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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:03 am
by Annasiel
16:00 08-22-202X

A siren screamed through the woods like the wail of an animal trapped dying in the brush. Shrill as it was, it did little to mask the shouts of the soldiers, and even less to hide the brief rapport of gunshots. This didn't matter, of course -- the base was miles from the nearest town, miles from anyone who could hear the sound who wasn't need-to-know, detained, or...


Another sharp gunshot. Another target, this one fatal, body wrapped in black tarp and carried away to a place it would never be found. The captain watched from afar, fingers pressed tight against the bridge of his nose. Thirteen found, so far, and four still missing. The longer this went on, the less of a chance they'd have of locating the missing subjects, and the more of a chance the captain would lose his rank, or in a worst case scenario, go the same way as the bodies. Neutralized, wrapped in black, and disappeared from any records.

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