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Serena's compiled RPs

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:54 pm
by Serena200
I thought I would do something similar as other people on the forum and make a list of my available RPs to make it easier for people to know about them ( and hopefully join.)

one of a kind

Type: 1X1
Availability: still open
Character sheets: ask me and I will give the sheet
Link: ... 13#p210813

The RP:
She slowly wakes up in a caged's pitch black she can't see, where is she how did she get here? She was with mother and farther last she remembered now she is here....her eyes adjust to notice it's a cell she is in.
Memories come back to her, she remembered screaming as creatures attacked her home...creatures without feathered wings like hers, she heard her mother call the things humans at some point.
She remembered her parents getting killed as she was taken from her home, she then then remembered her name; Karina.

Karina looked at her wings glad to see they was OK, Karina then just huddled into a corner petrified as she watches humans in white coats watch her....she did not know it until she grew older but she was in a human laboratory, she was the only one of her kind left and the humans want to experiment on her to find out what she is.....they have never seen such a creature before, and now this creature would spend the rest of it's life as an experiment.

OK to fill in the details this RP is about my bird human hybrid Karina, she is currently trapped in a human laboratory getting experimented on. Your character is her new handler ( people don't talk about what happened to the last one.) Your job is to look after her between experiments and make sure she stays alive.....I had an idea that your character could either become friends with or fall in love with ( if you like romance) with Karina and eventually help her to escape, and then you both constantly live your lives on the run from the laboratory which I call Tombstone.

Anyway if your interested tell me and I can give more details and we can discuss it further.

Re: Serena's compiled RPs

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:57 pm
by Serena200
The Spooks

Type: 1X1
Availability: still open
Character sheets: ask me and I will give them to you
Link: RP:

The RP:
Basically this idea I have is based if the novels called The Spooks, however for this RP I am planning you don't need to have read the books as non of the story from them will play a part in this RP. All you need to know is the basis I for the world that the characters live in.

The land of Servo ( made up name due to the books never saying the land it is based in.)

In this land everything is normal medieval time, however there is an entity called "the dark" the dark is what created all manor of abominations such as boggarts, ghasts, ghost, ghouls and witches and tons of more dark creature of the night. These creature are unstoppable no normal person can combat such creatures except the Spooks.
The Spook's are people gifted with being able to see the dark and sense it....the first step to stopping the dark is sensing it. The Spook's work alone and the only the time they get help is when they train an apprentice who is usually a person who has experience with the dark and survived.

The main downside of being a Spook is that it is a very lonely life as society shuns Spook's due to the fact that they are connected to the dark, after all the only real way to beat the dark is to let part of it in, due to this the dark can sense spooks as the spooks can sense the dark that's why society doesn't like them especially priests.

The Spooks live a very hard life they are heavily outclassed but the dark in many sense but the spooks persist for one sole reason.....for if they didn't the world would perish under the dark's evil ways.

The story

This is the plot I had in mind, basically I play a master Spook and your character is a normal person who finds out they can sense the dark ( in a way you choose)because of this my character takes you as their apprentice and trains you to fight the dark....the reason I want it to be like this is because if you have not read the Spook's novels then you might not know about most of the dark creatures, so in this case you will learn about them alongside your character, as my master Spook will be teaching your character about it..which may make it more immersive actually.