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Re: [Event] Masque

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:01 pm
by Shinigami

Jonathan had already alerted the palace guards in the ballroom and the more important parts of the palace, but had continued his job in order to cover as much ground as possible. He had been moving quickly through the halls, his heavy plate seeming to have no effect on his stamina. He was trained for this.

Out of nowhere, the walls started to shake - and that noise! He covers his ears, trying to drown it out, but to no avail. After a few moments, the sound suddenly stops, gone as quickly as it had came. Slowly, he removes his hands from his ears and looks around, seeing the cracks the vibrations had made in the walls. Remembering the ball, he rushes back through the halls and bursts through the door. Immediately, he sets to work rallying the ballroom guards to help with any panic that arises.

"Is everyone alright? And where is Lady Conrad?" He asks, scanning the crowd with his eyes. First thing's first: avoid a panic, and make sure everyone is safe. And ensure the safety of Her Majesty. If something happens to the Lady, a panic is sure to rise.

Re: [Event] Masque

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:56 am
by CanadianCake
Josephine stumbled away from Gustav as the palace shuddered violently. A horrible noise filled the air and she stood there in complete shock as it rippled through the space. When it was over, the girl turned her wide eyes to Gustav, a horrible dread filling her chest.

"I- I'm going home," she stammered finally, pathetically, before turning and running from the building as Ryder ran toward it. Josephine exited, stumbling on the steps, and Ryder caught her. He winked at her before his owl cuffed him with its wing and he sighed, running away to find a good place to watch the action.

Josephine briefly watched the strange white haired man before turning and proceeding to run home, enjoying the feeling of running. Even though her rippling skirts impeded her slightly.

"Alrighty, what the 'ell was that?" Ryder whispered, hoisting himself onto the roof. The palace felt... off. Too quiet almost. Like when a ton of people stopped whispering and all started staring at you. Ryder shuddered at the thought. But as he listened, he realized the air was still full of ball blather. Yet something was wrong.

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Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:57 am
by Quirbles
Mathieu weaved through the crowds of ballroom guests. His prey, this vampiric wench, was within his grasp. The blade of his sword would have no trouble cutting through her cursed flesh.

The audacity for one of those... creatures... to show up at such a high-profile event was baffling. Perhaps there were many more of those beasts than he had anticipated over the years. Perhaps they were in hiding. Perhaps—and this was the most likely scenario—he had simply become too lax in his duties. He was a Troussier, sworn to uphold the duties of the vampire hunter lineage. And he had failed in his vigilance.

The vampire maiden had thought herself keen, hiding behind one of the stone pillars near the entrance of the ball; however, his eye was keener than her own. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted her. And so, Mathieu closed in for the blow. He would have to time it right, given she was lying in wait. The thought of a counterattack lay heavy upon his mind. I must not get bit.

One step closer, then another. Even among the harmonious ambience of the ball, he felt and heard his metal boots strike the hard floor underfoot. Quickly unsheathing his sword, Mathieu raised the saber above his head and rounded the pillar, preparing to strike—

Thunderous rumbling shook the ball, shaking his stance and causing him to stagger slightly. He attempted to go through with the strike regardless, and his sword pelted off of sculpted stone. The dull clang resounding from the hit was drowned out by the intense series of what sounded akin to explosions. The raucous distraction would leave the vampire free to run; or, if she felt audacious, to counter-attack.

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Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:03 am
by Arion Queen
The vampire heard the footsteps of the knight and went to leap out, when suddenly the building began to shake. Her side making contact as the blade was swung clanking against the pillar. She let out a hiss baring her fangs, as the cold metal tote open the dress and her flesh. Her hand gripped the wound as blood poured from the gash. Swiftly, she tried to get lost in the bolting crowd. Her blood trailing down her side and onto the floor.

"Curse you knight! You ruined my dress!" She hissed. Terra was furious, she wanted to fight, but with her wound she wouldn't be able to. She paused in the crowd being bumped and rattled. Her eyes looked for the knight and as her eyes locked she mustered her strength to throw one knife at him she darted out if the crowd and tried to aim at his chest. With only an eyeball of a shoot, she throw the knife at him, not knowing if it's hit him at all.

Her vision was blurring as blood poured from the gash. Her head shook before she tried to escape the palace her. Hand reaching for something to lean on but stumbled. Some of her minions came to her side. The ball wasn't all that fun to her, until the end. That knight though... intrigued her. A vampire hunter still existed. Her jaw tightened at the thought of her grasp coming undone from this place. She was the trader of secrets. This knight could ruin her. Perhaps a bargain? No.. He'd try to kill her again. She'd have to think.

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Posted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:56 pm
by Reyn
Durael arrived back at the palace shortly after the explosion had sounded. He seemed exhausted, like he had been running all the way from his house, but his expression was otherwise quite calm. The people guarding the door seemed to remember him from earlier, thank the gods, so he didn't seem to have much trouble getting in. He pushed through the crowd, trying to find anyone who looked like they knew what was going on, but taking careful note not to step near any particularly dark shadows. Perhaps it was just irrational paranoia on his part, but seeing that corpse melt into the shadows made Durael believe that the door could swing both ways.

