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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Vintage » Wed May 16, 2018 7:49 am

Matthew rolled in his bed, unable to go to sleep. The dark room was filled only with silence and Asterios' occasional snoring. Starting up at the ceiling, the young brawler's mind kept going back to the singularity, where the director was nearly wiped out, killed by Professor Lainur. He felt helpless as the director was being rayshifted, unable to protect her or any other members of the party. He had to get stronger.

Lazily propping himself up and out of his bed, Matthew eventually stepped out into the cold, empty hallways of Chaldea. Asterios opened one eye to observe his master, "Mas...ter?" With a simple wave of his hand, Matthew motioned the berserker to go back to sleep, who strangely enough complied. The silver-haired boy was still in his sleeping clothes as he walked towards Roman's office barefoot.

Inside his office, Roman just unstuck the last wired suction cup from Mash's head, done with his vitals tests after her noble phantasm tests. With a sigh of exhaustion, Roman stated "Alright, that's the last of them. We know you're definitely a demi-servant, but we still don't know which servant fused with you..." Mash simply looked slightly towards the ground, almost embarrassed, "I don't know who I contracted with either..." Roman simply ruffled his own hair, before saying, "Well, I'm still human so I need sleep, too. You're free to go, 'cause I'm gonna head to bed as well. I wonder-" It was at this moment that Matthew entered Roman's office.

"Hey, Mash, do you mind if I borrow you really quick? That is, if you're done with your tests, doctor?" Mash raised her eyebrows in slight surprise, asking, "What for?" Matthew glanced towards the hallways and responded, "I need help summoning another servant." Roman gave the go-ahead, and Mash followed Matthew to the summoning room. "Do you have a specific servant in mind?" asked Mash, looking up towards Matthew. The young man shook his head, stating, "I just want another servant to be stronger, in order to protect the... Team." Eventually the two got to the summoning room. A tiny etching decorated a corner of the door frame, labeled "Rate up is a lie".

Placing her shield in the center of the summoning circle, Mash stepped back to Matthew's side as he turned on the summoning controls. A few seconds after the summoning circle began to glow, Matthew spoke his incantation, "I hereby declare. Your body shall serve under me. My fate shall be your sword. Submit to the beckoning of Chaldea for the fate of the world. If you will submit to this will and this reason…Then answer!" As Matthew spoke these words, runes sprouted from the shield, twisting and rotating around themselves. When the silver-haired master ended his incantation, there was a gold flash of light. As the light began to dim and clear from the room, there kneeled down was a young boy, a teenager by the looks of it with long red hair and gold along his arms and hands.

"Servant, Saber. Rama, great king of Kosala. I am at your service." With a smirk, the newly summoned saber looked up at Matthew and Mash.
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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Killian » Sat May 19, 2018 2:42 pm

Lambda had brought a cup of warm tea to her room after silently walking away. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she finally had the chance to take out her notebook from her bag.

With so many things out of control in the last few hours, the few things she could do was document. Any of the words she remembered Professor Lev saying. The current number of people ready for combat. She suddenly stopped, facepalming. In the morning, she'll ask Leonardo about if they have enough supplies... Wherever they were going next she could at least see if they could gather more.

... ...

Robin seemed to be able to rest anywhere, as long as it was moderately quiet and he was able to lie down. Despite how laxed he carried himself, he chose one of benches near Lambda's room, where he could easily be alerted. With one hand cushioning his head, he began to close his eyes. Technically he didn't need sleep, but there really wasn't much to do, other than maybe assess what new traps he could do. That's for later -

He peaked an eye open.

"Ah... Another one huh," he muttered to no one in particular. "I have a hunch it'll be another chivalrous one. Well, less work for me in the front-lines if they're the hardworking type."


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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Archer_Algren » Mon May 21, 2018 2:46 am

Kimi was lying on her bed listening to "I want to break free" by Queen on her smartphone, her servants on the other hand were busy playing chess on a coffee table in the middle of her room.
“I sense a new Servant, Master.”
Said d’Eon as they moved a piece.
Kimi heard her clearly despite having the headphones on, being a master has benefits.
“Maybe we should summon another one for us?”
She asked as she continued to listen to her song and stood up to do the appropriate poses on her bed.
“It’s up to you master, personally, I could use another french servant to talk to.”
Said d’Eon.

“Hey, Master, I sense a new servant.”
Said Mordred as she entered the room, finally having finished her smoke,
“I sense so too, he seems strong from the likes of it.”
Said Boudica as she continued to pamper Gretel.
“Hey Master, you think the new guy is better than me? Master?”
Asked Mordred, Gretel did not respond.
“My thigh feels moist.”
Said Boudica as she moved Gretel away from hr and discovered that she had drooled on her thigh.
“She is such a child.”
Said Boudica with an amused smile.
Mordred on the other hand approached her and raised her elbow.
She tapped it twice before driving it into Gretel’s chest.
Screamed Gretel as she woke up.
“Hey Master, there’s a new servant, why don’t we go check them out?”
Said Mordred as Morgan was rubbing her chest and breathing heavily,
“What have I told you about elbow slamming me in my sleep?! I could have died!”
“It’s fine, you’re still alive right, now lets go see who the new meat is!”
Said Mordred as she pulled Gretel along, with Boudica following.
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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Vintage » Wed May 23, 2018 7:09 am

Matthew looked down towards his new servant in slight surprise. Rama, as in one of the greatest heroes of India? But why was he so... Young? Nevertheless, Matthew collected himself. "I am Matthew, of the Lief family. I will be your master for a while it seems. There will be other servants working together with us, such as Mash, here." Mash gave a soft smile and a wave. Rama nodded and said, "Yeah, I noticed this wasn't quite a regular Holy Grail War, in a addition to detecting multiple servants just now." With a smile the young hero-king stood up and continued, "You needn't worry so much though, just leave things to me and I'll take care of it."

Matthew raised an eyebrow at this fairly cockier version of the Rama he was used to, in comparison to the Ramayana. "I'm sure you'll be great on the team. Come on, I'll introduce you to the others in the morning. For now, I'm heading back to bed. It's about midnight, you know?" With that, the silver-haired master thanked Mash and let her leave to go about her business, whatever that was.

As Matthew and Rama walked through the Halls of Chaldea, the newly summoned servant examined the walls of the facility, not sure if he should be awed or bored. Suddenly, Matthew heard the multiple approaching footsteps of what he assumed was a master and their servants. As the two rounded the corner, they spotted Gretel and two of her other servants. Lancelot seemed to be the missing one (thankfully). "Oh, um... Hi, Gretel, I was just heading to bed. I suppose this is a good time to introduce the new member of the team..." Turning to his Saber, he continued, "You can go ahead and also reveal your true name." With that, Rama stepped forward and took a slight, respectful bow.

"Greetings, I am Rama, hero-king of Kosala. Saber-class." Lifting up from his bow he smiled and said, "Pleasure to make your acquaintance."
I was walking along, minding my business, when out of that orange colored sky...

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