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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:09 am
by Wanderlusst
Calli snatched the book as it her life depended on it,"She never got to tell me..."she whispered before she shook her head, this man didn't actually care and the fact that he read those things made Calli even madder,"I hope you got in hell,"she spat before she glanced back at her group, she felt almost... embarrassed, not because Jamie loved her, but because this man had basically outted her before she even had the chance to explore those feelings with Jamie.

As she looked away, she shook her head,"I'll work with the woman, but not this dickhead,"she scoffed before stepping back, her gaze dropping to the book, the last thing she had of Jamie, if only she had known before, she would have told Jamie as well.


Cassi watched the scene, seeing her twin's eyes welling with tears made her move from her place, as she approached the group, she didn't say anything, reaching for Calli she gave her sister's hand a small squeeze before she dropped her hand, her gaze shifted to the other's before it landed on Chris,"You're not wanted here, you're little show yesterday showed just how helpful you can be,"she spoke up for the first time in a while.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:40 am
by CrashJr
Chris looked down and nodded, he was in hell already, but he wasn't going to mention it. However, as another woman walked up, looking a lot like this Calli girl, sister maybe? Telling him he wasn't wanted and what he did the day before proved it, that broke him a little. He let a little grin out, "damn you people are good...and yes fine I couldn't give two shits about any of y'all, but under the situation and all...I figured that it wouldn't hurt to have from friends. As for what I did yesterday" he paused and looked straight into the other woman's eyes, as if viewing into her soul itself. "You're friends alive because I got bored..."

His eyes then shifted up to the rest of the group, "I want Tajo dead, you want out...we work together and ,I give you my word as the piece of shit I am. you all get the fuck outta here...I'll even let you have a crack at Tajo for throwin that Jamie in the pit to die" he smirks glancing to Calli before looking around.

What he does next was a bit of a surprise, but all surprises have a plan. He pulled out his still bloodied knife from earlier and held it as his side looking around. " a show of trust" he nods offering it to Calli. "It's the only weapon I have, I call her Tam, you lot talk about my proposition and send those two" he nods to Rez and Jax, "back with an answer when we go on this little I got a pit to clean...cheers" he laughs before turning and exiting the building heading to the pit.

Once there he grabs the cleanest rag and bucket of water he could find and begins to whistle as he scrubs at the blood and other bodily fluids. He whistles the tone of Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde by Travis Tritt as he works.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:01 am
by Reznik
Reznik felt his spirits rise when he saw everyone was well, but seeking Calli smiling made it all the more sore. He opened his mouth to speak again when he heard the voice and his blood turned cold. Narrowing his eyes he turned to look at Chris.

The mans words made Rezniks blood boil, but before he could speak up, defend both Calli and Jamie, everyone else seemed to jump in, cutting off each chance for him to speak. What he heard next though froze him in place. When he heard about the feelings of love between Jamie and Calli, he couldn’t bring himself to move.

By the time he suppressed his emotions, Chris walked out of the building to perform his own little duties. It was at that point Reznik decided he needed to do something about Chris. He finally forced himself to look at Calli, Cassi already standing next to her. The look in his eyes though, however well he tried hiding it, lost their spark that he had only a moment ago.

“I’m sorry Calli...” He felt extremely awkward, causing him to shift his stance from one side to the other. That quickly stopped however, reminding himself of the reasons why he didn’t allow himself to get close to someone like that.

“I need to step outside for a moment.” His tone was less full of life than before, but he also didn’t give a moments hesitation between his words and action either. Reznik turned on heel and walked towards and out of the door. Once there he leaned up against the outer wall of the hangar.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:50 pm
by Wanderlusst
Calli clenched the book as Reznik turned to her, the light in his eyes were gone, as was the relaxed posture - as if Chris had struck a nerve within him as well with Jamie's journal, Calli went to open her mouth, but she didn't get a chance to say anything when Reznik walked off, leaving Calli there with her own thoughts, Calli wasn't sure if she had loved Jamie or not as they had only spent few days together after she got sick, she had never got to explore those feelings with her.

Pushing off the wall, she muttered an excuse before she rushed off to the bathroom, as she got inside Calli set the journal down before collapsing onto the floor, everything was sucking again, and Calli knew it would only be a matter of time before she was completely alone again, like yesterday... She rubbed her eyes, trying not to think of the events of yesterday was a lot harder than most people made it out to be.

