such, brain-melting symbols and "infohazard" type are processed and represented by the soft AI in the suit. Therefore, the wearer sees only an approximate image of whatever they're encountering if it is deemed to be a hazard to the human brain to process. This is evaluated via "proxy brains," which mimic basic human minds. When the proxy brain AI detects an infohazard, it goes into shutdown mode, alerting the suit and wearer of the nature of their surroundings.

There are two retractable metal limbs affixed to the back of the Hazard Gear. The first, on the right, is chiefly a manipulator, used for retrieving dangerous substances. A backpack-like compartment can be used to store these collected substances. The second limb is a scanner which doubles as a frequency projector, capable of emitting waves of energy to counteract hazardous exonormal influences. For instance, sunlight was often said in legend to harm vampires; the modern-day understanding is that UV light can harm lower-frequency beings, who may attempt to directly attack the souls of unsuspecting humans. This flashing light can thus repel them, or even destroy them via prolonged intense exposure. The emitter can also serve as a visual light, or a signal for when exonormal frequencies are nearby.

Paraphernalia - Personal Gadgets


Taoism, Chinese religious sects, and Western Occultism all describe the Third Eye as a mystic means of sight providing perception far beyond ordinary understanding. In order to contend with forces both terrestrial and exonormal, Perseverance developed the Third Eye system of analysis, which was later inherited by the hypercorporation Deterrence. Enhancing the user's effectiveness in the battlefield by giving them henceforth-inaccessible information, the Eye can make even the most amateur agent a menace simply by means of the amount of info at their disposal.

Users can look through solid walls to gain an advantage before an engagement, identifying the tools and tactics an enemy might employ. The Eye can anticipate danger, tracking the movement of high-speed targets and compensating using predictive algorithms delivered directly to an Agent's line of sight. Jason's RFR techniques enable him to make use of the full breadth of the Eye's informational readout, isolating targets, dangerous objects, trajectories, and other relevant data. The Eye protects a user's vision from harmful stimuli, such as bright lights, blinding lasers, and infohazards, by means of an internal processor which evaluates the safety of incoming optical readouts at a speed of around .03 milliseconds before making it available to the Agent. It offers an array of filters for visual inspection as well, including telescopic viewing, infrared detection, x-ray analysis, and sonar mapping. The Eye can also pick up psychic and exonormal signatures, such as those put off by revenant intelligences, or spirits.

These devices can be worn as headgear or a small "lens" patch over a naked eye. Jason's cybernetic eye has all of these features installed, but he refuses to activate it given his adherence to original Deterrence principles against cybernetic enhancement. In fact, it was seeing how readily the group abandoned this original commitment to non-augmentation which drove him away from the corp. Nevertheless, he accepted the gift from the Major and placed it in his eye socket for use as a glass eye, where it remains deactivated. Theoretically, it could be turned on and used instantly by inputting the activation code, which would consist of rapid blinking. For the meantime, Jason simply uses headgear to employ the Third Eye, now that a second patch is untenable.


Jason makes use of a small high-tech pistol which is capable of firing a monofilament wire with a grappling attachment at the end. The grappling hook can be configured to either reel in by means of a motor or detach from the gun after use. The mechanical heads of the ammunition feature miniaturized smart motors which enable attachment to nearly any conventional material, such as aluminum, steel, or concrete. The dart heads are engineered to be reusable. Compact "nano-grips" ensure proper adhesion to a target, virtually eliminating the risk of a fall. The monofilament wire is conventionally indestructible, capable of resisting cutting force from all but the strongest of blades.

The standard penetrating dart heads can be replaced with mechanical grappling claws for long-distance retrieval. Jason has demonstrated that the grapple gun can also be used offensively, pulling people or objects at high speeds. Clever use of centrifugal force in conjunction with an accurate shot from the grapple can enable him to disable opponents in creative ways, stringing them up to the ceiling or unexpectedly clothes-lining enemies who move at high speeds.

The grapple is most often used for traversal, allowing Jason to easily ascend and descend steep inclines and even the sides of buildings with ease. The addition of the unusual vertical component to standard XY-axis combat can provide an unprecedented tactical edge; Jason has been known to conduct entire operations upside-down, as it were, using his environment to move and attack completely undetected. The grapple, of course, can be affixed to any part of his suit, allowing him to hang and swing from place to place while still having his hands free.

The technical specifications of Jason's more advanced weapons can be found here.
The unorthodox tactics he employs to battle exonormals are detailed here.


A biologically-engineered nanofoam coagulant programmed to rectify damage done to a user's body, Deterrence MedGel is a highly experimental substance requiring initial DNA-programming in order to function properly. Essentially a lab-designed and printed stem-cell compound, the MedGel can close severe wounds when applied and target individual poisons, identifying foreign substances and consuming them to power itself. Downsides to the MedGel are the fact that it is highly flammable and lethal if sprayed on a target with un-recorded DNA, as it will simply identify everything as hostile and attack it.

