Afternoon Practice[OPEN]

A giant amphitheater south of the main city. It is used to host fights, plays, and other entertainment events.
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Afternoon Practice[OPEN]

Post by DarkButterfly » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:14 pm

In the middle of the day, within the full swing of a work week, the amphitheater lent itself to fighters who took the time to hone their skills before tourneys. Truthfully, it did this not out of goodness of heart but of a lack of onlookers during this time. Only a scattered few sat in the stands, most trainers, fighters or talent scouts themselves looking for new opponents and undiscovered talent. Despite this, the amphitheater felt loud from the few, but consistent, clashes of blades. It was here that Abigale, still attempting to gather her memories, found herself taking a break from her mind boggling task of discovering what she was.

Setting herself up in a corner, she set down her great weapon and sighed. Grunting, Abigale stretched slowly. Her shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back hurt intensely. As she rested, she wondered how long she had been lugging around her great weapon. The damn thing was at least a third her own body weight. Running a hand across her sweaty brow, Abigale withdrew a single bolt from her side pouch and looked it over. Even without knowing the incredible damage the thick bolt of lead would do, examining it invoked a sense of awe. At five inches long and an inch in diameter, the bolt would be propelled by intense and powerful memory rune magic.

The runes had to be carved exactly correctly, otherwise the gun could misfire. Best case scenario, the rifle would simply not engage, worst case scenario the rifle would explode and kill Abigale instantly. Although Abigale had only ever drawn a rune incorrectly once, a frightening enough mistake, she still found it necessary to train to write quickly and correctly. Setting up the rifle on a rock, popping out a bipod to properly steady the weapon, Abigale loaded with with the bolt and withdrew a piece of regular charcoal.

Slowly at first, but picking up speed, Abigale began writing. Inscribing the runes on the weapon, then dropping the charcoal and aiming down the iron sights.
Breathe in, breathe out.


Immediately her body sprung into motion, pull back the loader, withdraw the bolt, replace the bolt, close the loader, inscribe the runes, aim.
Breathe in, breathe out.


Rinse and repeat.
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Re: Afternoon Practice[OPEN]

Post by Myrn » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:31 pm

Rolav took some time out of his day to visit the amphitheater for the sole purpose of training and possibly a friendly spar or two. His wolf companion, Raul, was nowhere in sight and perhaps for the best. The wolf would draw too much attention from its size alone. Regardless, Rolav was here and he was indeed glad for the lack of spectators. Nothing like a bunch of strangers watching your every move to keep you on edge. As he entered, he took a quick gander of the training grounds. There were quite a few already training solo or paired off but one, in particular, had taken his interest. They were a slight person, and undoubtedly small even for the average human. He would assume they were no older than 12 if he had to guess and this intrigued him as he watched them write strange symbols he did not recognize but assumed them of a magical nature. Rune scripture perhaps? His time traveling around being his only experience in such matters. And they were trained well, he could tell with how they handled their rifle with expert ease.

He approached with caution as he did not mean to startle and be the cause of a misfire, or worse... shot at, be it an accident or not. The closer he got, the more features he was able to see. From the long blonde hair tied back to the flash of blue eyes. He cleared his throat in an attempt to grab their attention. However, he wouldn't know if they would even hear him over the cacophony of clashing blades and the rifle fire.

"Hey, kid!" he called. His curiosity had gotten the better of him then. "Where'd you learn to shoot like that?" It was a compliment and an honest question rolled into one.
He seemed the sort to even dream in suave.

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