Mourning Glory

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Mourning Glory

Post by illirica » Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:49 pm

She appears infrequently, most often where heroes or villains have died, but sometimes merely where there has been widescale death or destruction. She is nothing but a shadow, it seems, shaped like a girl. Young. Twelve, maybe, although who knows what ages shadows have seen. She is silent as the grave, only an observer to what has passed.

No one knows how she appears. Sometimes at dawn, sometimes at dusk. She offers harm to no one. Attack, and she will disappear. Touch her, and she is gone. Look too hard, and you will be looking at nothing. A camera captures nothing at all, nor does any imprisonment. Nothing seems to harm her, but she is harmless. Some say she is not real. Some say she is a ghost. Some say a phantom, or a figment of the imagination.

Some - very few - have a name for her.

Mourning Glory.


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