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[Monika] An Unlikely Savior

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:22 pm
by Miro-chan
(EXTRA INFO: When Kv'vard-de or any other Yautja are speaking to one another it'll be like this;
"I will speak in Italics when talking to another Yautja."
When he speaks to a human, it'll be like this;
"I will speak in regular font when talking to a human." )

An invisible ship landed on a smaller planet, having been sent out by a much, much larger ship further away from said planet. The plantlife around it brushed a giant eachother and moved about in a circular, outwards direction before they stopped moving entirely. Inside, the ship was completely pitch black. A figure sat in a large room, where a wide, blackened window was. It's clawed hand lifted and tapped on a few buttons, which were on a large table in front of them. The room was illuminated with a bright, white light, which reflected off of the floating, three deminsional map of the entire planet. The terrain of the planet was a vast jungle, with a few scratches of trees he would see in a forest. There were quite a few bodies of water, which the hunter made a mental note of to stay from.

Kv'vard-de stood from his chair, the map disappearing, and as he walked out of the deck into a hallway, the entire ship lit up on the inside. He came to a stop by one of the doors and it slid open. Walking inside the darkened room, it lit up a red color and revealed the many trophies he had aquired over his life. The trophies were of different skulls which he belonged to many different species he had fought and killed on different planets. It was one of the reasons he had landed on the planet he was on that day. He had been on the planet a few times over the span of his life and he had never left disappointed or empty handed. There were quite a few different alien species on the jungle planet, all ranging from different sizes and their colors mostly blended in with their surroundings.

The yautja warrior put on his armour with ease and gripped the weapons he would use for his hunt. His ki'cti-pa (wrist blades) were located on his right forearm and were currently retracted into their smaller form. He clenched his hand into a fist and they shot out being much longer than they actually appeared to be; about the length of his nature arm. He retracted them again and gripped his ki'cti-pa (combistick) on his back, underneath his health pack. Finally Kv'vard-de gripped two of his favorite weapons, the chakt-ra (smart disks) and placed them on either side of his waist. The male had also packed his t'gou u'linja (net gun) within his cuff on his left forearm, his knife, which belonged to his great grandfather, and had a smaller sivk'va-tai (plasma caster) atop his left shoulder.

Once satisfied with his gear, he then walked out of the room, down the same hallway, down a small flight of stairs, and stopped near the right side of a large wall. He lifted his hand and placed it on a large scanner, which caused the door of the exit to open. As he exited his ship, Kv'vard-de quickly tapped a few buttons on his left cuff and a sparking noise sounded around him as his cloaking device activated. The door closed as the hunter made his way further into the jungle planet and he glanced back at his ship to see that it's own cloaking device had been activated. Nothing would know he was there.

Just the way he liked it.

The sun's heat never bothered him as he ventured further into the jungle, occasionally having to stop to take a peek at the map that would show him where everything was. Even though Kv'vard-de had a pretty good memory of the planet, he still wanted to explore to different places he hadn't been to before. Eventually he had decided to climb up the tall trees and he began to jump from tree limb to tree limb, not wanting to give his position away on the ground below. After two days, he'd finally found a cave where he had set up a small camp. He had hunted one of his favorite meals, which was a very large tarei'hsan (scorpion)-like creature. Its meat was always nutritious and it filled him up in one meal and there was always enough for at least three more days. The bug was nearly half as long as he was and it was a darkened mud color with forest-green stripes going down its tail, back, and head. It's underbelly was almost a white in color and it had six eyes.

Three more days afterwards only consisted of hunting more meals and not so much of the type of worthy game he had been looking for. The male was getting impatient, huffed a bit as he had gone out to look for something again.

Then there it was.

The creature Kv'vard-de had been looking for. It was much like a large cat, with six legs, each had five claws, and instead of fur, it had large, black to orange scales. It's ears were large and rounded, and it's canines were long and sharp. The eye color of the creature he had found was a bright violet. The end of its tail had poisonous barbs in the end of it, which it could release and throw when in battle. Those barbs had nearly cost Kv'vard-de his life the first few times he had fought against its kind... The thought of the battle to be excited the Yautja and he would have bounced up an down on his toes had he been younger. The curlard was getting a drink of water by a small stream and it hadnt noticed Kv'vard-de up in the trees yet.

