[CS] ARC Academy: School For The Gifted

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[CS] ARC Academy: School For The Gifted

Post by PercussionLuthor » Tue May 22, 2018 2:46 am

Name: Venus Cerenthena
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Year: Third
Dorm: Omega

Super Sonic Screech: Venus has a scream she uses while she's being attacked or to get out of an uncomfortable situation (depending on the day)
Freezing Breath: Venus also has freeze breath, this is a little more helpful during the hot summer months in her home town, she can cool herself and others off but when she needs to escape something, this is another helpful tool

Loud Mouth: When it comes to using your mouth as your main weapon, it can also lead to oversharing, Venus has a hard time keeping things to herself and she loves to share her business with many people
Push Over: Venus also thinks it's her responsibility to take care of all of her friends so she often hurts herself to help them

Personality: Venus is a homebody, she loves her family and her friends. Venus is also a procrastinator and a ditz at times even if she is quite smart. Venus is a hufflepuff, an ambivert, and loves affection. Venus is also a lesbian.

Appearance: Venus is tall, 5'11 ish and muscular. She has brown curly hair and glasses. She is often wearing high waisted sailor pants and patterned button downs. She loves weird shoes whether they're embroidered, printed, or colored on. She also usually is wearing a brass ring and a brass necklace. She is fair skinned and has the face of what a humanized cat would have (her face is slender and her eyes are pointed upwards.) She usually is wearing the color black or darker shades though she does like to mix it up wit colorful patterns. She is often wearing lacy lingerie under her clothing, and it is most often pink. She has a small scar beneath her eyebrow which she doesn't like to talk about.

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Re: [CS] ARC Academy: School For The Gifted

Post by Venus » Thu May 24, 2018 6:10 am

KittycatCookie wrote:
Tue May 22, 2018 12:32 pm
❄Nia Hopfen





❄Animal Mimikry
Nia is able to take on the physical and sometimes even mental attributes of animals, giving her animal ears or tails; sometimes changing her personality slightly even.

❄Snow Heart
The blonde girl is able to generate as well as manipulate ice at her will - able to either use it as a weapon or just.. for practical uses or for fun. Who doesn’t like slushies?

❄Animal Mimikry
Nia cannot walk around without a transformation, meaning she has trouble hiding it and she often gets ridiculed for her looks. Whenever she changes the animal she takes the attributes from Nia also has to deal with incredible pains where the additional tail or ears sprout.

❄Snow Heart
Thanks to her power, Nia is cold to the touch, freaking people out and making them avoid her for being weird. Wherever she goes she leaves a small trace of frost on the ground and plants around her. Freaking out can lead to explosive use of her powers by accident.

❄Nia is a sheepish and quiet girl, often getting lost in crowds easily as she tries to stay in the background, knowing that the permanent animal traits she has often cause people to ridicule or hate her even, as they think she is some kind of weirdo. The blonde likes drawing and will often be found doing so underneath a tree or on a bench. She has little to no friends as she doesn’t really catch anyone’s attention. The shortie easily gets crushes on her classmates, but she usually avoids talking to those and tries to get rid of the crush as quickly as possible to avoid humiliation.

❄Innocent is the best way to describe Nia’s appearance as she stands at an adorable height of 4’9. Her strawberry blonde hair nearly reaches her mid-back and is soft and shiny. Her ocean blue eyes are big and easy to get lost in, her skin is a creamy pale color. The blonde seems to always have slightly reddened cheeks, her facial features make her look delicate, nearly fragile. She carries herself in a very childish manner. Her animal traits usually take whatever fur color that Nia wants.

❄Nia speaks german.

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