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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Killian » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:41 am

"Robin, cover them." Lambda said, then gesturing to the other masters that

As the sounds of the battle started, Robin remained where he was standing, half a pace behind Lambda. Lambda's current seal barrier was not activated as there were no projectiles from the enemy side coming towards them.

"This is a good formation, the brutes in the front lines while me and the shielder in the back row." Robin Hood said, the tone half-distracted since Lambda knew that he would be focused on the back-end long-range enemies. He whistled lightly when his arrow pierced an archer-type skeleton and watched it collapsed before trampled on by another.
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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Archer_Algren » Sat Apr 28, 2018 3:18 pm

Gretel’s servants fought hard, with Boudica staying close to the masters in order to defend them while Lancelot and Mordred went off to fight the Skeletons, Lancelot’s howling and attacks may have been threatening, but that fact that he was holding a stop sign as his weapon of choice made him less intimidating, and it looked less like a berserker destroying opponents and more of somebody playing ping-pong with an oversized paddle.

Kimi’s servants were making short work of the skeletons, despite Gretel’s far more combat oriented servants leading the charge, d'Eon was engaging a group of skeletons when she sensed it,
“Master! I sense a presence!”
She shouted, Kimi started to sway left and right while humming something.
Without warning, a knife whizzed at Kimi, who nonchalantly swayed to the left, dodging it.
“Damn, and I was sure I had her.”
Said a voice, Cú suddenly snapped to attention and fired a fireball at it’s direction.
The figure was forced to step out of its hiding place, and revealed itself.
“So, assassin, you decided to come after me then?”
“You remain a threat to the grail, and as such, must be eliminated.”
“Hate to break it to you, but the only one getting eliminated here is you.”
With that, Assassin seemed confused at the remark until a black figure behind him clubbed him on the head with a stop sign,
Said Lancelot as he continued to clobber assassin with his stop sign, it got messy, despite the assassin being a human shaped silhouette, Lancelot made a mess of him, Gretel turned a bit pale at the display, and once Lancelot stopped, he just stared at the pile of grail mud and body parts that was assassin.
“Is it over?”
Asked Gretel.
“It appears to be, for now.”
Said Kimi.
“Well then... Lets go to the leyline.”
Said Olga Marie, the group agreed.

*Chaldea control room*
Doctor Romani Archaman was having a bad day, first, chaldea gets bombed, then, its final masters and servants were sent back to the past without his support, the only thing he could do was wait, as he sat along in the control room, a voice called out to him,
“Are you my mommy?”

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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Vintage » Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:01 pm

Matthew hardened his shin before it made contact with a skeleton, effectively smashing in its rib cage before it fell to the ground. While he definitely knew he wouldn't want to be cut by their weapons, the skeletons were surprisingly fragile. Any skeletons that got close to the group were easily swept aside, cut down by Asterios' axes. Through the sound of battle, like Lancelot, the white-haired berserker shouted his battle cry, a nonsensical roar into the wind, fit for a true monster.

While he didn't notice it immediately like some of the others, Matthew saw assassin come out of its hiding place, a masked individual with a large bandaged right arm. The young man could see what was about to happen to the assassin from a mile away, Lancelot rushing to attack him. Matthew grimaced as he witnessed what the black knight did to the assassin, reducing him to little more than a puddle. With that, the last of the skeletons were destroyed, and the party moved onwards.

Matthew rested the back of his head in his hands as the group walked along, headed towards the leyline. If they obliterated assassin that easily, lancer will be no problem at all. What still worried they young man, however, was why the city was in flame, "Hey, caster... Why is everything in ruins here? What caused this?"
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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Archer_Algren » Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:42 am

