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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by Magikarpet » Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:36 pm

Name: not important
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Mental Gender: Male
Mental Age: Depends on what I'm doing and where I am.
S.O: Heterosexual
Religion: Agnostic
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 150 lbs
Personality: I'm an introvert. I like socializing with a small group of people but I need time alone, too. I have a habit of picking certain people to attach to. And I worry too much about everything, especially friends. I've been told that I have a large amount of sass and sarcasm, too. Woo.
History: nah
Race: Human
Nationality: Lives in America, but has family from about every European country in existence
Interests: Anything science, Pokemon, science, tennis, science, music, acting, science, animals, anime, manga, and the biggest one is science. And science. Any science.
Likes: The interests above and WATERMELON! The ocean, beach, sea critters, etc. (and hugs I like hugs)
Dislikes: Straight up math that doesn't have science concepts with it, people who are super outgoing and make a lot of physical contact when I first meet them, raccoons, meat, seafood
Theme song: doo doo dooodoodoodoo doo doo doo doo dooooooo (Take that however you wish)
Appearance: Most people call themselves ugly but I honestly think I'm not. I'm not a model either though, I'm just average looking. Which I'm fine with, I care more about personality. Darker hair that gets curly when it's longer. Skinny, underweight. Studies show it's actually better to be overweight than underweight so yay. Pretty tall. Glasses so that I can dodge walls when they try to attack me. Stupid walls. Or contacts when I feel like looking nice.
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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by Fallen Angel » Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:45 pm

Name: Greyson
Gender: that one misplaced table that you keep stubbing your toe on
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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by shadowvoidboss » Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:46 am

made my rl cs XD
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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by Meek » Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:35 am

Name: Brian (My parents picked the average starting class, with all the base stats)
Age: I've been around the sun once or twenty times.
Gender: Male (spoiler alert for the mental gender)
Mental Gender: Male.
Mental Age: ranges from 13-33. You pick.
S.O: girls are pretty great, not gonna lie. (no offense guys)
Religion: Grew up in a Christian environment, but came to the conclusion that I don't care some years ago. Not really sure how my family would react if I told them.
Height: 5'8" i think.. i don't keep track
weight: scrawny, but not a stick

Personality: I've always felt weird being asked to describe myself. I always try to explain it in a way that uses how other people describe me, because i think describing myself sounds self-indulged, but I'll take an exception here. I'm a really laid back guy, sometimes too much for my own good. I don't stress much, I take things as they come a day at a time. I'll always help a friend in need, how ever i can. I wouldn't say I'm a shy person, but definitely more reserved. If left to my own devices I'll keep to myself in a crowd. I'm also extremely patient. I'm definitely a right-brain person. Math ad logic problems come really easily to me.

Interests: Anime, Video Games, Game Design and Programming, spending time with my dog, goofing around with friends
Dislikes: Politics, buffering videos
Favorite Color: Blue

Appearance: Like i said, kind of scrawny, but not too skinny. I'm average height, and a little pale white. I get some sunlight, so I've got a little color. Long-ish (My bangs can go down to the tip of my nose) dirty-blonde hair that likes to fall down in my face, but i wish it would stay out of the way. (My family says I really need to cut it, but i like having longer hair to run my fingers through). You can usually find me wearing jeans (not skinny jeans), a simple shirt, or a graphic tee if im feeling fancy, and a hoodie, should the temperature permit it.

History: (putting this last if you just don't feel like reading. TLDR: grew up in small town, but I've been through several cycles of friends through middle school and high school, which reinforced my introverted / reserved nature)

