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Re: Arc Academy

Post by PieHostage3_14 » Sun May 13, 2018 5:44 pm

Be nice. No. Vincent let out an audible sigh as the voice continued to be ridiculously stubborn. Couldn't he just cooperate for one day? Feeling the bus come to a stop, he waited until most people had left until getting up and exiting the bus. The first thing he noticed was some weirdo with a mask staring at a kid, and the kid crying, before the person nearly got punched. Looking ahead, he saw a girl's hair begin turning from white to red, then back again. Interesting. Might as well make friends. He strode over to her before lightly tapping her shoulder, forcing his eyes open before she turned around. "Hi, I like your hair. How does it change color?" He asked truthfully.

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Re: Arc Academy

Post by MC_Middy » Sun May 13, 2018 7:38 pm

Merrick listened to the girl speaking as he continued to blindly push her through the crowds, paying more attention to the faces, hoping he’d recognize another person.
Meditation, excellent. Food for calming the soul, the equivalent of shooting someone up with Valium… but natural. Golly. Well let’s hope that octopus monster inside you stays in a good mood. If anything don’t be afraid to call on me, I’ll whip it right into shape.
Merrick returned a reassuring smile, lifting one of his hands on Darcy’s shoulders into a thumbs up.

A short time later, Dottie called out to the two. Merrick bounced on his toes. “Dottie. Hey! Break’s been fantastic, kept me busy and happy. First the carnival, multiple festivals, amusement parks, go kart racing, cotton candy tasting, skydiving, kayaking, speed dating, maoifbdosubd” Merrick trailed off on his list of adventures, until commotion had caught his, a small crowd gathering.
Hm… I’ll leave you to wonderful ladies to your endeavors. Good luck getting through the crowd, ok?” Merrick let go of Darcy, ending her purpose as a battering ram, and made his way over to the event, finding Nadine crouched down with two fresh faces.
Ah, Nadine! You’re here!” He saw the new student clocked out in her arms. “Yes, as expected of my girlfriend, the Alpha Leader, making sure everyone, even the lower classmen are well taken care of. It makes me happy to see my significant other doing these kind acts.” Merrick was loud, proud, and extra annoying. Drawing the irritated attention of those around him.
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Re: Arc Academy

Post by KittycatCookie » Sun May 13, 2018 7:48 pm

Hiyana got visibly frustrated with Mizore - as she always did when dealing with the woman. She needed to find Nadine when - oh? An answer was shouted back and with that she knew where Nadine was - but she couldn't drag Mizore back there either. "Fine, you may walk around by yourself. But don't go ruining anyone's day any more today, you've got your satisfaction." Hiyana smiled at Mizore, but anyone who even looked at her for a moment knew that she was starting to lose her composure.

Hiyana felt responsible for what happened at this academy; something she sometimes had to regret. She didn't want anyone to have a bad time here! But Mizore made it hard. She would speak to Nadine. For now she just let Mizore off with another warning. The white haired girl let out a huge sigh, trudging along, turning invisible as she walked, a hand to her forehead as she moved through the crowds, going back to the boy after fetching him a change of clothes that would hopefully fit him. What looked like the Omega dorm leader and Nadine was already there and Hiyana covered the boy from the curious gazes. Some were insulting Nadine, and Hiyana couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Mizore was at fault for ruining Nadine's reputation on the very first day, and she knew how hard the dorm leaders were trying. The boy got put into a sleep and before Nadine could teleport away someone insulted her some more. Sigh.. this was going to be a long first day. She knew that these comments agitated Nadine but a dorm leader couldn't lose their cool. Hiyana did her best to shoo away the children watching. She sometimes had a hard time understanding why Omegas hated Alphas so much when they did not even support each other. They would learn, she knew this. Merrick of course had to make his appearance, and Hiyana couldn't help but feel a lottle ticked off by his behavior. To Merrick, it seemed only Nadine existed. And right now after dealing with Mizore she was already a little infuriated. Keeping her composure, she showed him a very fake smile and then proceeded to leave Nadine and the omega dorm leader to their work.

