[Baylen] To new adventures

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[Baylen] To new adventures

Post by Gastersans » Fri Aug 24, 2018 4:30 pm

This was the first time Aelirenn was away from her village with no intentions of coming back.
It felt strange and unfamiliar but also good in a way, to be free from the sleepy woodland village she came from.
Born and raised and only ever left to mine materials for her father. Or pick herbs for her mother...
The reason why she left her father and workshop behind in the first place. She was used to not have her mother around for a couple of days, but after 7 sunsets in a row, she began to worry.
So here she was, walking around the woods, following some path that no one had walked upon for years or, that's what it felt like.
It had been another 3 days that Aelirenn had been walking. Her feet were sore,
the food she has taken done for and the wildlife had not been kind to her for a while; no herbs, fruit or anything edible.
All was either too old or dead to grow anything.
To her luck (and discomfort, as she did not wear the leather shoes she owned) the soft, comfortable path made of mostly sand slowly switched to cobblestone.
In front of her a village.
At the time of her arrival a market had started a while ago but before she approached the unfamiliar place, she climbed up and sat down on the city's wall.
Looking over the market, her mind start to wonder to all the different characters she might meet

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