Online DND Group (Text-based)

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Online DND Group (Text-based)

Post by Jaysikxiii » Sun Sep 27, 2020 8:04 pm

I'm looking to DM a DND group online for the sake of convenience, and I have discord group ready to host it. I'll be looking for 3-4 adventurers, and will likely be playing a character myself (but one with limited knowledge and ability to keep it fair). The role-playing and combat will all be done through text so we don't have to schedule meetings.I have chosen to omit story details from this post for those who wish to start blind, PM me if you wish to have more info. Here are some ground rules:

1. Try to not argue with me on rules. If I change or omit certain rules its to make it work better with this online format.

2. If a character has already done something, and you submit a post saying you did the same, the first post takes priority and I may ask you to revise or delete your post if it conflicts with the other.

3. Ask for permission before trying to fight another players character, or any other interaction that impact their play style.

4.The first people to turn in a full character sheet will get their role.

5. You don't need to include your characters backstory in your sheet, as I plan to have all that exposed through roleplay, but please PM me about it so I can incorporate story arcs for all of the characters.

6. Don't rush anyone to post. The whole point of this is to keep it easy to plan and  convenient to do, so it'll obviously be slow paced.

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Re: Online DND Group (Text-based)

Post by Killer Ice Cream » Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:24 pm


I don't know if this belongs here in this section. This feels like an offsite advertisement which has it's own place but understandable you'd be confused.

I'm sure a mod will be along soon to move/assess it

Hello btw! And welcome to rpf.

Btw you could post something similar as a group rp in one of our three requests sections. We have a place or out of character (ooc) speaking and everything.

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Re: Online DND Group (Text-based)

Post by Reyn » Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:28 pm

(Sorry for getting to this so late! Off-site is definitely the place for this.)

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