With the stealth of a cat, the Yautja slowly hopped from one tree to the next, finally coming to a stop at the one closest to the curlard. His fingers gripped one of his chakt-ra and in a flash, he threw it at the creature's tail. The chakt-ra had made a clean cut through its tail, the barbed end having fallen to the ground. As the creature hissed and growled with shock, anger, and pain as it moved about, frantically trying to find what had attacked it, Kv'vard-de had caught his weapon as it came back to him with ease. He placed the weapon back in its holster by his hip and pulled out his spear. He jumped down from the tree and landed on the curlard's back, aiming his spear for the neck. However, he was soon thrown from the creature and was slammed against a nearby tree. Hitting the ground roughly with a grunt, he stood up and rolled out of the way before a set of claws had the chance to cut him to pieces.

His feet stepped backwards and to one side, his back arched and arms outwards. Kv'vard-de roared at the creature as it spun around to face him, it's own roar came from its snarling mouth. His right hand flew to his metallic belt, pulled out the long knife, and his body moved in a defensive position. The curlard lunged at him and he ducked downwards, a thought of pride had ran throufh his mind before a suddenly pain found the lower part of one of his calves. The creature had been able to scratch him as it had spun around midair and landed on its side behind him. He turned around and ran towards it, ignoring the burning sensation on his calf, and he jumped into its back once again. It threw him from its back yet again and snapped it's jaws around his lower abdoman, causing a shriek of pain from roar from his hidden mouth. He stabbed one of his eyes, causing it to screech in pain, and yanked the bloodied blade back up only to plunge it down into the cheek having missed the forehead.

The curlard had slammed him against the muddied ground, it rolled on top of him and had him pinned to the ground soon after. He had trouble breathing, but it didn't stop the hunter from gripping the creature's top and bottom jaws before it could bite his head off. Three of his claws had plunged themselves into his bare shoulder, their digging causing a shot of pain to fly up and down his arm. He groaned as it pushed against his hands and his hidden eyes spotted the knife logded within its armoured cheek. Shoving his right elbow and hand between the large cat creature's jaws, Kv'vard-de was able to rip the knife from its cheek and he stabbed it into the curlard's roof of its mouth and into the brain. It seemed like ages before it finally fell over, it's body completely limp, and the hunter pulled the knife, as well as his arm, from within its mouth.

Gasping for air, he place the knife back into its holster and limped over to where his spear lay. Placing it back into its spot, he then limped over to his new kill, bent over, and lifted it up onto his shoulders. Both the blood of his kill and his own dripped onto the muddied ground below him as he walked back towards his camp. Kv'vard-de was finally forced to stop due to feeling very light headed and woozy form his lack of blood. Dropping the corpse close to a large tree, he leaned his back against the tree and slowly slid down to a seated position. His neon green blood smeared against the bark as he did so. Breathing heavily, he struggled to get his medpack off his back and pushed a button on his side having set it in his lap. He had only been able to get one of the five canisters of blue liquid and poured it on his worst wound, causing him roar it pain at it horrid stinging sensation, before he finally slumped over and lost consciousness.

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Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:13 pm
by Monika
Time had always felt strange to Kali. She would find that days had gone by when it felt like only hours. And she never felt very tired afterwards. No one seemed to find it strange, so she always figured it was normal. Time out here, though, didn't feel so strange. She still had been working longer and harder than the rest, but she wasn't staying up for so long. She stood up fully, looking over the object she had found. There were ruins scattered across the planet, though most had been reclaimed by the jungle surrounding it. Their job was to find out what happened to the people who used to live there, and find out what they could about them.

Even though she had wandered off away from the rest of the expedition, she wasn't un-monitored. Her vitals were always monitored by the wristband she wore, which all she knew was that it was essentially her ID, and let her access the areas she needed to. It also served as a tracker, but they didn't find out until after she wandered off, that it wasn't working right. Something was scrambling the locator, but they still received her vitals so they weren't too concerned.

She looked over the strange object a little more, but upon tilting her head to look at it a certain way, something caught her eye. Something that was a bit difficult to miss. Glaringly bright green splattered the ground along with possibly some other liquid. Was it actually blood? She had first thought it might have been two native creatures fighting, possibly trying to eat each other, but there were no remains, and there was a trail.

