I made a new species; could someone let me know if I reached all the criteria for the needed content?

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I made a new species; could someone let me know if I reached all the criteria for the needed content?

Post by Cosummato » Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:19 am

Relictusexul [re-lic-tus-ex-ul (translation: forsaken outcast)] are a lesser known species commonly mistaken as a subrace of demon or shapeshifter. They received their name by being banned to having a physical presence in the aethereal planes when the Divinum Maledicat was passed. They are odd creatures surrounded in mystery and bloodshed. They aren't liked by many species and tend to avoid having any affairs with those that aren't of their own kind or clan.
Relictusexul have humanoid bodies. They have humanoid ears that have more length than a human's (approximately four inches) with an extra crease, giving the ear a pointed, yet rounded shape -- almost that of a rounded crescent. They have a long, slender tail that reaches up to two feet, its girth slimming down when going closer to the rounded tip. Their ears and tail can turn into that of a clan beast and they can even transform into one of these specimen (they are limitied to only shapeshifting into one species; hybrids are not possible to be naturally born). For beast with no ears or tail, the ears or tail are unchanged in their humanoid form; some gain horns and wings. Their fingernails are that of an oval-ish shape that sharpen on the ends to form claws that reach eight centimeters but can sheathe out to three inches and their four canines reach out six centimeters past their incisors with the capability of sheathing out to five inches. Their hair and eye colors can vary from any colors. They have three rings of irises (a ring around the pupil that appears to give the allusion of only one ring of iris from a distance of a foot, a smaller ring with pointed lines that erect into the first ring, and a thin ring that acts like an outline with a few pointed lines that erect into the second ring) and slitted pupils. It is possible for eyes of different tri-colored irises (example: one eye can be rings of blue, orange, and green and the other eye of pink, yellow, purple). Even though their skin tone can be of any color, it tends to be consistent of what their clan’s or family’s are. Their build can be of any weight or height.
Relictusexul divides its own kind into clans according to which beasts they are able to morph into. Even subraces of beasts have their own clan (such as feline beasts having their own clan of tigers or clans of lions, etc.). Each clan has an alpha male and alpha female that acts as a sorts of monarchy with the titles of Regem and Reginam (offsprings have titles of Dominus and Domina) with a court of other familes (guardians and servants; servants are families that are for different services with the cooks being one family, maids/butlers being another family, etc.) with the rest of the clan being families of commoners and one family that is highly respected being a mixture that consists of sages and witches with the heads of the family earning the titles of Sacerdos and Vates. The possible mates of Dominus and Domina are the oldest offspring of each family. The chosen are put through a trial of battle with the last surviving male and female being the mates of the Dominus and Domina; if there is more than two offspring of the Regem and Reginam, the last surviving numbers (example: two males for two Domina and three females for three Dominus) are then put through a test to determine which ones will be the mate for each of the noble offsprings: the test requires for them to link their souls with the Dominus and Domina (if the atmosphere turns light, then the match is made; if the atmosphere turns heavy, then the next one must go through the test). Even though the clans do not have any associations with neighboring clans, they will become allies for a time of war when their race is threatened. Each family of a clan has only one kinetic ability; it is possible for two kinetic abilities when two families join together as one. The noble family possesses three to five kinetic abilities [any more than five abilities, then the Sacerdos and Vates are to export the extra kinetic(s) and import them into the universe’s natural balance of elements (only Sacerdos and Vates are capable of this ability)].
Relictusexul’s original language has been erased from their memories after the Divinum Maledicat, left to be forgotten in time. They had then adopted Latin as their language. Their first names and surnames are strictly of one Latin translation with no middle names given (example of full name: Ignis Proelio that translate to Fire Battle). They have no affiliations with the divine. Given to they have no religion, they have no afterlife as well. The only way one can have an afterlife is if they make a pact with a deity, but are unable to ever be a Relictusexul again when reincarnated. When one dies, they are automatically reincarnated as the same species again within the same clan. However, they are only allowed a total of nine reincarnations (the Sacerdos and Vates keep record of the amount). On their final death, their soul is consumed by the Regem and Reginam. Their mating season is the thirteenth of Feburary, April, June, August, October, and November. They are unable to produce hybrid offspring with other clans and unable to breed with other species. The only possible way for such a thing to occur is when the two parents partake in a forbidden ritual that takes away half of their life span; the offspring is then to only be of one race (determined by which parent’s soul essence is used). Iron causes burning and numbing to them with the affects increasing the longer it is physically touching them, prolonged time in sunlight causes them to weaken and grow ill, and salt prevents them from passing for a period of time and disrupts their focus for their kinetic abilities; iron can lead to serious wounds and even death and sunlight can lead to severe burns and blistering. They heal rather quickly -- it takes only three days for a moderate wound to heal completely, for example. They have a seventy-five percent resistance to disease, poisoning, and illness.