"What happened?" He said, hoping that someone nearby could hear him over the chatter "I heard an explosion from the other side of town... what is going on here?"

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Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:25 pm
by Shinigami
Amidst the chaos, Jonathan notices a woman fleeing from one of guards from the first attack. Thinking she could've been an accomplice to the corpse man, he rushes forward to subdue her just as she throws a knife at the other man.

"Halt! You are under arrest for assault, and for suspicion conspiracy against the city!" he announces. Just then, a group of people rush to her side, apparently planning to fight for her. ...This isn't going to be as easy as he'd initially thought. He raises his shield and levels his spear, and his eyes dart between his opponents as he sizes them up and counts their numbers. This is definitely gonna be a tough fight.

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Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:57 am
by Arion Queen
Terra looked coldly at the man. "Oh good gods! Does anyone leave a woman alone. The knight of yours was the first to draw. Besides if you think I did this then you must have a few nuts missing. I am a noble, and wouldn't even dare to do this. He did this!" She said turning to reveal a large gash to her side. "I was merely trying to leave and he came after me." She added.

The vampire hissed as one of her men placed a piece of clothe on the wound trying to keep her standing. "I'm going home, didn't so much as even get a dance. It's a shame really. I paid gold for this and didn't even so much as get a look except him." Her tone was biting but calm. Her eyes cold as she was heartless. "Do you know what happened to the palace?" She said moving her gaze to the place. Her eyes seemed to change for a moment. This mean money would be lost to her trade. Not to mention the food supply.

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Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:57 am
by Hilo Takenaka

Walking through the gates of Azuria, Ghov wondered at the mystical sights of the glorious Kingdom he had heard so much about. His troll would tell tales of how strong the Azuria knights were, whilst his mother would just tell said father to focus on matters at hand. He never understood his mother much. She always seemed too concerned with matters that didn’t affect her in the slightest. ”One time she got upset I had a cold, even though she was immune.” The hulking pile of crystal chuckled as he approached the town’s centre. Hundreds of people were communing in the street, until they all turned to him. Whispers and murmurs were spun like webs, delicate and gentle. Many marvelled at how odd he looked, whilst some thought he was dangerous and stepped back in humble fear. He looked around the city until he saw a small boy, who ran up to him with a toothy grin. “You look important sir! I’ll show you the way to the palace!!”
“If the palace seems to be my best option as to discovering all about this city, then I shall allow you to lead me there.”

He walked past more colourful characters and faces. Some people were a half-fey like him (Although none were half troll like he was.) And some were of species he never knew, like orcs and halflings. He was even asked by a very charming chap on how exactly he planned to live his life. Whilst the question never properly occurred to him, he grinned and replied with “I wander.”

The boy and Ghov finally ended up at the palace front. There seemed to be a confrontation between a guard and a vampire lady. She sounded like she was about to leave, but something in his mind told him that she was the one that started this ordeal. Ghov stepped in between the two, glaring at them with his wicked eyes. “I’m new here so I might need catching up... Why is this lady bleeding and why is she in bad favour with the guards?”

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Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:23 pm
by FeralCookie
Madison was frightened, and as such she was in her puppy form. She hid behind a plant in a corner of the room, a quivering ball of fluffed-up fur. She saw several people, all seeming to be hostile, and she felt a twinge of regret at taking this servant job at the palace. It entailed more than she had expected. Maddie had no clue what to do about all the scary rumblings, so she planted herself down on the ground and curled up into a ball. Maybe if I just wait, i'll wake up and this all will be a crazy dream.

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Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:27 am
by MayonnaiseSupreme

Arriving late, but stylishly so, was something of a common thing for those of his Kind. Aaelwin was no exception, the tall and elegant, lithe creature moving slowly through the crowd, the feathers of his robes bouncing slightly with his fluid movements.

This Ball was strange, though magnificent all the same. A variety of people had gathered here of colours and types he had not seen in the Courts of his homeland, though his vanity would deny him to make any advantageous comparison. What particularly struck the jeweled and pale-complexioned apparent Dark Elf was the confrontation up ahead, with what appeared to be a bulky-bodied and crystalline covered male of some race he could not identify stepping in, and whispers of a 'terrible' event having transpired just shortly ago.

"Hm." He softly sounded to himself, and though his mind was alight with wonder and intrigue, his cold and steady expression revealed nothing, and his eyes, calm and tempered, also betrayed none of his thoughts.

He remained listening and observing for the meanwhile, though perhaps out of coincidence, something caught the corner of his eye. A shape behind a plant, small and fluffy, and curled up in fright. It looked young and entirely out of its expected environment, and thus the male felt an obligation to seek it out, meandering through the crowd with a jingle of his jewelry and earrings until he had come upon it.

"Well, hello there, little pet." He softly spoke down to it, kneeling to take a better look as his robes spread out on the ballroom floor. "How might have a youngling such as you managed to find your way in here?"