She decided to take a look.

She followed the trail, her hand instinctively moving to her side to make sure her sidearm was there. She mainly had it on her because it was mandatory on a possibly hostile planet. Now she was a bit glad she did have it. Her feet stopped when she saw some sort of dead beast on the ground near a tree, and next to it was the source of the real trail she had been following. It was some sort creature, but it had more in common with humans than the one next to it. She slowly approached it, her gaze falling on various items it had. Items that could very well be weapons, as it looked like the creature was actually dressed. It was intelligent. The signs of technology shown that.

Her heart was racing though. She had never had any encounters of anything inhuman beyond her studies.. and this was a real live being from a completely different species. It was a fighter, that much was obvious. But hostile was something that she wasn't going to be able to tell just by looking. It was breathing, though, but not for long. The amount of green, which had to be its blood, was a great puddle under it. It seemed like it was trying to tend to itself, if that was what the thing was it had.

She finally completely approached it, and stepping in its blood was completely unavoidable with how much there was. She set her backpack down as best as she could out of the blood, and started to pull bandages and ointment out of her bag. Taking a glance up at the creature far bigger than she was, she looked to its wounds and started to tend to them, cleaning them up and putting the ointment on before bandaging them. She just hoped she could tend to it before it decided to wake up and kill her.

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Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:59 am
by Miro-chan
The darkness faded into a light, where Kv'vard-de was a smaller Yautja child. He stood nearly at a height of 4 feet and was on his way to his great grandfather's home when he suddenly shoved into a large mud puddle. The clicking of laughter came from behind as he stood and gazed over himself with disgust. The little Yautja spun around, his mandibles flared open in anger and embarrassment. There stood three, older Yautja males, each much taller than he was, laughing at him. They'd often made fun of him for being smaller.

"You are a pathetic weakling! What are you gonna do when you face a large enemy? Run to your grandfather?" One asked, staring down at him with amused, golden orbs.

The one beside the first bully had began to speak, but couldn't finish because Kv'vard-de had rawred in anger and jumped on him, the two rolling in the various mud puddles fighting one another. The other two bullies joined in and gripped the smaller Yautja while the one Kv'vard-de had attacked began throwing punches. Then a much louder rawr came from behind the group, each turning around to see an Elder Yautja had stomped over to them. He was furious, his hazel orbs glaring down at the group. All of the younglings quickly stood in a line and turned their gaze downward in respect.

"What in Paya's name do you think you are doing?! You two should know that interfering with a fight is forbidden and disgraceful! You will both be bad bloods, I know it..." He growled out before turning his attention to the shortest. "And you! You should be ashamed for not choosing your battles wisely! Go back to training after you clean up and learn to better your mistakes! Now, go!" He demanded as the four left and went their separate ways.

Shortly after, Kv'vard-de was back in his training room and was approached by the same Elder from earlier.

It was his great-grandfather.

He watched the young Yautja practice, often letting out grunts as he attacked and dodged attacks from a nonexistant enemy. The old yautja approached him and fixed the young male's stance.

"You stand like this, not the pathetic way you were. Now attack more with your core... Good. That is better." He was silent for a while as he watched him train a bit more.

"You should not let those s'jits bother you. At least know how to take care of yourself before causing trouble.

The boy spoke as he turned to punch the air, "Elder, they attacked me from no where! It wasnt fair--!"

The other interrupted him with a fierce growl, Battles are not fair! They are not meant to be. You must learn that now, or you will be killed. ...I have something for you. Come here."

The older Yautja waved his hand towards himself as Kv'vard-de turned to him. The young one walked to him with expectation. His great-grandfather pulled out knife, which was bound in an old , worn leather sheath and presented it to him.

"This is for you. To protect yourself with. Always be careful of surroundings and do not be deceived by others...'

His great-grandfather's voice echoed out as Kv'vard-de awoke from his slumber, his blue orbs slowly opened to find a bright light blinding him. His eyes instantly shut and blinked a few times to adjust to the sudden brightness. He soon found that he was in a room, a white room, with a large window to his right. Attempting to lift one of his hands, the warrior found that he could not move it, nor any of his limbs besides his head. He gazed down to find he was only left in his brown loin cloth and his mandibles clicked together in irritated.