“Something happened with the grail, it started spilling out darkness and it enveloped the other servants, starting first with saber, I managed to get away, but the others were turned into those shadow servants you saw. Ah, we’re here.”
Said Cú, on the leyline, stood another human silhouette, carrying a spear, the group then approached it and it said;
“You will not pass.”
It said as it entered a combat stance, Lancelot simply walked towards it.
“You dare!”
Said the shadow servant as it attempted to run through lancelot, who proceeded to grab his spear and yank it away from him.
Lancelot made his usual noise as his Noble Phantasm turned the spear into a weapon for for him.
Said the Shadow Servant, but by then, Lancelot charged at him, and with that, he got skewered by the spear, and found himself staring face to face with the black knight.
Lancelot proceeded to yank out the spear and let the shadow servant collapse to his death, he then stared at the group as if to say "what?"
“Lets set up the leyline.”
Said Olga Marie as Mash used her shield to do so.
“Hello? Anybody there?”
Asked Olga Marie.
“Director?! Thank goodness you are safe! Listen, once you clean up that anomaly there, could you please come back? I’m a bit....”
“Moooommmyyy? Where are you?”
“I’m sending you some supplies now, please come back ASAP....”
With that, the group got some rations to eat before heading off.

As the group continued past the Leyline, it was a while till they reached th location of the grail.
“Here we are, and we’re not alone.”
Said Cú as two figures presented themselves, it was Saber Alter, and Proffessor Lev Lainur Flauros.
“I never thought you would all make it, no matter, it all ends here, Saber! Finish them!”
Shouted Lev as Saber moved in to engage them, the masters were prepared to fight until two of them dashed past the others and proceeded to tag team Saber.
Screamed Lancelot.
Screamed Mordred.
The two knights of the round table proceeded to engage Saber Alter, who was having a difficult time holding them both off.
“Quick! Lets get Lev!”
Shouted Olga Marie as she ran off towards him.
Shouted Gretel.
But as she approached Lev, Olga Marie noticed she started to glow.
“What’s happening?!”
“Foolish child, let me tell you something, when I set off the bomb in Chaldea, you were caught in its blast, and now, your soul simply got rayshifted, and now I am sending you back to destroy your soul for good!”
“Why?! I had faith in you, you were my mentor!”
“Consider this a fond farewell then, my dear pupil!”
Said Lev as Tears started to form around Olga Marie’s eyes.
“No, please.... I don’t want to die.... somebody.... help..... me......”
Whimpered Olga marie.

“Toorimase toorimase”
Sang a voice.
“Toorimase, toorimase”
It continued to sing
“Toorimase toorimase”
The singing continued to get faster.
“Toorimase toorimase”
It was finally getting into a beat as Lev looked to where it was coming from, the group then saw that it was Kimi as she was swaying left and right, singing faster.
“Toorimase toorimase
Ikaba   izuko ga hosomichi nareba
Tenjinmoto e to   itaru hosomichi
Go-iken go-muyou   toorenu to te mo
Kono ko no tou no   o-iwai ni
Ryou no o-fuda o osame ni sanzu
Iki wa yoi nagi   kaeri wa kowaki
Waga naka kowaki no   tooshi kana”
She sang as a circular symbol appeared under Olga Marie and she stopped glowing.
Olga Marie noticed that she stopped Rayshifting, and so did Lev.
“Saber! Stop her!”
He shouted as Saber tried to shake off the Servants fighting her, she managed to break free from her duel with them and charged at Kimi, who continued to sing, Kimi’s servants tried to stop Saber, only to get blown away,
Saber swung her excalibur Morgan at Kimi upon getting close, only for Kimi to nonchalantly dodge it.
“Foolish saber, my magecraft is tied those I allow to touch me, and you and the professor are not on the list.” Said Kimi as she went back to singing, “Toorimase toorimase.”
She continued to dance and dodge saber’s attacks,
Said Saber as she activated her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur Morgan.
Shouted her servants as she continued to sing and dance,
“Look out!”
Shouted Gretel as the other masters scrambled to get away.
Upon activating Excalibur Morgan, she brought it down on Kimi, to everybody’s shock, the Noble Phantasm was blocked by a purple barrier.
Said Gretel.
Saber’s dumbstruck awe at the barrier let her guard down as Mordred and Lancelot got behind her and proceeded to skewer her with their weapons.
Muttered Saber as she collapsed and began to fade.
“This wasn’t supposed to happen!”
Shouted Lev.
“No matter, humanity is still wiped out though, and Chaldea’s been reduced to a few masters, but know this, you cannot stop—“
Before he could finish, A spear was thrown at his throat, everybody recognized that as the spear Lancelot got off Lancer earlier.
“You big oaf! He was about to tell us who he’s working for!”
Shouted Gretel, Kimi continued to sing and dance in the background without a care in the world.
Said Lancelot, with an uncharacteristic hint of shame in his usual howl.

