Somewhere out in the Wastelands....

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Somewhere out in the Wastelands....

Post by Xayve » Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:44 pm

A lone figure wanders through the inner wastelands, their story unknown to the world. Each time you try to catch a glimpse, the details come out blurry and indistinct. Your eyes catch but fragments of something vaguely remember, and eventually you understand.
You can't see the person because they don't exist. Do you know why?
Because they're your character, and you haven't come on down to the Wasteland Sandbox to create them yet! ^.^
Enjoy a fun and exciting post-nuclear atmosphere where every twist and turn can be as rewarding - or as deadly - as one could possibly imagine.
Come, create your hearts desire here! We dont even have any set canon so its up to the players to customize the world, meaning everything we do has immediate impact on our surroundings. Don't like that rock? Blow it up. Want to make a faction of do-gooders or mutants or barbaric viking raiders? Go for it ^.^ everything is yours to design here at the Wasteland Sandbox. this opens directly to the character creation area. From there it should be easy to navigate.

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