Key of Heaven (Hinatu)

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Re: Key of Heaven (Hinatu)

Post by Hilo Takenaka » Sat May 05, 2018 12:46 am

Harvey got dressed and went to the school. He wanted to see his brother’s first time there and check out all of the paranormal experiences. Arriving in his office, he went over and hugged his brother. “Good to see ya little Lar.” He chuckled. Birthwright laughed in response “Right back at ya, big bro. How’s Penelope? Two of you still doing well despite the distance?”
“Sweet Pea and I are planning on getting ‘gaged soon. You’re invited.”
Smiling warmly, Lawrence thanked his brother and asked him to sit down.
“Must be weird for you all, right? Living in El Altura; town of mystery.” Lawrence looked over at the kids and adults, rubbing his hands together. “Now then, I’ll do a little test. I want someone to get the door for me.” He walked over and gently ran his cane around the sides of the door.
Unbeknownst to them, the door was transformed into a wall with a knob on it.

Nate moaned at the sound of class “Aww man... how am I even going to participate in anything?!? I don’t want someone to help me learn.” He then turned to Violet and ‘hugged’ her (more of a gentle nudge due to his outfit.)
“I feel so bad for you, considering your eyes are... y’know...”

Walking past them was one of the school’s janitors. He seemed just over a couple of years older than some of the students! He wore sunglasses and was listening to something upbeat and electronic, and some of his hair stuck out from underneath his cap. It was an unnatural shade of blue, as if he got two entire bottles of due dumped into his hair. As soon as the fae walked past, he looked at them and smirked. He had found them.

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