“So, what now?”
Asked Olga Marie
“Well, you cannot come back to Chaldea without dying, so what do you think Doctor Roman?”
Mash Asked.
“I can get her to accompany you on the other singularities, but I cannot summon her back, so she’ll have to stay there for now.”
“What?! But the city is on fire!”
“It should return to normal, at least its better than being cramped here, we turned on panic mode and now all of Chaldea is the last place on earth with humans untouched.”
Said Doctor Roman,
“I see....”
“Don’t worry director, I can keep you company over the Comm’s, I’ll send you supplies while you live there.”
“And where will I live? It’s the early 2000’s.”
Well, maybe you can go stay at the church, the database says that the priestess there is one Kotomine.” Said Doctor Roman, “and I can always rayshift you with the group to another anomaly with the rest of the group, so try to relax for now, you’ve been through a lot.”
“I guess, well, I guess this is goodbye for now.”
Said Olga Marie.
“Please take care of Mash, and Mash, take care.”
With that, the Director left the group to head to Fuyuki church.
“Well, lets Rayshift back then doctor.”
Said Gretel as the group suddenly found themselves back in Chaldea.
“Welcome back master’s, and could you all do me a favor?” Said Doctor Roman who got up from his console,
“Please get her away from me.”
Whimpered the good doctor.

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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Killian » Tue May 01, 2018 9:47 am

When Olga Marie was heading towards the direction of supposedly where Fuyuki church was, Lambda called after her.

"Director, wait! I still need to ask you about Professor Lev - " her words were suddenly cut off as the rayshift occurred. In the next second, she saw herself in a unusually quiet (due to significantly less people) Chaldea again. She gave a groan, eyebrows creased with frustration. Answers were not going to make her feel any better about the others that never came back, but her insides burned with irritation at the how Professor Lev predicted about the future of humans and Chaldea.

"Well, good to be back, I need some rest after all that hard labour" Robin gave a smile, as though to laugh off the current dire situation. Lambda didn't really seem to be the least amused though, before just giving him a dismissive wave to him before walking towards Romani. With two arms under the small, white-haired girl's arms, she lifted her up in the air away from him. "... Did you summon another servant, Doctor Roman?" she asked without much of a thought, feeling the abnormal aura from the girl. Her disheartened self lost interest in it quickly, and she set the girl down on the ground again. "What of the others that were with us at Chaldea, Doctor Roman? What's their confirmed status" she asked in a much lower voice this time.

She heard something about other rayshifts and anomalies, but she assumed that was something that the director would have the final say, and unfortunately she was not here at the moment.
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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Vintage » Fri May 04, 2018 7:43 am

Matthew simply walked along as things happened, each battle going by fairly quickly. Asterios quietly followed along as well, idly sniffing the air from time to time, then letting out a snort. Whether the white-haired brute actually smelled something or snorted out of boredom, Matthew didn't know. The young man was only slightly surprised when Lancelot wiped the floor with shadow lancer, considering how things went with shadow assassin. Upon hearing from the Chaldea doctor, Matthew raised his eyebrow at the strange sound in the background. Was Roman in trouble? Nevertheless, the brawler happily took a few snacks from the supply drop the good doctor sent them, munching on whatever came their way, really.

As the team walked along, Matthew offered a bag of rations to Asterios, who happily accepted the offer, removing his steel mask to down the entire bag into his mouth. With a small smile, the berserker placed his mask back on his face, continuing the long trek. As the team arrived, Matthew stated in awe at the Grail. As soon as the director began running towards Lev, Matthew shouted, "Director! Wait!". Without even looking at the rest of the team, Matthew sprinted after the Director, but it was too late. The director began to glow, and Matthew couldn't bear the thought of the director suddenly dying. He knew that if he touched her, he would be rayshifted, too. He felt helpless.