Where the pauk (f*ck) was he and where were his belongings?

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Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:17 am
by Monika
Kali was both furious and confused. She had just been finishing up tending to the creature when she had been found. How they found her so quickly, she didn't know. She knew she had wandered off a good bit away. It was almost like they knew exactly where she had been.

And they did. They had fixed the problem with the tracker and made her way to her only to find that she wasn't alone. She had attempted to talk them into just leave him alone but they weren't having any of it. As far as Kali knew, they were there to study the ancient civilizations on the planet, not aliens. And she didn't even know where all of the containment equipment and room came from.

Outside the room, one of the scientists tasked with observing Kali had stepped up to the window to look in, clipboard in hand. She was about to say something, but glanced behind to see Kali come up to her. Kali still had his blood on her from tending to him. She glanced in to see him, then back to the scientist.

"Why are you treating him like this?" Kali gestured towards him. "We're here to study the ruins, not other species! And he hasn't done anything wrong!"

The scientist turned towards her, frowning. "You are here to study the ruins. That is your job. And you would do well to remember that. You are not in charge of this expedition. So while I appreciate your efforts to save the creature, it is no longer your concern. Now, I recommend you forget about it, and get back to your work. If you don't, we will be sending you home."

"This still isn't right... but... fine...." She glanced towards him again, then turned and started to walk away.

"And be sure to clean up before you get back to work. You're filthy..." The scientist replied, getting an annoyed glance from Kali before the girl continued walking. As soon as she was gone, the scientist pulled another clipboard. "Hm... Seems Subject Platina's empathy towards others extends to alien species as well... Interesting." She started to write some things down. "We'll have to test to see how far that goes. Now... as for this one..." She glanced towards the restrained Kv'vard-de. "Let's find out what we can before Platina decides to make her move," she commented as she made her way for room door, heading inside. She automatically assumed he didn't know the language, so she hadn't entirely cared that the glass wasn't soundproof.

She made her way over to him, eyeing him up and down, looking at the bandaged wounds. "She did a relatively good job. I wonder where she picked that skill up. I suppose it came in handy." She set the second clipboard down, and went back to the first clipboard, which had a picture of him. The previous clipboard had a picture of a human-looking girl with platinum eyes and hair, wearing just a plain gown and medical wristband. She started writing.

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Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:20 am
by Miro-chan
As soon as Kv'vard-de heard a voice speaking, in what he assumed was the other room, he immediately shut his eyes, slowed his breathing, and tuned his nonexistant ears to the voice. It was a female's voice, speaking English... Then there was another, saying that something wasn't right. One person left the other after he could make out the word filthy. Meaning somebody was dirty. Then he heard something that cause him to be confused, get a bit interested;

"Hm... (Mumble) Subject Platina's empathy (mumble) to alien species (mumble)... Interesting."

There was something, or someone, else they were testing... Perhaps it was another ooman? Kv'vard-de knew that the oomans could be cruel to one another, often tested others without their permission. Disgraceful..! He let out a low growl as his eyes slipped open in time to watch the female place a clipboard down and picked up another. His keen, blue orbs saw a clear view of the picture of another ooman female, one that appeared to be completely platinum. Platinum was a very rare skin color among the Yautja race and it was considered rather beautiful. At least, that is what everyone else had told the male when he was younger. His eyes then flicked up from the stack of papers to the ooman female. She appeared to be in some sort of outfit fit for healers or scientists. Kv'vard-de believed she must have been either one of the two. He had seen quite a few in his time hunting on the blue planet, especially in large, concrete buildings big enough to fit over one hundred oomans inside. It was possibly one of the largest ooman buildings he'd ever seen, besides the ones where larger populations dwelled, which would shine and reflect the sky like large mirrors.

