The Open Road [Semi-Open Event: OOC and Rules]

Out of Character chatter and the section rules/announcements.
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The Open Road [Semi-Open Event: OOC and Rules]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Sun May 19, 2019 11:02 am

"Get. Out. Of. My. Way."


There is a kid named Ultra in town who has done some bad things. This is a Semi-Open event.

Why is it Semi open? There are a few rules to the event.

You need a reason for being there. Why would you.
  • This is a high tier oriented event. This by no means bans "street levelers" or lower tiers. But it is not necessarily meant to be accommodating and accessible.
  • This event is intended to be kind of hard and has game like elements (such as tactics and strategy) to it. The character has limitations to work with and must try to deal with the problems put at hand. Narrative is of course still the #1 Priority.
  • At any time, the event can become open. This will happen if the event so happens to escalate into a part Two
  • There are some minor plot elements that aren't mentioned in the bio. Such as Ultra's otherwise normal car and a very important plot element in his dog.
  • The character's bio is vague and I want to ensue everyone understands this about his powers.

Ordinary Rules apply. No God-Modding and the like. Even though this character's attack can function as an autohit, I ultimately leave how the telekinesis effects the person up to them.

Have a reason for being there. Explain why and how you are tracking this kid, etc...

Major Destruction, as described above, can cause this event to spiral out into an open event where numerous entities would reasonably describe.. So as So be alert to this.

To, simply join PM me. You can private message me on here or on my discord if you have it (or ask for it.)
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