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Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:56 am
by Archer_Algren
“He looks like an utter creep, he shouldn’t have gone that far, let me see if I can sense where he went.”
Said Zhuge Liang.

The group was walking down the tunnels Zhuge Liang was sure he went down in when they found a corpse.
“Is that?”
Asked Gretel.
Zhuge Liang took a look and examined it closer.
“It’s him alright, but who could have done thi—“
Before he could finish, Lancelot growled.
They turned to the direction he was growling at and saw it.
A hooded man.
“I sense he’s powerful, be on your guard.”
Said Zhuge Liang as the Servants were in battle stance.
“Who are you? You look like Servants and Masters, but nothing like the only ones I know of in this world.”
Said the figure.
“Depends on who’s asking, you don’t look like any of the Servants summoned yet I sense you’re one.”
Said Zhuge Liang
“I am not an enemy that’s for sure, you must leave, now.”
“Maybe, but you seem like an anomaly, so I must ask you to come with us.”
“Negative, I must fulfill my Mission.”
“And what would that be?”
“It’s not for you to know.”
“Very well, I’m afraid we’ll have to apprehend you.”
As the group was about to fight, a scream was heard getting closer and the group turned to look.
“Oh no.”
Muttered Zhuge Liang, they also heard it, hoofbeats and wheels.
The mysterious hooded man was gone when the group looked back at him.
“Where is he?! Where is the insolent wretch!”
Boomed a voice, as the group looked on, it was a big red-headed
Muscular man on a chariot.
“Eh? He’s dead? And who are all of you?”
He asked.
“I think we all need a break.”
Said Zhuge Liang.

The group was eating in a bar called Copenhagen, with Mordred and Altria Alter eating larger portions than everybody else, and Zhuge Liang being face to face with his younger self.

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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:18 am
by Killian
Once hearing Zhuge Liang's calm voice of suggesting a rest, Lambda waved her hand so that Robin and Altria Alter would lax from their battling stance after encountering the hooded servant. Following behind the others, she made a hand movement that only Robin nodded before disappearing.

... ...

Sitting with the other masters, as they were about to start negotiating with the mage who introduced himself as Waver Velvet and his Rider, Lambda turned her head when she heard the door opening. Robin had slipped in. He whispered something to her.

"I couldn't find any other mages around, nor of the hooded figure. Guess he's like your typical assassin, annoyingly good at hiding his presence or he was really quick. "

"I see." Lambda said, then nodded. Robin gave a quick and mock-cheerful salute. "I'll go bother the other servants then."

While Lambda updated the other masters the situation, Robin walked over towards Altria Alter and Mordred. At the pace they were eating, he was surprised that they weren't choking. Altria Alter put her bowl down with a thud. It was only then that she noticed Mordred. Noticing this, some sound came out from the younger saber servant. It was decipherable though, given how she was trying to talk with her mouth full. [1]

Altria's eyes narrowed a mere fraction. "Mordred, merlin said you were the idiot of the round table, now you’re talking like one in this table.”

Meanwhile you're more like a glutton, Robin kept that thought to himself as he sat down two seats away. "Did I miss anything?" he said, turning towards the other servants, especially Boudica and Rama, the two that seem might answer him seriously.

[1] Interaction was discussed with Archer over PM.