He blinked and his brows were pushed together some as he gazed down at the woman, who had walked inside to inspect him. A low, warning growl came from him, though he kept his mandibles together and his eyes narrowed. He tried his damnest to keep his composer and forced himself not to rawr curses at the female. His large hands kept opening and closing and if his wrists were not bound, he'd have already thrown her against the wall and made for his escape. The sound of a door slidiing open caught his attention and the Yautja tilted his head slightly towards the other room, though he get his eyes on the ooman female. Not long after, an ooman male walked inside. He had on a familiar white coat, some sort of long, sand coloured, cloth armour on his legs, which was held by a brown leather belt, brown, closed-toed sandals or boots, and a small white, plastic tag was in his left chest area. He has shoulder length brown hair, a bushy beard and mustache, and hazel colored eyes behind large spectacles.

"Hey, darlin'!" He greeted the woman with a charming, yet goofy smile. "How's your day goin'? What do we have here, eh?" The male asked as he turned his attention to the alien, which had turned its gaze towards him.

His bushy brows rose in shock as he muttered a low, "OH my God... How did you guys get this big guy? Do you know what this is?!" He demanded as he aimed a finger at the Yautja and turned his head to look at her in excited shock.

"This here is a God damn Predator! There's been quite a few of these bad boys poppin' up over a couple hundred years and damn, do they do some damage!"

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Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:45 am
by Monika
The woman rolled her eyes at her colleague's response. "I know." She turned to him. "Would you believe it was Platina? She went wandering off like we expected her to, but then the tracker had issues. It took us awhile to get it working again, and when we sent a team out to retrieve her, she was bandaging this guy up. We actually almost had to subdue her when we tried to move it. She wanted us to leave it where it was and just let it heal." she shook her head a little. "And she was nearly defiant, even when she left here in a huff. We'll need to keep higher surveillance and tabs on her. This is completely new territory. She's already acting extremely sympathetic to an alien creature, and she knows its sentient. What lengths will she actually go to, to do what she thinks is the right thing?" she grinned a little. "I don't care what the boys in the OR think, the mentality and psychology of other species is far, far more interesting than their insides. And we always knew Platina had a heightened sense of caring how others felt... so what would happen if she has to choose between us... or it..." she gestured towards the restrained alien.

"I'm also curious to see if her appearance does change according to what species she's around for lengths of time.... or if it's just minor things such as hair and eyes. Of course, that's all dependent on how long we can keep things up. She might force our hand." she sighed a little.

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Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:26 pm
by Miro-chan
The man nodded as he looked over the large alien on the table, "Yeah, they can stuff that idea up their stuck-up asses. Even though I understand how they'd like to check out the anatomy, I prefer to see the social relationships an alien species makes. I wonder if the Predator will be anything like the xenomorph..."

Kv'vard-de titled his large head in the man's direction at the mention of the r'ka (xenomorph). Those were the first creatures the Yautja had ever fought alone. He's had to do so for his trial; to prove his worth to his clan.

The scientist noticed the alien's recognition within its eyes and began asking it questions, "Oh? Are you familiar with the xenomorph? Do you have a queen of some sort? Can you even understand me?"

The sharpened teeth on his mandibles tapped together a bit as he regarded him. Kv'vard-de had recognized a few of the words the scientist asked.

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Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:01 pm
by Monika
The woman rolled her eyes a little as she watched her colleague. "It's probably just making noise because it's annoyed because it's strapped down. Now come on, help me set up the shock equipment." she went and got a cart, rolling it into the room. "We'll start out small with lower voltages, and gradually increase it. What we're aiming for is just enough where it can't keep quiet. We do that at least once a day, and see how long it takes for Platina to break. And we'll find out how much this guy can take in the process."

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Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:16 pm
by Miro-chan
The hunter eyed the machine on the iron desk with narrowed, blue orbs. What were they going to do with such a small box? He could see that there were various nibs and buttons, as well as ten empty female jacks, and somethingbthat appeared to be some sort of dial for measuring. He watched as the male scientist walked over to it, grumbling something about him being the only one with imaginiation around the place, and he pulled out a bunch of wires from a compartment from the table below the box. The scientist plugged ten different male jacks into the female jacks and turned to the alien strapped onto the table.

"Alright, big guy... Lets see just how much of a pain tolerance you have..." He said as he began sticking his body with the needle ends of the cords.

Kv'vard-de knew the words "pain," "you," and "have." They must be doing an experiment on him, to see how much pain he could endure. Well, the tiny excuses of needkes were nothing cimpared to the ones the healers would use back on the Mother Ship. When the scientist stepped backwards to watch, a sudden electrical shock overcame the Yuatja's body. He didn't so much as flinch. He glanced over at the female and his mandibles clicked together rapidly.

