[CS] Similar, Yet Different (Icy)

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[CS] Similar, Yet Different (Icy)

Post by Light-Witch » Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:21 pm

Name: Nathan Wagner
Nickname(s): Nate, Wagner, Mr. Popular
Age: 17
Birthday: March 1st, 1999
Zodiac sign: Pisces

Personality: Nathan is the guy who everyone considers perfect, yet is far from it. A natural talker, anyone in the same room as him can't help but listen to him talk, even if he's nervous. Kind, respectful, even generous, it's no wonder every girl loves him in secret. Nate hates bullying, and unlike other popular kids, he wants to put an end to it. He may come off as emotionally distant, but in reality, he feels everything deeper than most people. Yet there's a side to him that nobody really knows about him, and it won't come out until he starts to develop feelings for someone.

Nathan is like a guardian to whoever he has feeling for, and will protect them no matter what the situation. He's also afraid of getting too close to someone, which is unusual for someone who's never dated before. Around the person he's falling for, he's like a nervous bad boy, but there's still a sense of him being untouchable when it comes to his feelings. Nate's very thoughtful and caring, a rock in the sense of how he can hold himself together when things go wrong. He will actually become empathetic around the person he cares about, but may still appear to be distant at times. Yet he doesn't believe that the perfect girl will just appear before him, but he still keeps an open mind about the topic.
  • Rock music
  • People
  • Good people
  • Guitars
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Seeing people happy
  • (Your character) aka Concert Girl
  • Cliques
  • Bullying
  • Most pop music
  • Being Mr. Popular
  • Quiet
  • Seeing others in pain
  • The Queen Bee
  • Rock music
  • Singing
  • Playing the guitar
  • Going to college
  • Writing
  • Losing those he cares about
  • Losing (your character)
Bio: Nathan grew up in an abusive home, but he never told anyone about it. His mom was a drunk, but she took her anger towards a modeling career cut short due to his birth out on him. His dad worked as a doctor, usually not coming home until way past his son's bedtime, and usually left for work just as he was getting up for school. When sober, mom was the perfect actress, and little Nate was forced to act as though nothing was wrong when around other people. Not a single mark was in sight, and nobody noticed what was happening. Around fifth grade, that's when something happened that came with a silver lining.

Nathan's mom decided to try to drive while being intoxicated, completely aware of her son being in the car with her. She swerved before colliding with an eighteen wheeler, and she died upon impact while he only suffered a broken arm and fifty percent vision loss in both eyes. As a result of the death, Nate's dad moved them to Newark from Rochester, hoping he'd find the time to be with his son while getting them out of the city. Both thrived, and it came as a surprise when he quickly rose in popularity and pursued music in middle and high school. While many popular girls have come onto him, including the Queen Bee Morgan Smith, he thought of his mom before rejecting their advances. Now that Linkin Park has come into the area on tour, he's going alone in order to not only clear his head of the stress the school has given him (see plot), but to maybe see if someone his age actually has similar interests as him.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair color and style: Night, clean cut
Eye color: Earth
Skin tone: Cream
  • Long, thin scar on right elbow from a compound fracture that had bone sticking out due to trying to stop the airbag upon deployment
  • Various scratch-like scars around eyes from pieces of metal breaking off from both vehicles at the time of the accident
  • Various scars of varying sizes due to the abuse he suffered on torso
Tattoos/Piercings: Gages in ears, no tattoos to date
Image Without his glasses
Image With his glasses
Theme song: New Divide by Linkin Park, In the End by Linkin Park, and Nightmare by NateWantsToBattle
Other: Nathan rarely wears his glasses, but will wear them more after the Linkin Park concert.
"It's only a nightmare, and soon we'll be set free." - NateWantsToBattle

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Re: [CS] Similar, Yet Different (Icy)