Like I said before I was raised in a Christian environment. I went to a private catholic elementary school, and went to an Episcopalian(sect of Christianity) church. After elementary, I went to a local public school. One or two of the kids i went to elementary with were there two, but they had transferred to this public school a year or two before middle school, so they were already embedded into their group of friends. If you don't count my first day of elementary school, this is the first time i remember having to go into a totally new environment, not really knowing anybody, and making friends. I don't think i was really too nervous, but i was anxious.
Skip most of the boring stuff and fast-forward to Freshman year. I had settled into the public school environment, made my group of friends. I had become recognized by my class as a pretty quiet, smart and nice kid that everyone generally got along with. Had my first girlfriend my freshman year too. Her guardians were pretty strict, and we were only freshmen, so we didn't really go out on dates or anything. She wasn't very popular at school, and she was quirky, but i liked it about her, and I was really nice and laid back which i think is what she liked about me.
After my second year of high school I transferred again to a public inner-city school. I transferred because the school had a Game Design program, which i knew at this point was what i wanted to pursue. Once again I found myself in a totally alien environment. I wasn't from the area, I didn't know anyone, and I hadn't grown up in an inner-city. For a while i felt , out of place, but found a few people I could hang around during lunch. This was also around the time that my first girl friend had broken up with me, which really killed me for several months. After a while I made a small group of friends that I really got along with at this new school.
The problem was that all the friends I had from my old school I never saw anymore, and I didn't live near my new friends, so i never saw them outside of school. Around my senior year I started dating a girl from a totally different school district (long story short, she was a friend of a friend). I really liked her, and i made friends with all of her friends too. We all got along. Fast forward about a year though, we broke up. We came to realize that we just couldn't keep things up, as college was taking us in different directions. She was sort of my link to that group of friends, so when I stopped seeing her, I didn't hang out with that group of friends anymore.
I enjoyed High school. I made some great friends and had a lot of fun. But I left high school with only one or two close friends that i kept up with between my changing social environments. The cycle of going through a new set of friends every few years had kind of worn on me, and i really fixated on those thoughts for a while after I graduated from high school. This cycle had really reinforced my introverted, reserved personality. I've got a group of friends i met in college, but as i draw closer to graduating I wonder if the cycle will repeat again. I'll cross that bridge if i ever get there.
We have now pretty much arrived to current times where I'm getting ready to graduate from college with a 2-year degree in Video Game Design. Not really sure where I'm going from here, but i'll figure it out when i get there.
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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by Octavia » Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:21 am

Name: Octavia

Age: Yo I'm 15 now ayy

Gender: I'm of the female specimen, the best of humankind xD

Mental gender: Still a female, but one that's accepted into Hogwarts

Mental age: I'm either like a 10 year old boy, or like an 82 year old lady. It really depends on my mood.

S.O: Queer. I've given up on labels, because I feel like I don't fit into pansexuality? But not bi either.

Religion: Mocking Austin on his views

Height: 5'5", also known as short af

Weight: Like, 115? I don't know

Personality: I'm the nerdiest of the nerds. I love Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons (specifically second edition), anime, and The Heathers (movie and musical). I'm like the mainstream trash of teenagers, and I'm proud. I'm pescsitarian, which means I don't eat meat, but i do eat fish. I'm known for using a shit ton of commas, like just look at one of my RP posts. I'm literally using a comma in every sentence. I volunteer at a local cat shelter, and donated my hair. That's why it's so short (the more you know)!

Race: A figment of your imagination

Nationality: I'm a Lebanese American, but I look very white

Interests: Screaming lyrics to songs, drawing even though I suck, writing poetry, and playing instruments (Guitar, flute, oboe, and piano)

Dislikes: The ignorance of some people, and the audacity that they have to hate on others.

Likes: Food, music, singing, and composing.
Skills: I'm actually proud of my musical ability, that's one of the things I'm confident in.

Theme song: Redundant by Green Day. I'm your stereotypical music emo, but I hate MCR. Don't come at me xD

Just look at the abundance of pictures I put on this damn website. I pretty much look like a small boy with boobs. Short ass hair, weird glasses, etc. But I love my dorky self, so yeah. I like to think that I look like MilesChronicles, but I don't think I'm amazing enough for that title xD
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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by shadowvoidboss » Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:42 am

I might attend your church if you have a sunday night serves grey
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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by Vladmirk » Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:30 am

Name: Gabriel (Yes, my real name.)

Age: 16

Fender: (Because I would rather type this than fix my typographical error) Male

Mental Age: Whatever I feel like.

Mental Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Religion: A true believer in absolutely nothing. But I also respect other people's views unless of course they believe in restricting the rights of other people.

Nationality: That one country with that one president that seems dead set on fucking the world up for his own gain while many people praise him for it.

Ethnicity: Black. German. Irish. Those are the major ones right there. Oh and I have a jewfro right now as a result of my conflicting DNA.

