[OPEN] Released

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Re: [OPEN] Released

Post by Monika » Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:46 am

Image Theron watched and listened, frowning at the Captain. She nudged Garland, the horse making its way up the plank and onto the ship, not even hesitating as the wood creaked under his hooves. "I would recommend you sheath your weapons," she replied as she pulled her spear from her back. She aimed her spear towards the captain. "He has made his decision, and you will adhere to it. Anything beyond that is slavery. And last I heard, slavery is illegal. Should I bring this matter to the Lady Conrad?" She sat tall in her saddle, her eyes staring straight down at the captain. "If you wish to push this matter further, you will see first hand what the Vael Cavaliers are capable of."
I̞͉̣̦̟̱'̩͎̗͚͡͝d̯̲̪̜̤̖̥͟ ́҉̳̝́d̡̖͇͕̺̝́͘o͈̟̯̩̳ ̟̫̹͙͞á͔̤ǹ̶̗͕͈y̶̳̦t̛͕̫̞̟͘h̗̱͙͉̲͘͝i҉͍̘̮̗͙̙n̰̘̟g̷̶̬̻ ͇̙̻̘̦̜ͅf̧͇̞͕͉̤̝̜o̻̗͓̻̠̪͜͡ŗ̸͔͈̺̹̝̱ͅ ̬̤͍̹̬̰͞y̸̢̩̯̹̹o̸̟̻̫̭͖u҉̰͔̪͡

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Re: [OPEN] Released

Post by illirica » Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:13 pm

Well, so much for just sitting down for storytime.
Ariana sighed, and nodded in response to the voice in her head. She'd been hoping for another interesting tale, maybe catch the eye of the captain and see if he wanted to buy her a drink somewhere. Unfortunately, the captain had decided that it was a much better idea to grab on to his 'prize' and start towing him back to the boat...
Wasn't necessarily a problem, until the man from the past decided it was past time to decide he was a man. He ain't too happy about being pushed around like a sack of coin, makes his feelings known on the matter. Nothin' wrong with that, except some people won't take no for an answer. It's only an instant and the ship's crew's bristling with weapons. Strange how there's so many of 'em armed. Most ships, the deckhands aren't carrying more than their dignity, and not much of that.

Girl's hand was already on me, but it's on me with a bit more intent now. Don't have anything to slip out of, so it's just a matter of a little hand-on-the-hilt action and I'm ready to go. Another girl's got a similar idea, with a more official tone. Takes her mount right up on the ship, spear in front of her shows she means business. Ain't much of a spear. Nothing like me. It'll do, though. She's got a few words on the manner, most of 'em a lot more polite than the man deserves.

My girl hops down off her box, and the sound as my tip hits the ground might be enough to draw some attention. She don't worry about keeping the edge sharp. I'm keen enough without her worry. She doesn't need the edge, though. She just holds me in her hand, in case anyone gets close, and starts to him.

Real nice.

Real slow.
Ariana kept her eyes on the boat, and let the song move through the deckhands - let it slow them down, if she could. She had found that some people were strong enough to resist the song, but the sort of everyday layman, just there to do his job... they didn't tend to have a lot of protection against that sort of thing. She had a feeling that whatever a Vael Cavalier was, it was probably something strong enough to hold against the song. That might give the mounted woman a chance, even as outnumbered as she was.

Ariana really didn't want to have to go up there herself. The sword didn't like water.

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Re: [OPEN] Released

Post by Avalein » Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:16 am

Zilyana shook her head before turning her mount back in the direction of the stables. She had been gone long enough as it was and she had duties to do. Shaking her head, there was no way that she could help, as she couldn't swim and she wasn't good when it came to dealing with crowds. Though she kept a hand on the small dagger she kept at her waist. Her fingers lightly going over the handle. Before turning her stallion around once again, to face the ship. Her father had taught her to not stand by when someone needed help.
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Re: [OPEN] Released

Post by Maur » Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:35 am

As the Cavalier stepped up, and the sailors closed in with their swords drawn. Dullan felt an odd sensation, as if something were attempting to slow his movements. The men began moving slowly, he saw an opportunity to fight for his freedom, but should he? Did it matter? Maybe it didn't, maybe it did. He had not quite had the time yet to figure out if he cared about life anymore. He was leaning toward no but maybe there were some things he hadn't considered. And then again, what can not be considered within centuries of nothing but thinking? Every question lead to more questions, in the hull the simple answer that nothing mattered and everything died eventually was enough for him, was it enough now?

He decided that he would like to find out.

Summoning some strength he moved slowly, just barely fast enough to outpace the slowed men, he grabbed a hatchet from where it hung at the belt of a man, and split his head with it. Old muscles which were unused for so long began to find themselves again. He turned and caught another man in the neck, it must have looked to an outsider that the fight commenced in slow motion.

The Captain seemed unaffected by the slowness, he left the capture of the Drowned Man to his men, and turned to face the Cavalier, he raised his blade defensively and began to move in a semi-circle, Captain Shanzing was a veteran and no stranger to the blade, he held it tightly, but comfortably, and waited for his opponent to make the first move.

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