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:15 am
by Golden_
AJ's words gave Lydia very little comfort, but they also didn't give her too much discomfort - if that made any sense. It was comforting to hear that she'd be able to see Jude again, but hearing the warning made her worry. What the hell happened? What the hell did he do? As she tried to wrap her head around the interaction, Lydia missed the cue Tessa had seemingly found within AJ's reaction. Too much was going on in her mind to notice the tiniest of mannerisms in a stranger. A stranger she was deciding to trust. No, semi-trust. As long as she got to Jude, it'd be worth it.

Her gaze finally lifted from the ground upon the approach of two familiar faces. "Thank fuck," she muttered to herself, relieved that both Jaxon and Reznik were alive and well. Apparently the feeling wasn't mutual though. Neither of them even bothered to fucking look at her - as if she were invisible. That, or so insignificant that she didn't deserve their eye contact. Obviously it stung, especially since she was completely clueless as to why.

Fortunately, the arrival of the lunatic caused her train of thought to change. She watched as the group interacted and reacted to his presence, remaining completely silent. The informed Chris provided was interesting, and something she would definitely use to her advantage. Her light eyes watched as he strolled away, actually wishing she had the balls to talk to him.

Her attention turned to Calli as she stormed off, understandably so. For a moment she sat there, watching as the group dispersed, until she got up herself and began to walk in the direction one individual had gone. She stopped only once she reached a door that likely led outside. To the pit. Lydia hesitated, staring at the door handle, only to step back and lean against the wall. No, she wasn't that stupid. Or willing to revisit that place yet.


Sullivan knew it looked bad. He of course he knew it. Had he known there was even the smallest possibility of Lydia surviving he wouldn't have become involved with someone else - or so he thought. Regardless, what was done, was done, and he needed to make a decision.

He also didn't think Tajo would appreciate chatting about his relationship issues. So he made sure to continue the conversation in a way that would show Tajo the benefits. "Thank you... she'll be a good asset for us. Improve our defenses. Maybe get some of the central systems working again," he said. Hopefully she'd stay out of trouble, and as far away from Tajo's business.

"And you know I'm with you," the man assured, making sure to reach Tajo's gaze with confidence and certainty. "You've got my word."

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:08 am
by Wanderlusst
Calli got up after a few moments, finding the taps with her hands she turned them on, letting the water run for a bit before splashing some water on her face. As she looked up, she blinked a few times before wiping her face with her own sleeves, picking up the book afterwards she headed back out to the area where everyone else was, but she didn't stop, as she found herself going the same way she saw Reznik disappear, she clenched the journal in her hands as she did, hoping she wouldn't find trouble on her way, considering she didn't actually really know where she was going.


AJ shook her head a she disappeared out the door, not saying after Chris' stunt, she headed towards where she had left Major, her mind was reeling with different thoughts from Sullivan's girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend? She didn't know which frustrated her, to her plan on helping these people escape, however it seemed she wasn't the only one with the idea - which didn't surprise her.

As she came to stop outside Sullivan's door, she listened, she didn't hear the man inside, which gave her sometime to prepare, as she pushed the door open she stepped inside, letting it close behind her as she headed towards the bed. Falling back, she let out a small sigh, AJ knew she had feelings for Sullivan, fuck you don't spend that much time with someone, sleeping with them, and not feel something - letting him go back, it hurt her heart a little at the idea of him with someone else.

As she rolled over, she buried her face into the blankets and pillows, closing her eyes, she had to though - that's all Lydia had asked for, was Sullivan, and getting out of here alive was just as important..right? She thought as she pushed up, a frown on her face as she stared at the door, she wasn't sure if it was worth giving up what she had here, with Sullivan though.. a small touch of doubt settling in.


Cassi couldn't wait anymore, she needed to know where Leeland was, and why he wasn't here with them,"Jax... Where's Lee.. and Patrick? Why did they just send you two?"a worried expression came over her face as she looked at the man, she didn't want to interrupt anything - but not knowing where he was or what was happening with him, was killing her, her gaze flashed to the door, he's not coming, that small voice whispered to her from the back of her mind as her gaze landed back on Jax.

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:09 pm
by JoJoTheClown
Chris' little act could be used in their favor, whether he was serious or not. The knife, returned to the bossman himself, could eliminate the Chris problem all together. An act of which would be inn all of their best interests, especially since he was in charge of a week long run that would include his brother and Patrick.