Personality: I will get to this tomorrow... Or not. I will get to this soon or maybe not. It's whatever. Procrastination is the love of my life... Or that annoying younger sibling that refuses to get out of my life while also ruining my future. But when people ask you how you are doing, you tell them you are fine, but you aren't really fine. Anyways, my Myers-Briggs personality is that of an ISTJ or INTJ. Whichever fits my mood at the time.

History: I just had severe amnesia... Or maybe this is just an excuse not to write anything because I am really not feeling it right now.

Interests: Yes

Likes: No.

Dislikes: Sure

Height: 5'9 or so

Weight: Almost exactly 140

Appearance: I have no idea how to add pictures anymore.
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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by Veilstar » Sat Apr 01, 2017 10:00 pm

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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by Zero499 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:28 am

Name: Robbie, Robert, oddly someone called me Bobby before. Online wise, most people obviously know me as Zero 499, the spelling varies depending on the platform I'm on.
Age: ...No.
Gender: Male.
Mental gender: ...Male.
Mental age: Depends on my mood.
Religion: I'd say semi Christian. Some stuff does and doesn't make sense to me.
Height: Almost 6 foot, I'm up to my 6'2 friend's chin so...
Weight: Around 160 lbs
Personality: If I like you I'm nice, if I find you annoying or you seem like a dick to me, I can be particularly cold. Or if you constantly try to communicate with me.
History: I was born in the United States to a construction worker and a security accountant, both of which I am somehow more mature then. Construction worker's a grumpy bastard and the accountant overexaggerates stuff. The only person I was really close to was my grandmother. We both shared the same birthday, June 29. When she passed 2-3 years ago on April 13th, I promised myself to try to keep honoring her, so the past years I made sure I got her a personal birthday cake and set it near her resting place, which sounds weird but, whatever. This past birthday, I couldn't afford a cake, so I asked my grandfather to pick a rose from her bush which is still growing, and set it on her grave. I plan to be in the Air Force and later start a company making race car engines.
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Italian, Swedish, Irish, German, British, Native American (possibly) and I might even have some Jewish ancestors.
Interests: Videogames are one of my favorite things to enjoy. I also like to imagine and sometimes draw up contraptions to entertain my idea of owning and enterprise worth millions.
Dislikes: Annoying things, griefers, people who brag, idiots
Likes: People who are serious about stuff, humour if it's appropriate.
Skills: I'm patient, and try to think through things, however I tend to analyze too long which may make others impatient.
Theme song: I dunno. Could be a mix of Numb by Link in Park due to my conflict with my father or a song that reflects on the past due to the fact that I also tend to look back at either the mistakes I made or the good things I've done, such as saving a girl from falling when she had a seizure or simply giving a toy to a kid who's mother didn't notice he dropped.
Appearance: Nearly 6 foot, I'd say a wide framed build, not fat, but just wide. My head's pretty squared. My right eye is visibly messed up after it was hit by a rusted flag (which really fucked it up). This caused long term damage and my right eye produces tears if exposed to dramatic temperature changes. It's also slightly more closed than my left most of the time.

(Note: Due to the fact that I had to edit my phone's autocorrect, please know that I spell most of my stuff right, Idk if it's Samsung or because my phone is new, but this phone is dumb and sometimes autocorrects things that are spelled correctly. For instance, it one time corrected transmission to transgender. So most typos are from my phone.)
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Re: Real Life CS's

Post by Mama Happy » Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:05 pm

Name: Let's just call me A.D ;3
Age: Eyyyy 14!
Gender: Female
Mental Gender: A fucking Brick
Religion: Atheist
S.O: Bisexual
Height: 5"3' Last time I checked
Weight: Uh, 114 lbs last time I checked
Personality: A loud ass person who likes to eat a lot. Surprisingly I sleep in like there's no tomorrow and I can be a pretty chill person at times. Sometimes I get these weird bursts of energy and I start laughing at my jokes like a loner. Also, I can be a grumpy perosn after waking up
History: I was made and now I exist!
Race: Half African American, Half Dominican
Nationality: Ehhhhhh
Interests: Anime, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Playing Video Games
Likes: Food, Sleeping, Eating, Typing, Relaxing
Dislikes: Children, Cheese, Butterflies, Working-Out, Going to places without friends
Skills; Drawing, Writing, somehow being happy in bad situations
Theme Song: Last Surprise- Persona 5 OST
Appearance: Just imagine a brick, mkay ;3
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