Post by Icy » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:08 pm

Name: Clara Ryder
Nickname(s): Clay, 'Rebel Girl'
Age: Seventeen
Birthday: December 15, 1999
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Clay is known to be extremely outgoing, she doesn't let others hold her back and when it comes to her putting her mind to something she never gives up. It could be due to being stubborn about her hobbies and beliefs, but being an open-minded girl she doesn't see it as stupid. She's highly accepting of others, but if they wrong her in any way and/or have a horrible attitude then she won't give them the time of day and she won't be as nice to them. Being as strong willed as she is, she has a tendency to speak her mind without a filter and her mouth has known to get her in trouble from time to time especially seeing as she does hang out with the 'Rebel Kids' who see her as one of them. She has never broken the rules nilly willy, but she has been close to it at times since she's spontaneous. Of course none of this is to say she doesn't have a sweet side to her, but it's hardly ever seen. Seeing as she has been and still gets bullied, showing weakness isn't good so she puts up a strong front, she hides her pain as well. Deep inside the hate may get to her, but on the outside she doesn't let it show much.
- Art
- Music
- Butterflies
- Astronomy
- Dark Colours
- Horror Movies
- Lillies/Lotus Flowers
- Skating [occasionally]
- Concert Guy
- Liars
- Bullying
- Being Alone
- 'Popular' Kids
- Light Colours
- Country Music
- Feeling Useless/Stupid
- Overly Rude/Obnoxious People
- The 'Icky' Bugs [cockroaches, spiders, etc]
- Art
- Photography
- Astronomy
- Spiders
- Getting Lost
- Getting hurt by someone she cares about

Clay has had a pretty normal life growing up with a mother and father who loved her and each other. Or so she had thought when she was little. They would argue here and there as couples often do, but she never saw the true issues within their marriage since when they were around her they kept her blind to the truth. She never had issues with making friends though she never considered herself as popular, in elementary and middle school things such as cliques didn't exist. In middle school her grandmother on her father's side, whom she had been fairly close to, passed away and her friends started to change and identify themselves. Some became jocks or preps, others became drama or skater kids. She never picked a side. It wasn't a big deal, until they moved on to high school where the existing cliques divided them and the bullying began.

At first it was small things, she was pushed into lockers or her books were knocked out of her hands. Then in time it became more physical to the point where she believed the words coming out of their mouths and first took a blade to her skin. By Sophomore year she had enough of it and her personality as well as her style changed, she hung out with the lower Cliques and soon she became the 'Rebel Girl,' it's a name used only to taunt her and the changes haven't put a stop to all the bullying. It's rare to see her without bruises or her headphones, she listens to music to drown out the popular kids, listening mostly to Linkin Park. Their music suits her. These days she cant wait to find her freedom, even if it means leaving this place for good since there's nothing keeping her here. [Until after the concert.] Her parents are divorced due to her father's infidelity, he's remarried to the woman he cheated with and doesn't speak to his daughter much anymore [both which occurred within the past year], she lives with her mother who owns a popular bakery.

Height: 5'4
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair color and style:
Naturally blonde, but dyed red with a blonde ombre. Clay typically wears her hair down in subtle waves, sometimes she'll add a faint curl to it. Only when she's at home and it's a lazy day does she wear it in a ponytail. She loves wearing hats.
Eye color: Forest Green
Skin tone: Ivory
A long scar running from the outside of her right knee to her ankle, she fell off a bike at age nine. Her left forearm, running from half her forearm down to her wrist, her cousin's cat scratched her at age thirteen. Right side of her upper lip from when she tripped down the stairs at age fifteen, it's a faint scar and only distinctly noticeable when one is close. Some self harm scars, most hidden, but she claims she gets them from skating.
Lobe Piercings
Industrial - Left
Eyebrow - Right
Nostril - Left
Pink Lotus Tattoo - Right hip
Shooting Star - Behind right ear
Blue Butterfly - Inner left arm
Crescent Moon - Left wrist
Anchor - Left ribs
bad-girl-badass-blonde-ginger-Favim.com-704764.jpg (134.53 KiB) Viewed 503 times
cd069bc2573abc374a704ac51ccfb464.jpg (48.45 KiB) Viewed 503 times
Theme song: Unbreakable - Faydee, Numb - Linkin Park, Rebellion - Linkin Park
Clay has a huge collection of dried Lily and Lotus petals that's she keeps in a tin box in her closet, she's never shown this to anyone before. She always wears a silver necklace with an intricate lily charm, it used to be her grandmother's.

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