Relief fell over Jaxon when the man left, not really having the energy to deal with his bullshit for much longer. When Reznik stepped outside, Jaxon raised a brow, watching ad Calli headed in the same direction. Odd, had something been going on between them? If there was he hadnt noticed. "I wouldnt do that.." he muttered as she got close. "You're safe in here.. not so much out there for now.."

His eyes shifted when lydia moved towwrds the nearby door, gazing her way for a few moments. He didnt offer much more than a softened look, taking in her appearance while he still had the chance. He wanted to speak, say something, anything to the woman. Yet his voice caught in his throat as his gaze slipped away. Wanting someone to confide in, usually Lydia would be that person, even if it was only with friendly intent from the both of them. Though with the upcoming events, and the previous ones, Jaxon knew letting himself get any closer to the people here would only get someone hurt.

His attention turned as Cassi spoke up, asking about Lee. A sigh escaped his mouth as he carefully chose his words, opting to lie for their best interest. "They are both fine, Cassi. I saw him before we came over here." Jaxon took a few steps closer, placing his hand on cassi's shoulder as his volume lowered. "He's fine.. Cassi. " Jaxon cleared his throat, speaking again for only her to hear. "Rez and I.. We're gaining trust. We'll be helping.. Sullivan with a task in a couple days. Could work to our advantage."


Tajo nodded as he thought about his decision. "Alright. I truet you wont do anything to jepordize our people, or your own well being for that matter." Tajo slipped off ththe desk and turned away, stepping behind the desk again as he clasped his hands behind him. "Go on then, get her from the others when you are ready. But keep an eye on her, and dont let her wander off." Tajo ended with a wave of his hand, waving off the man to let him know he was dismissed.

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 3:07 pm
by Reznik
Standing there against the hangar wall helped Reznik to clear his mind, and his heart. The silence was helpful, allowing him to focus solely on what mattered to him. For the first time in months, he was finally able to just think.

The sound of Jax’s warning brought him back to reality. Turning his head, he listened for a response from who ever he was talking to, but didn’t hear one. He decided to go back in, not wanting who ever was coming to step outside of the safety of that hanger.

When the larger man rounded the corner to step back inside, he had to react quickly when his bull hit Calli. His good arm slipped back behind her to keep the smaller girl from falling backwards. Blinking, his green eyes stared down into hers. The battle over his emotions was clear in his eyes if she looked hard enough, though he didn’t strive to hide it either.

“You okay?” He spoke softly, barely above a whisper .

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:33 pm
by Wanderlusst
Cassi bite the inside of her cheek, she believed Jax when he said that the other two were okay, and that things were starting to look up a bit, however she knew her nerves wouldn't settle until she saw Leeland for herself, as she glanced over at the door, which Lydia had disappeared out of, she had saw the look Jax had given her, but it wasn't her place to go around setting people up, especially those who didn't seem emotionally available, as she turned back to Jax she muttered,"That helps a little, to know that, the girls are also brewing up their own plans it seems..."she trailed off, the woman, Alexa coming back to mind as she thought about earlier's encounter.

Calli had stopped at Jax's words, more in hesitation than anything else, however she didn't have long to respond before the door opened and she was almost knocked on her ass, thankfully a strong arms wrapped around her, her eyes met two green ones as his warm voice reached her ears, a blush settled on her face as she searched his eyes, seeing the emotions that stirred inside them,"Yeah... Can.. can we talk..?"she asked softly, she still hadn't moved from her position in his arm, Calli wouldn't admit it, not just yet anyways, but she was beginning to really enjoy Reznik's company and the small moments they were sharing so far.

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:55 pm
by Reznik
The closeness made him nervous, a very hint of a red tint crept on his face as he merely stared back at her. It took him a moment to finally get words to come through, his arm not having moved either.

“Yeah...Sure.” When Reznik was sure she had her balance, he took her by the hand, looked around the hanger a bit and took her off to one of the unoccupied corners. He wasn’t about to take her out in the open and risk trouble, but he knew this needed to be private so he did his best to do that.

Once there, he still remained close to Calli, that way any talking could be done in hushed tones so he wouldn’t have to worry about eavesdroppers.

“Firstly I’m sorry for rushing off like that, it wasn’t the right way to handle things...” His eyes dropped a bit to the floor, still a little irked at himself for what he had done just a few minutes earlier.