Later on the students would officially be introduced to the dorm leaders, teachers and councelor. Hiyana was proud of her work, there was nothing better than helping others. Maybe when they find out who is who they will find a bit more structure at this academy. Thank godness for Hiyana's invisibility, it made her perfect for stopping rulebreakers.

Dirk was leaning against an apple tree that provided a little shade, trying to avoid the summer sun. He noticed a bit of ruckus in the crowd but didn't bother checking it or - knowing the alphas, he was sure they were dealing with it just fine. He ran his hand through his white hair, his purple eyes scanning the masses with boredom. Raylee apparently became this year's dorm leader, and it couldn't have been a funnier choice, in his opinion. Ray - who hated being called Ray, - had to learn a lot about taking responsibility for his dorm's students and it was hilarious to see.
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Re: Arc Academy

Post by InquisitorRothus » Sun May 13, 2018 9:25 pm

After Nadine foisted a clipboard into his hands and said... Something, she floated off to go take care of whatever that noise was. Raylee really wasn't paying attention to the Alpha Dorm Leader, he wasn't one to be told what to do. However, he did have to round up his hooligan Betas. With a sigh, he looked over the names of the Betas listed on the paper. "Mhm... Hm... Mhm." Mumbled the young man as he went over his charges. He wasn't exactly the type to call on others, so instead he just glowed extremely bright as he walked through the crowd and stood at the front. If the Betas were smart enough, they'd know what this signified, but if they weren't... Oh well, they'll just be lost then. It wasn't his problem.

Tommy looked down at his fixed clothes in confusion. "This is totes uncool, my dude." He said to no one in particular as he loosened the tie and unbuttoned the bottom of his shirt. "Unkempt is key. The Beast, is me." He rhymed, chuckling to himself. Apparently, Mizore was on the rag, because she went and did the thing with her thing to one of the Omegas. It seemed the situation was taken care of though, so it looked like Vice wouldn't have to knock heads this early in the morning. Since he already knew the campus, he decided to go off and away somewhere to listen to the newest album he had just downloaded.
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Re: Arc Academy

Post by Mama Knows Best » Sun May 13, 2018 9:28 pm

Gretl immediately got a response from a girl’s voice and looked up to see a pink haired girl running up to the Omega boy she was with. ”You must be the Alpha Dorm Leader as you replied to my question.” Gretl asked, looking up at her. ”I wish we would have met in different circumstances and I don’t want to be the one to tell you how to do your job but, if you knew this girl Mizore was a common troublemarker, you probably should have seemed her out first before going to greet your friends.” Gretl said, noticing one of the Alphas from earlier dragging Mizore away trying to disperse the crowd of kids surrounding them. She looked back down at Nadine before sighing softly and then noticed a boy who was clearly this girl’s boyfriend. ”We should probably talk another time, if that’s fine with you.” She said, giving Nadine a gentle smile.
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Re: Arc Academy

Post by anotherbabyrose » Sun May 13, 2018 9:58 pm

Nadine wanted to facepalm the second Merrick showed up, announcing to everyone that they were dating and what a good Samaritan she apparently was when she hadn't even been around in the first place. As the Omega Leader spoke to her, Nadina felt her jaw clench. Was everyone going to tell her shit for not doing a good job? "Sure," She said curtly, standing up after the boy had fallen asleep. She already didn't like the Omega's, this girl was just solidifying that. But she knew that if she said anything more, Merrick would have something to say about it. She loved the boy but his need to be friendly with everyone was tiring. Especially when Nadine didn't particularly like the Omega's and their childish ways. None the less she couldn't ignore the fact that the other girl was sort of right. She shouldn't have left Mizore alone. But still. Nadine couldn't exactly go around following the other Alpha like her babysitter. "Will you go with him to the infirmary?" She asked the nearest random Omega, who happened to be a small girl with braids. Nodding quickly, she hurried forward and Nadine put a hand on the boy's forehead and on the girl's wrist before they disappeared and were teleported to the infirmary.