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Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:41 am
by Archer_Algren
“So you want to make an alliance with us?”
Asked Waver as Zhuge Liang nodded.
“You and the less troublesome servants and their masters, which are Lancer,” said Zhuge Liang as he pointed to Diarmuid, “Rider,” he then motioned towards Iskander, “and lastly, Saber.”
He finished, he knew Mordred mighy present a problem with that, but he decided to deal with that bridge obce they cross it.
“What’s in it for us?”
Asked Iskander as he helped himself to some more beer.
“This Holy Grail War is a sham, thousands of people are going to die if we just let it run it’s course, we should know, we come from the future.”
Said Zhuge Liang.
“I see, I’ll do what I can to help then.”
Said Waver as Iskander groaned.
“Kid, how do we know they aren’t trying to trick us so they can win the Holy Grail themselves?”
“That’s just it, the grail is corrupted, it will interpret any wish you would make on it as wanting to cause others harm, any wish will be twisted to that, we from Chaldea are supposed to be defending humanity, which is why we make contracts with Servants to aid us, the grail here only has enough Mana for seven Servants, we from the future rely on the FATE System to summon and power our servants, the fact that we even have plenty of servants isn’t enough proof to you of our intentions?”
“I believe you, which is why I will lend you my strength as a master, along with Rider’s, what do you say?”
Said Waver as he turned to Iskander, the ancient conqueror groaned again and reached out his hand towards Zhuge Liang and said;
“Fine, I’m trying to conquer the world, not destroy it.”
He then gave out his hand to shake and Zhuge Liang accepted, only to get his hand nearly crushed.
“You’re alright for a caster.”
He added.

“Well, it seems we just made an alliance Robin dear.”
Said Boudica as she was finishing up her food, in the background, Mordred was being depressed for being called an idiot, the rest of the servants were eating, the masters were at the table with Zhuge Liang and Waver congratulating their alliance, and the midgets were outside eating ice cream.

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Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:06 am
by Killian
While listening to ZhuGe Liang explain to Waver, Lambda brought up her cup of coffee, to hide her expression. When Ishkander had spoken, a few people sitting in the neighbouring tables had looked over, in surprised at how loud his voice was and the flashy red hair.

Having another servant-master pair agreeing not the alliance was a good thing, though she leaned over to Kimi to whisper.
"It's probably a good idea to not let the two master, Kayneth and Waver meet." she said, "I'll send someone just for good measure."

Robin couldn't help but look back at the table where the Masters were sitting, feeling a shiver. "Seems like it... another flashy one. And I have a bad feeling..." he muttered. His premonition was right. As later on when the group were getting up, Lambda beckoned him over.

"You're better than Saber at concealing yourself. Can you keep watch on the situation with Kayneth?" she said. Robin could only sigh with a wry smile, complaining half-heartedly about being worked too hard. He gave a short wave to the other servants. Altria Alter, wiping her mouth from all the food didn't even acknowledge it, but rather glanced over at Jeanne Alter. "I was too hungry. But next time we should have an eating contest. You're a worth opponent, after all".

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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:54 am
by Archer_Algren
As the group exited the Bar, Zhuge Liang turned to Gretel and said;
“Okay Gretel, I have an important task for you and Mordred.”
“Yes, the Saber in this Holy Grail War is somebody she REALLY doesn’t get along well with, so I need you, to distract her by taking her places.”
Said Zhuge Liang as Gretel looked a bit at Mordred.
“But sir, I don’t even know my way around this city.”
“No problem, as long as you avoid the Einzbern Castle, which I shall mark in your memory, here is some money, go do something with her, as long as she cannot see who we are about to make an alliance with, please, please for the love of god, keep her as far away as possible.”
Said Zhuge Lian as Mordred just played around with the midgets.
“Okay, I’ll do my best,” said Gretel. “Saber! I need your help with something, just you and Boudica, come with me.”
With that, the Trio left and Zhuge Liang found himself face to face with Lancelot.
“Girls, am I right?”
He said to the Black Knight, who just growled at him.
“Alright, let’s head to the Einzbern Castle.”
Announced Zhuge Liang.
“Oh, but Zhuge Liang, which one of our servants will fight the Einzbern Saber if it comes to that? Mordred is our best Fighter.”
Said Kimi a bit worried but with her usual relaxed tone.
“If push comes to shove, I’ll fight her.” Said Zhuge Liang. “But if it’s beyond my abilities, we could all just gang up on her.”
He added.
“Count me out, I would prefer to fight her honourably.”
Said Diarmuid.
“Fine, you can sit back, we’ve got a Ruler and an Avenger here anyway.”
“A what?”
“I’ll explain it as we go to the Castle.”