Matthew looked back towards Kimi chanting, ending the rayshift. It took a moment for him to realize that the director stopped glowing, before leaping into action, scooping up the director and making sure she got as far away as possible from Lev. He narrowly managed to get behind Mash' just in time before Saber used her noble phantasm. The silver-haired boy was happy to see the traitorous bastard's monologue cut off by Lancelot. If he had to listen to another word of that man's garbage, he would've had Asterios do the same.

After the dust settled, Matthew realized he was still holding the director, before quickly putting her down with a slight blush. It was sad to know that the director wouldn't be able to come back with them, but Matthew didn't say anything, alhtough he wanted to. The young man opened his mouth to say something to the director, but by the time anything could come out of his mouth, the team had already rayshifted. With a sigh, Matthew opened his eyes to find the good doctor being chased around by a small... White haired girl? What the... Never mind. Matthew simply shook his head and said, "It's too late at night for this." He waited for Lambda to ask Roman her questions before following up with his own, "So, are we back for good now? What did you mean by 'another anomaly'?"
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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Archer_Algren » Sat May 05, 2018 12:26 pm

“Alright you, please leave the good doctor alone.”
Said Gretel as she approached Jack,
“Are you my mommy?”
Asked Jack.
There was a pregnant pause. It gave birth to a lot of little pauses, each one more deeply embarrassing than its parent.
“Er, no, I don’t even like boys, so how would I have children.....”
“I want my mommy.”
Said Jack.
“Anyway” said Doctor Roman “the others are all critically injured so i had them placed into cryogenic suspension.”
He said referring to Lambda.
“And yes, you are all back, but SHEBA has detected another anomaly, and I’m guessing Lev is making more, but for now, you all need some rest, the anomalies can wait, its not like they’re going anywhere, and neither are we.”
Finished doctor Roman.
“Mommy, I want to go back into your womb, please?”
Asked Jack.
“There you are!”
Said a squeaky voice.
The masters saw a young girl dressed in black along with a young boy in blue.
“Don’t just leave the tea party Jack, lets go back before the tea gets cold.”
Said the girl in black.
The boy in blue looked at the masters and spoke in a voice so gravelly, you’d think he was Jeremy Irons.
“I’m only in this for the free food.”
He said, the trio then left the room.
“Oh my doctor, I didn’t know you liked your fruits fresh~”
Said Kimi with a naughty grin, Doctor Roman looked horrified.
“No! Never! My heart belongs to the one and only Magi* Mari!”
Proclaimed Doctor Roman, Kimi just grinned, while Gretel was dumbfounded.
“I’m going to bed now doctor, you take care....”
Said Gretel as she akwardly left the room.
“TTFN Doctor.”
Said Kimi as she left, leaving Mash and the other masters with Doctor Roman.
“Right lets do some tests on you.”
Said Doctor Roman referring to Mash, he then turned to the remaining masters and servants.
“Please don’t judge me....”
He whimpered.

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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Killian » Sun May 06, 2018 4:13 pm

Lambda didn't fight her urge to let out an exhale of relief. "Oh, I see," she finally said. It was only now that she felt some exhaustion within her body. "If you need any help then... " she started, referring to using her seals for healing injuries.

Robin chose that moment to speak up. "Master, allow this non-chivalrous archer to give you a suggestion," he said. "I really don't want to be in the situation where you collapse. We just got back after from all that fighting in the city, so I have doubts about you, and others," he gave a small glance towards the other masters," that you're in the best emotional or physical state to handle more tonight."[1]

Understanding what he said, Lambda let out a sigh. "Alright, alright." she said, before raising her eyebrow at the two new additional figures. They gave off the aura of not being humans again, so probably servants. Hearing the gothic girl's (Nursery Rhyme) words, a thought came to mind.

"See you," Lambda waved to Gretel and Kimi as they had left. "I'll be going to rest for a short while as well... after I make some tea, I guess."

After Lambda had left, Robin stretched, and said he was going to find a corner to get some shut-eye, or to contemplate preparations for the future if he couldn't sleep.

