[CS] You Won't Fade

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[CS] You Won't Fade

Post by Light-Witch » Fri Aug 21, 2020 2:40 am

Zodiac sign:

(YC only) Where do you live prior to meeting Adan (the setting for the rp):
(MC only) Why did you move to where YC lives (besides Trian forcing you to):



Supernatural feature:



Name: Adan Hunter Bennington
Nickname(s): Adan, A, Bennington, Dream (when in his Dream form), Nightmare (when in his Nightmare form), and “He who fights with himself”
Birthday: 3/1, but he can’t remember when he was born
Age: Around 4,500, but appears to be in his twenties
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Species: Somnium born from another Somnium

Powers: To other Somnium, Adan is known as a Melody-Weaver, but to any other supernatural, his power is sonokinesis. His hearing is much more advanced than humans while also having better protection from loud noises, and depending upon which form he’s in, that determines the color of his power appears to be alongside the strengths and weaknesses while in use. When in his Dream form, the light that forms while he’s using his powers is emerald in color, and he’s better with defense, healing, and anticipating any attacks that might be thrown at him. While in his Nightmare form, the light is scarlet, and he appears to be better at offensive movements, swifter than in his Dream form, and his landed attacks do twice the amount of damage. However, he’s unable to create sound without an existing source, and even with his own voice as a potential source for sound, he’s still limited by his own physical restraints when it comes to his limits. Yet if Adan were to ever figure out how to split himself from his Nightmare form, only time will tell whether the two will try to work together against an enemy, or if they will try to kill each other like they do in their dreams.
Why did you move to where YC lives (besides Trian forcing you to): He was actually drawn to the area from the moment YC was born, but he’ll claim instead that he fell head over heels after finding pictures from the area and convinced Trian/Mitchell to move there.

Personality: Adan has been, and always will be, an enigma when it comes to describing himself. While in his Dream form, he’s known for being kind, lending a helping hand, and is always playing some kind of music to be able to remain calm rather than constantly anxious. He knows more about the world than he cares to let on, yet when he’s around Trian/Mitchell, he appears to go off into his own world with his “brother (though he’s later revealed to be the Somnium that turned him into one)” and appears to listen to orders while doubting if it’s really necessary to follow them once again. He can be a bit of an unintentional flirt at times, ranging from something minor about a person’s appearance to making it impossible not to blush at what he says about things he’s noticed about them. To many, he’d never think of hurting those he cares about, and he shows a strong sense of loyalty when it comes to both family and a romantic interest. However, if anyone were to meet Adan’s Nightmare form, things would be much different if this is the first form encountered.

Adan’s Nightmare form is a far cry compared to his Dream form, and it’d be hard to guess that this is the side he wants to hide the most from his newfound friends alongside the current incarnation of his match to those that haven’t seen it. He will be volatile when it comes to his temper, quick to cause any sort of pain, and known to blare pure static as a way to torture someone when he involves sounds. This form allows for him to reveal what he does know about the world, and his knowledge about what actually happened in history proves he’s much older than he appears to be. He’ll also be more vulgar when it comes to compliments, but rather than hesitate to do so in his Dream form, he’ll go as far as to touch his match in a way that he knows is beyond inappropriate by any standards. This form takes pleasure in causing others pain, but wouldn’t dare touch Trian/Mitchell due to knowing his word is law regardless of who he’s going to hurt in the process. Adan is only able to have both forms split from each other when he dreams, and as of Judgement coming back, he knows that she’s the only one to see both sides of him at once, but he knows that he’ll eventually have to learn how to split himself so the two forms don’t have to fight within him all the time.
  • Judgement (even if she’s unaware of who he is when they meet this time around)
  • Music (mainly alternative music)
  • Singing
  • Playing instruments (guitar is his favorite, and it kept him sane between his match’s reincarnations)
  • D&D (something he picked up between his match’s lifetimes, and he’s quite good at it)
  • Songwriting (which he’s had centuries to work on)
  • Dancing (which he doesn’t do unless he’s singing)
  • Trian in his Dream form
  • Trian’s Nightmare form
  • Hurting Judgement willingly (if at all, and this is the same with his Nightmare)
  • Being a show off (or in some cases, showing off at all)
  • Showing his talents to the wrong people
  • Seeing how Trian’s actions changed Judgement
  • Messing up something he should know (which he perceives as trying to win Judgement over)
  • Singing in front of crowds
  • Being an anxious mess when in his Dream form
  • Judgement
  • Singing
  • Songwriting
  • Playing instruments
  • Learning about the types of Somnium
  • Figuring out how to split from his Nightmare
  • Trying to find a way for Judgement to survive this time around (which he’s had little luck figuring out without going to the Fates for any answers)
  • Seeing Judgement in person once again (which he can’t believe he’s allowed to do once again)
  • Trian in general
  • Losing Judgement again
  • Losing Judgement permanently
  • What the future holds (both how it should’ve been and the aftermath of Trian changing Judgement’s fate in her lifetimes)
  • Never really being able to show people what he can do
Bio: Adan can barely remember anything about his life prior to his transition into a Somnium, and yet he can vividly remember a woman he wanted to spend his life with despite her title being Judgement, which meant she would always outlast him regardless of what he wanted to do about it. After being kidnapped and tortured to what should’ve been death, he was suddenly beginning to outlive those around him except for one person he followed without many questions: Trian Mitchell, who grew to be a father figure that was just like him in the semi-immortal kind of way. He also kept up his relationship with the immortal being that he now had a chance to marry, but tragedy struck. The love of his life challenged his surrogate father in a battle to the death, and while she should’ve won effortlessly, the man cheated by changing her fate, allowing him to impale her on his sword before they watched her bleed to death. As a result, the raven haired male unlocked his Nightmare form before going insane from the grief, but then she was reborn. Adan had to watch as Trian then began the painstaking process to keep Judgement from remembering who she was, and the Fates decided to quickly fight back whenever they could do sudden damage control.