Nadine forced a smile and handed the last clipboard to the Omega Leader. "Here. This is the list of all your kids. Their schedules, roommates. All that fun stuff. I'm Nadine Mathews. This is Merrick." Nadine took Merrick's hand, pulling him to her side. Although they had been dating for nearly three years, she knew how Merrick was and the girl constantly felt the need to make sure everyone in the surrounding area knew he had a girlfriend. Having an overly friendly boyfriend was... well let's just say Nadine was constantly on edge, wondering what he was doing and who he was doing it with. Not that she needed to go the extra mile in this case as he had announced to the world that they were in fact dating.
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Re: Arc Academy

Post by Veilstar » Sun May 13, 2018 10:03 pm

Mizore smiled behind her mask and nodded as she was told that she could walk away by herself. Taking a small breath she felt the psychotic side of her taking a slight backseat for the moment. It was out of her system after all and it felt so good to take care of those urges instead of letting them fester. Hearing the voices in her head telling her to kill can be quite annoying if all you wanted was silence. It was done and out of the way though so the friendly psycho Mizore was out to play and chat amongst people. Looking into her bag as stop for a moment to find something her eyes rolled as stared down at a small bottle. The latest things those fools gave her to help deal with the whispers and urges to cause pain and suffering. She said it many times that you can't quell a sociopath's need to do what they do best.

Okay maybe in the future they'll find something that might help but for now there wasn't jack that could help her. Still she snuck one without anyone looking as those eye behind her mask became somewhat normal pupils. That only meant she disabled her powers for now, it was tiring to keep up the nightmare ability all the time. Especially after an event like that. Nobody had to know though that she could turn it off on a whim. The whole mask ordeal was quite fun and it set a bit of mystery to her powers. Walking towards the school now she already heard the comments about earlier. People were already scared and by looking back she could see miss goodie goodie had to appease them.

With a small chuckle at Pinkie's expense the young girl hurried off to where they were to all meet up. No doubt they had something set up to introduce the Leaders and teachers for this year. Mizore was more than a little excited to be a teacher this year, especially the weapons teacher. Hopefully the school wouldn't mind a few fights to the death to show their teacher what they can do. Mizore found herself red in the face and shivering just thinking about how much fun it shall be for her.
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Re: Arc Academy

Post by Water » Sun May 13, 2018 10:30 pm

"Thanks Merrick, that means a lo-" Darcy's appreciation was cut short by Merrick turning and heading towards the crowd of people. It seemed that a fight had broken out, maybe? Darcy didn't really have any information on what happened, nor did she really want to have any. Seeing violence cause Entity to become excited... obviously she'd want to avoid that.

What they really needed to find was their Dorm leader, Raylee. He wouldn't be too hard to find, hopefully, the boy literally glowed. Yup, just as she'd thought. There he was, glowing as bright as ever. This was probably just so the other betas were able to find him. Turning towards Dottie, Darcy spoke to her.
"Entity's been doing fine, I guess...we should probably go over to Raylee."
Beginning to head over to the beta dorm leader, Darcy attempted to weave in between the crowd. Although she attempted not to think about the circle of people, Entity was practically itching to go look at whatever happened.
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Re: Arc Academy

Post by FafnirTheDragon » Mon May 14, 2018 4:02 am

Torak snapped out of his nightmarish "space-out" to see a pinkie teleporting away with the poor kid, and multiple people swarming towards their respective leaders. He then set out for the Omega dorm leader he met earlier, when he finally found her he asked, "Are we supposed to meet with our leaders now?"

(Sorry for short post. Didn't have a real interaction going.)
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Re: Arc Academy

Post by Monika » Mon May 14, 2018 7:01 am

Image Siren was watching the debacle with the insane masked person finally start to wind down when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She glanced back a little seeing another student approach her. Looked like another one labeled an Omega, like she was. "Thanks..." She replied to his comment. She turned to Vincent completely. "It changes when my elements do." she shrugged a little.
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