[1X1]{CS} Strong Will, Safe Haven

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[1X1]{CS} Strong Will, Safe Haven

Post by PorterRose » Thu May 17, 2018 5:26 am

Haven Bailey
Haven Bailey was raised an only child to two successful parents, with a big house and fancy lifestyles. However Haven's world wasn't all that perfect as her parents divorced when Haven was 10, after the divorce Haven lived with her mother who went into a depressed state. She used drugs and alcohol to cope with everything, which left Haven to take care of her throughout her teenage years.

After graduation Haven went on to study at Dartmouth college, there she studied to be a Doctor like her father. She had already had experience as her father had trained her to become a doctor in the first place.

After the bombs dropped Haven found shelter in the diner she had stopped at the same day. There she met a small group of people who didn't seem to get along and each had their own personal problems.  But eventually they became a group, a small family.. sort of. There was one person who stood out from the rest, William. He had inner demons that no one wanted to help with, or deal with.. except Haven. Haven saw something good in Will and began to help him.

As she helped him though, Haven started to grow feelings for Will.
Haven is free spirited, open minded. She's kind and caring and is very passionate about the things she loves. She's easy to read and doesn't mind being an open book, she isn't a very good lair to those she cares about the most.

She is still loyal to those who are loyal to her, and she doesn't give up on those she cares for. She is as stubborn as they come, she doesn't let anyone or anything stop her from doing what she feels is right.

Haven doesn't believe in voilence, she is more of a peacemaker than someone that likes to go in guns blazing. Sometimes though she is hotheaded and that tends to get her into trouble.
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Re: [1X1]{CS} Strong Will, Safe Haven

Post by JoJoTheClown » Thu May 17, 2018 5:38 am

Name: William Peters

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Bio: Growing up in a rich family you'd figure Will had every opportunity. Wrong. Yeah, his family consisted of two successful lawyers.. but they had 6 kids, of which Will was the youngest. Between the six of them, money wasn't as surplus as they would like. Everything changed when his father killed himself, citing his family as the reason for him taking his own life, he was only 17. Will, who always loved his father, was devastated by the note
And his death. With his mother busy mourning, never really returning to being the same person she once was, Will had no guidance once he was out of highschool. Once Leo left, and Nick began focusing more on himself, Will found comfort in other friends. Ones that eventually introduced him to things like pills and heroin. The bombs being dropped, if he was being honest, didn't really come as much of surprise. His only regret about it is that he wasn't killed from the blast.
Four months into the bombs being dropped, Leo was killed by a mutation, leaving Will to feel alone, everyone he cared about dead. There was one person who managed to help him through it. Haven. She disnt only help with the loss of his friend, but his struggling addiction as well.

Personality: Care free, bluntly honest. Generally William is prone to bad decisions, often choosing to act out, eager to break away from normality. Will always craved to be different, always looking for individuality. Right after highschool, he developed a drug habit. Pills, Heroin, cocaine, pretty much anything to help him escape reality. Will wouldn't hurt a fly, and my no means would be considered dangerous. Although he's not one to back down from a challenge.

Equipment: pocket knife and glock 22

Extra: A recovering drug addict.


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