Adan was always there to meet Judgement at various times after she was reborn, and while he’s always watched her die because of Trian, each death the former witnessed made his Nightmare more insane as time passed. To cope, he turned to music, even going as far as to write songs in various languages as the only way to keep his Dream form sane. Each appearance altered history in some way, and the two worst happened to be the World Wars since it was the fastest she’d ever been reincarnated. This time around, they noticed a few random things that they had no idea if it would be significant: she was being raised human, she was mostly unaware of the powers she gained to help defend herself, and the younger Somnium failed to alert the elder that now he shared dreams with her, which allowed for him to get to know her without revealing any major details about himself besides the fact that he had stopped aging after a traumatic incident. He saw how each attempt had consequences for her, and secretly began plotting a way to liberate them from the man they both dealt with. After the latest attempt on Judgement’s life failed and alerted her personality in retaliation, Adan convinced Trian to pose as his brother while living in her town to help go back to the normal method, unknowingly setting off a chain of events that could hopefully set the two of them free from the already insane Somnium.

He was willing to pay any price to set them free, even if it meant parting because of death so they could meet again without Trian’s influence.

Height: 6’
Weight: 170 lbs.
Figure: Athletic
Supernatural feature: Adan has two forms: his normal form that he knows as his Dream form, and a much more volatile form he knows as his Nightmare form. To distinguish between the two, the Nightmare appears to be paler, has reddish-violet streaks running down its face as if it were constantly crying, and overall appears to be very calculating while the Dream is bound to its emotions for making decisions. Yet when transitioning between the forms, he may appear cunning, persuasive, and show a higher tendency for violence, but any forced transitions may be physically painful for both forms.

Adan Bennington (willful paused transition)jpeg.jpeg
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Adan Bennington (Nightmare) [Realistic].jpeg
Adan Bennington (Nightmare) [Realistic].jpeg (13.5 KiB) Viewed 217 times
Adan Bennington (Dream) [Updated].jpeg
Adan Bennington (Dream) [Updated].jpeg (140.54 KiB) Viewed 217 times
"It's only a nightmare, and soon we'll be set free." - NateWantsToBattle

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Re: [CS] You Won't Fade

Post by Kaylanie666 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 3:35 pm

Name: Briana Callissa Merano Senzuki
Nickname(s):Bri, Bri-Bri
Birthday:10/11 (She doesnt remember the exact date)
Age:2,000 (She appears to be around her twenties)
Zodiac sign:Libra
Species: Somnium
Powers: She is known as a whisper. Her ability allows her to cast spells of any stripe, though they often come with a heavy price. She is also able to use her ability to influence living things. She doesnt use her mind instead she has to be a few feet away and looking directly at her target whispering what she would like her target to do (hence the name whisper). She is a higher class whisper allowing her ability to be stronger than a normal whisper.
(YC only) Where do you live prior to meeting Adan (the setting for the rp): She lives in England in a smaller Area but it is full of nice houses

Personality:She's stubborn, can be selfish, she can be loving, is aggressive, can be rude, is polite, she is energetic,
- Chocolates
- Singing
- Animals
- Affection
-open fields
- woods
- Fruits
-out doors
-Disrespectful people
-small spaces
-big crowds
-Tart/sour foods
Interests: She has a lot of interest in nature and is usually found outside, she doesnt like to show interest in a lot of things
Fears: She has a fear that people will eventually chop all tree's down and ruin nature, slowly killing the Earth. She has other fears of course but nobody knows them.
-Losing her Whisper
-Nature being destroyed
-Falling in love
-Big crowds

Bio: Briana is a short energetic woman. She is always wandering or exploring wooded areas, She has lived in England for years in a nice neighborhood, it is a very small neighborhood and it is right by a wooded area, she doesnt interact with many people and loves when its quiet. She keeps to herself and she doesnt know many people. She has never been in love and she doesnt plan on falling in love, because that means she has to actually open up about herself and let out some of her secret.

Height: 5'4 1/2
Weight: 110 lbs
Figure: She has an hour glass figure
Supernatural feature: She has amber eyes, that have a slit pupil and when she uses her powers they turn a light ice-y blue color.
https://i.pinimg.com/564x/3a/ab/9a/3aab ... 441785.jpg
https://i.pinimg.com/564x/81/c4/63/81c4 ... 64f1a2.jpg
https://i.pinimg.com/564x/53/49/df/5349 ... 72b5e4.jpg
https://i.pinimg.com/564x/84/ec/9a/84ec ... 6b6e72.jpg
Two are drawings of her

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