- Pocket flashlight
- Tactical knife
- EMP device (miniature, contact-based)
- Magnetic lockpicks
- C4 charges
- Adhesive microtracers which can be fired from a small tube. Function as miniature listening devices and can sync with the Third Eye to track targets.
- Smoke pellets: hardened gelatin spheres containing a variation of white phosphorous that dispense a thick smoke over a large area for a period of around a minute
- Flash pellets with decibel counts of around 180. Disrupts fluid in inner ear, causing foes to lose balance. Flash may lead to blindness
- An aerosol-based sleeping agent
- Various anti-poison pills / remedies; basic first aid kit (deconstructed)
- Explosive silicate weapon; used for rapidly dousing flames or blinding enemies, creates a potent "sand cloud" when thrown
- Decoy inflatable mannequin approximating Jason's build and stance; can be set to play pre-recorded soundbites
- A short-range cutting laser, small enough to be held between the fingertips

Paraphernalia - Signature Weapon


Two barrels, two triggers, one lethal weapon. This break-open action shotgun was custom built as a gift for Jason from the Major and can be loaded with all manner of lethal ammo given its smoothbore interior. A side-by-side gun with two parallel nanographene barrels, the Custom is a beast of a weapon. Shells, once used up, are dramatically ejected via break, and can be replaced a fraction of a second later by its experienced user's swift hands. Absolutely lethal at close range, particularly against metas, because the spread almost guarantees a hit. The modifications to the shotgun, though, are what makes it shine.

Though the stock may appear wooden, the entire gun is 3D-printed with excessively resilient materials, rendering it just as effective as a clubbing weapon as a ranged one. In fact, the Custom is virtually adamantine, invulnerable to physical damage from conventional sources. It can intercept and deflect attacks from blades so sharp they appear to be able to slice through anything simply by virtue of its obscenely durable composition. Likewise, the barrel is reinforced to such a high degree that it can fire advanced ammunition engineered by Deterrence, including microexplosive rounds and homing burst bullets. Furthermore, the reinforced barrel enables the shotgun to fire rounds farther downrange than anyone might expect, with a firing distance comparable to that of a rifle.

The massive spread and stopping power of the Custom combined with the augmented ammunition afforded by the Hypercorp makes it one of the deadliest weapons ever forged by human hands, perfectly suited to dealing with the exonormal. In confined spaces, such as Jason's submarine (were it ever breached), it is the best choice for retaliation. Furthermore, it suits his newfound "one-eyed" condition, requiring less precision to use.

The Custom is engraved with Carpenter's name. The designs on the stock are minimalist but intricate.



A 250 meter long prototype submersible assault platform, the Indomitable is a floating fortress, gliding through the water at a positively startling 97 knots, which is more than double the speed of the previous record holder for the fastest submarine: the Soviet K-222. In keeping with Deterrence's philosophy of proportionate escalation, the massive sub is larger than the previous record holder as well, the Typhoon-class Soviet sub. Three miniaturized light-water reactors power the enormous craft, the nuclear fuel source overclocking the engines and enabling it to move with such forcefulness through the world's oceans. When surfaced, its maximum speed increases to an obscene 150 knots, or around 170 miles per hour. The hull is crafted from neocarbon metamaterial, the individual panes 3D-printed and made more resilient via excessive layering of miniaturized plates. Of course, the submarine is designed for stealth, eluding radar detection and heat scans by means of signal-scrambling counter-radar.

The Indomitable boasts mounted artillery rendering it capable of engaging terrestrial targets from vast distances offshore. These platformed weapon turrets are compartmentalized within the hull until deployment, rising out of the top of the sub if an attack is ordered. Mounted Itano BRUTICUS missile launchers and Boomer Megarifles are suitable for anti-personnel, anti-vehicle, and anti-exo attack. These weapons can be remotely directed from within the command center of the Indomitable. The Indomitable is also equipped with guided torpedoes for attacks on other vessels. A deployable "Spearhook" can be engaged to drag other boats beneath the waves, or through the water.

The Indomitable has a maximum capacity of around 150 crewmen, each quartered around the middle wing of the craft. The command center, adjacent to Jason's personal quarters, overlooks the vessel and is the nerve center of all operations. A powerful satellite uplink provides information to the crew, enabling them to chart navigation and analyze situations from beneath the waves, though the depths disrupt these signals. The armory contains the full array of Deterrence weaponry, all of which is available to the crew for use.

The back half of the ship can be set up as a staging area to deploy aerial craft. The Indomitable's function as a mobile command platform cannot be understated; it is a base of operations just as much as it is a vessel for traversal across the world. Under Jason's secret command, it is the center of Deterrence's truly covert operations, so designed as to be able for the hypercorporation to plausibly deny any involvement with the outcomes. Working independent of the Security Nation but with the same agenda, the Indomitable fulfills the purpose Jason fulfilled in Perseverance - an unofficial, unsanctioned contingency plan, perfectly capable of operating solo, unpredictable, and unstoppable.

For Jason's old bio, check here.

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