[1] He's referring in particular to Matthew's possible concern for Olga Marie currently.
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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Vintage » Thu May 10, 2018 6:15 am

Matthew watched as the little girl kept running about the room asking for her... Mother? The young man found it simply creepy in general, but he first redirected his gaze towards the doctor as he began answering questions.

Matthew listened intently as Roman explained the situation with the other anomalies, before taking a moment to rub the back of his neck in his fatigue. "I guess that's the convenient thing about time travel, huh? No real time limit between missions?" Well, that soothed his troubles a little bit... But how did time passing here affect time passing for the director?

Matthew stared concerningly at the now trio of seemingly young individuals that were walking about Chaldea, an eyebrow raised in a quite confused expression. When the trio left the room, the brawler looked to his fellow masters, who all generally seemed to be heading to rest before being sent out on the next mission.

With some lazy finger guns towards doctor Roman, Matthew simply parted by slightly drowsily saying, "You do you, doc. I'm... Heading to bed." Turning to the remaining masters, the silver-haired boy waved and said, "Goodnight, Lambda, Kimi, and uh... Robin."

As Matthew walked out towards the bedrooms, his mind was only on one thing. Or rather, on someone. Would she really be alright, alone in a random city? Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he fell face first on to his bed, trying to go to sleep. Asterios simply sat criss-cross in the dark room, slowly nodding himself off to sleep.
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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Archer_Algren » Fri May 11, 2018 2:08 pm

*Gretel’s room*
Gretel was face down on her bed attempting to sleep, if it wasn’t for a certain scent in her room and the fact that Boudica kept petting her.
“Mordred, could you please stop smoking, I’m trying to rest....”
She mumbled with her face still down.
“Sue me, I need to relax too.”
Said the Saber as she continued to smoke.
“Smoking is bad for the health you know.”
Said Boudica as she kept caressing Gretel’s head.
“I’m a heroic spirit, it would take more than a simple cigarette to hurt me.”
“Where did you even gets Cigarettes here anyway?”
“I got them off a car back in that city, these Japanese cigarettes are okay.”
Said the Saber, Gretel just grumbled.
“I just want to sleep.....”
“Lets go out Mordred, Master needs her beauty rest after all, I’m sure a girl like you would understand.”
Said Boudica, Mordred’s eyes turned murderous,
“I ain’t a woman Boudica, I am a man!”
Said Mordred.
“Yes, a Trans Man.”
Said Gretel sarcastically.
“You’re too cute to be a man Mordred.”
Said Boudica with a sincere smile.
“Bahh! If you two are gonna keep calling me a girl, I’m leaving! I hate it when people try to force what they want on others!”
Ranted the Saber.
“That’s like the pot calling the kettle black Mister Mordred "praise me or else" Pendragon.”
Snarked Gretel, Mordred then left with huff,
“Boudica, could you please stop caressing me now, I really want some sleep.”
“No can do Gretel, how about we cuddle in bed then?”

“You’re both not getting any sleep tonight....”
Said Kimi as her servants looked worried.
“Please be gentle on us Master....”
Said d’Eon as xe closed xer eyes....
“All done!”
Said Kimi, she then brought a mirror to d’Eon’s face.
“What do you think d’Eon? You look much cuter now.”
Said Kimi as d’Eon saw that xer hair had clips on it.
“Thank you master, but I think I prefer my hair Au Naturale, besides, you need to rest.”
Said d’Eon.
“Oh but the fun has just begun!”
“Master, please, you need to rest, its been a long day.”
Said Ushiwakamaru who was sitting on Kimi’s bed.
“Oh alright, if you are both so worried about me, I’ll take a quick nap, but after that, I’ll have lots of fun with you both.”
Said Kimi as she plopped on to her bed.

“How much more doctor?”
Asked Mash as she was in the VR training room with Doctor Roman.
“Just a few more tests, I need to see how much your Noble Phantasm can handle.”
Said Doctor Roman.
“Does your Noble Phantasm have a name?”
Asked a woman next to Doctor Roman, the Heroic Spirit Leonardo Da Vinci.
“Well, no, but I was thinking of letting the Director Name it, when we can call her that is.”
“We can call her in the morning, and I think you need some rest too, a couple more tests and we can call it a night.”
“Oh no, not again....”


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