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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Killian » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:08 am

Lambda gave nods of acknowledgement as Kimi spoke. "I see... I probably wouldn't have thought of that as well. Though there are some decent bands..." She headed over next to Kimi near the counter. "I'm not su-" She stopped when she heard Mordred's words she turned to Robin who was leaning back on a chair. As if reading her look, he gave an innocent smile while holding up both hands.

Master, you don't need to worry about me eating.

Lambda looked thoughtful for a second before making a hand gesture for him to come over and join the others.

"I'll have pork buns, and tea." Lambda decided finally. With her food loaded onto a tray she placed it down on the table. [1] The door opened when Lambda just picked up her tea cup. "Morning, Matthew. " Lambda gave a wave with her free hand at Matthew, eyeing the red-haired figure following him. Robin gave an amused smile; his guess was right from last night.

"Hey, Rama. I'm Lambda. That is Robin Hood." She pointed to the orange-haired servant, currently finishing the bread in his hands. Robin had only given a wave back. She did give a few other curious looks on the design of his armour, and mostly his hair before turning back to finishing her food. Lambda was often a fast eater, so when her plates were emptied she gave a look towards the door.

"Is Gretel having breakfast today," She asked Boudica.

[1] Probably next to wherever Kimi will be sitting.
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Re: Fate/Alternative

Post by Archer_Algren » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:34 am

“I’m afraid not, she sent us to get her food, but Mordred wants to eat first.” Replied Boudica as Mordred continued to wolf down her food. “Mordred, would it be that difficult to eat with some dignity?”
“Hey, we never had good eats like this in Camelot, especially bacon.”
Said the knight of the round table with her mouth full.
When Rama was introduced to then, The Servants just Nodded while Kimi just gave an approving smile.
“We should get a new Servant soon as well Master.”
Said d’Eon.
“Oh we shall dear, but not now, I don’t feel like now’s the time yet.”
Said Kimi as she took a sip.
“Mordred! Were you ever taught table manners?”
Asked Boudica as Mordred continued to eat and drink messily.
“If you keep that up, you’ll get fat.”
Said Boudica.
Mordred looked at her, and with a slight grunt, proceeded to eat more slowly.

“Good morning everybody!”
Said a voice in the mess hall and they turned to look, it was the children servants.
“Oh? The midgets, where is the good doctor?”
Asked Kimi.
“He’s still in bed, he said he wasn’t hungry.”
Said Andersen non-perturbed.
“Mommy didn’t want our chocolate.”
Said Jack.
“Do you want it?”
Asked Jack as she proceeded to show then the "chocolate"
Kimi wasn’t that bothered as she had seen more obscene things on a rock album cover, whereas Boudica did a spit-take and Mordred stopped eating after seeing it.
“Uh, little girl, maybe you shouldn’t be showing that out in public.”
Said Boudica as nicely as possible to Jack.
“Oh, we’re sorry.”
Said Jack as she put the chocolate back under her cloak.
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