Relictusexul originate from The Pale, a dimension that is full of unknown species that modern mundanes consider as monsters. The Pale is an untouched dimension due to its hazards and the unknown mystery that lurks from it, unseen by any eyes of other planes. Those that see a being from The Pale is usually never seen or heard from again. Beings from this dimension have free access to entering Earth’s plane (along with other planes with Earth being the most common) through hidden, invisible 'doors' or portals. Just like the rest of the creatures from that domain, it is not known to how they came into existence or exactly when.
It wasn't until around the 1400's when Relictusexul started making a more frequent appearance on Earth due to their lowering numbers caused by the yearly hunting seasons specifically for their race (its origins of who started the season has not been documented). As they started to adapt to the physical mundane plane, they grown a new dietary of earthly beings. Flesh is required for them to survive and gain their nutrients. They must consume, at least, an approximate of one hundred pounds worth every month. Earth’s animals are digestable to them, but do not contain the same nutrients as a humanoid (though, it is able to satisfy their hunger and prevent dehydration). There is no specific means of a hunting technique for prey, for every one of them has developed their own styles; whether it be using their heredity kinetic abilities to weakening their prey with claws with a bite to a main artery to finish it off, these specimen has developed or adapted their own methods of killing prey. They are greatly known to be cannibalistic in the modern era. When they consume one of their own kind, they gain the consumed being's kinetic ability or empower their own (training is another option to empower their own ability, if not born with a high potent one, though, being born with a potent ability requires for one to be from a noble bloodline). Just as they are able to consume flesh, they are also capable of consuming energies, ethereal bodies, souls, and the following (astral projection is the only way they are able to consume the mentioned in aethereal planes, however, this requires natural born skill (once again, found only in noble bloodline) or years of training; due to the Divinum Maledicat put on them when banished from the other planes, they are not able to consume a human soul). The ingestion of the nonphysical substances are not the equivalent for flesh, for that type of consumption is used to help them grow stronger and more adept with their abilities. They can consume bone, though, it isn't much of their preference.
Being shunned from many lands on Earth due to the Relictusexul’s massive slaughtering for means of food, other species began to make designated areas for those that were suicidal or unable to live among society, bodies unidentified or with no burial options, and sacrifices (usually of inmates or those on death row) in order to prevent any tresspassing Relictusexul scavaging for food. Species on Earth started to be outnumbered and invaded by humans and were forced to make to have their physical realms and existense turned into modern myths, fairytales, and lores. Due to this, Relictusexul had began making efforts to blend in with various species. However, their eating habits and physical appearance would give them away and get them executed. With the mundane’s physical plane being their last source, they were yet to adapt again.
Even though the Relictusexul are able to consume human food, the mundane dietary weakens them and causes them to get ill due to them not being able to digest it properly. They can consume corpses only if the being has died within five days. To keep a low profile of their existence and obvious inhuman appearances, they live in isolated areas untouched by man and feast upon the area’s humanoid beasts. As their numbers continued to decrease, many have broken away from their remaining clan members to take on their own paths of survival. Decades has taught the species that the consumption of only human blood alone can give them the very nutrients they require. Thus, many had began finding oppurtunities to live among humans using magic or modern clothing (for those not able to use that aspect of magic) to hide their ears and tail. This has lead many to take on jobs and practices with an easy access to blood, if not using the black market to make the purchases. Some have became serial killers and hide out in the wildnerness or abandoned buildings. Others have taken to be grave robbers of the recently buried.

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Re: I made a new species; could someone let me know if I reached all the criteria for the needed content?

Post by Reyn » Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:45 am


There is no set content criteria for RPF, only in individual RPs. Those RPs usually provide a Character Sheet template which tells you everything you need to include for that particular RP. Usually they require information on specific characters, rather than species. Check out the Requests forums for examples. Also check out the Rules and the FAQ if you haven't already, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

That aside, this is very detailed, and a nice concept.
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