He was laughing at their pathetic excuse at an electeic shock.

He'd been electricuted by his own weaponry many a time and he had grown used to it. If they wanted to get him to so much as grunt in pain, they'd have to do a much, much higher voltage than what they had just zapped him with.

The male scientist's mouth opened and he looked between the alien and hia coworker, "It's laughing at us! Can you believe that it's laughing?! That voltage would've had plenty screaming in pain by now!"

He stomped over to the box and turned up the voltage before walked back over to his spot where he leaned his back against the glass. His arms folded over his chest and a smirk had found it's way on his face. However the smirk turned into shock as the electricity had no effect on the Predator again. It took them more than a couple of times, but he had finally let out a cry of pain when the voltage was nearly to the top of the meter.

The male scientist's brown orbs lit up and he let out a sort of "Ah ha" exclamation in excitement. "Now we are getting somewhere...!"

The next four days had been rather torturous for Kv'vard-de. The scientists would walk in his cell, hook the machine up to him, and the electricity would cause him to cry out in pain. On the fifth day, Kv'vard-de just felt...tired and weak. They hadn't offered him any food or refreshments and just kept using the electricity box to cause him more pain. Most of his wounds had healed, but he couldn't move at all. By the end of the fifth day's session, Kv'vard-de had grown more and mire furious with each shock. His shoulders and chest were heaving with a mixture of weakness, exhaustion, and anger. His barbed brows were furrowed together, his crystal blue orbs focused on both scientists, and his mandibles were a bit opened, formed a sort of snarl. When the male scientist walked in the room to remove the needles, the Yuatja's head felk down and his eyes closed.

"Oh, wow! I think we actually made him unconscious this time!"

However, soon after the words left his lips, Kv'vard-de's head had snapped back up and he let out a furious roar, his mandibles spread wide from eachother. The scientist let out a scream of fright and had stumbled backwards and fell to the ground having tripped over his own feet. Kv'vard-de began laughing again before his head fell back down and his eyelids fluttered to a close. The scientist finished putting the plugs and box back up and he exited the room with shaky hands.

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Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:34 pm
by Monika
His colleague was waiting for him outside. "I think that'll be the last time," she looked at him. "I've noticed Platina has been getting more upset each day, to the point she can't even focus on her work. She feels bad for it, and I think she's hit her limit. She will most likely make her move tonight, so let's be ready for it." She replied before heading inside to get things ready. By the time it was getting dark, the woman placed a gun on a table close enough to the Predator. Of course, it wasn't loaded. She just wanted to see what she would do. After everything was ready, she headed into another room to wait.

As if on cue, after everything was dark, Kali snuck her way into the facility. She had no idea how she was going to get him out, but she had to. She couldn't stand them torturing him anymore. It was her fault they found him, and she was going to make up for it. She looked into the room, making her way into it and over to him. She started to try to get him unstrapped, but the moment she started, the woman came into the room, her hands in her pockets.

"What do you think you're doing?" she replied, staring at Kali.

Kali turned around quickly, looking at her. She frowned a little. "I'm freeing him...."

"I'd suggest you back away from him..." She moved towards her.

Kali backed up, looking back towards Kv, then towards the table, suddenly grabbing the gun and holding it with both hands aiming it at her. "I suggest you back up..." She was shaking a little. She had never used a gun, let alone hold one.

"Are you actually going to use that on me?" She asked, pulling a gun of her own and aiming it at her. She watched her, obviously curious to see what she would do.

"J...Just..." Kali didn't know what to do. She couldn't bring herself to fire on the woman, but she wanted to help him. "Just back off!"

The woman chuckled and suddenly fired at her. "If you're going to point a gun at someone... you'd best be ready to fire it..."

Kali stared at her in shock, dropping the gun and looking at her wound, which was in her stomach. She winced and held it a little, pulling her hand away and staring at it. It was covered in silver blood. "W...what...."

"Well... that's a shame... looks like our original experiment is over. It took long enough. I was starting to get bored watching you. After over fifty years... you've gotten to be predictable. It was time for something new."