Wonderland RP!!!

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Wonderland RP!!!

Post by Mae » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:30 pm

I made a Wonderland RP Thread in the casual chaos forum place and I just hope I'm not the only person who bothers to rp on it. Because that would be lonely. Um. I wanna brag that it has more freedoms than other rp threads do because you there aren't a lot of rules, both irp and ooc. Because it's WONDERLAND. Nothing makes sense.
It's a multifaceted roleplay, which means you can semi-manipulate the setting and mood depending on how you want to roleplay; Wonderland has many sides, and though the thread is based off Lewis Carrol's original Wonderland, RPers can also subtly incorporate ideas from other Wonderland based movies/books/shows/etc.
So head on down the rabbit hole! And try not to get yer head cut off. ;)

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