[RP] Days of the Hero

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Re: [RP] Days of the Hero

Post by ShaFlow » Thu May 10, 2018 4:28 am

"Yes I am aware of your special interests." Amane growled, catching both boots inspecting inside."If I find any of your juices inside, I'll personally turn you into a toaster." She growled slipping them on easily. Attaching Sesshomaru to her back while it was still sheathed from the corner behind the door; then grabbing the wooden practice sword.

"I'll probably be at the headquarters, or not depending how I feel."

With no hesitation she walked out of the door properly using the "handle" as it was intended. Amane made her way towards CHA's headquarters; that was always the first stop during daily rounds. The tower could be seen from the front of the apartment building. There was always something interesting or a rumor floating around C.H.A's grounds. Be it among the heroes, pedestrians or staff.

It was a fifteen minute walk taking into account the heavy traffic and activity in the area...

The walk was simple, quiet and peaceful...she didn't like it.

Eventually guided towards the direction of a group of fleeing pedestrians a smirk crawled across her face. Finally, a real warm up.

The sight was something. Webbing scattered around, a dead corpse of some type of insect and a variety of different heroes. Dammit. If something else didn't attack or cause havoc Amane's muscles were gonna stiffen. She sighed then her head snapped to the blue man stuck in webbing. It would have been so sad if it wasn't quite hilarious out-of-context. More interestingly how could something like this happen near the headquarters...the S-ranks must have been away or decided not to even bother.

Shrugging, there wasn't anything of interest going on besides that battles aftermath.

It had been two whole days since Amane seen some action herself and that Merrick got some early in the morning, was enough to put ignite a fit of rage. She approached the corpse than began poking it with the wooden weapon. Confirming that it actually died.

"Eh, kind of sloppy, but it got the job done I guess. Whoever dealt the killing blow could probably work on their handling." This was supposed to be just a thought, but unintentionally(or intentionally) spoke it aloud.
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Re: [RP] Days of the Hero

Post by someguywithakeyboard » Sun May 13, 2018 12:59 am

After she managed to slice through it, Volt turned to the girl with a smile and an extended hand, “A-Class hero Lightspeed, right?” He asked, I’m Volt, B-Class. T-thanks for the save!” He said with a grin, “real sticky situation huh?” He rubbed the back of his head nervously as if unsure of what to say next.

“Well, that was anti-climactic,” The black-haired woman stated dryly, munching on a potato chip, “mind telling me what we were supposed to learn from that, doc?”

“Well, for one we know that the formula works, secondly, we know what at least some of the Hero association’s current talents can do, and lastly, my dear Victoria...” the doctor turned towards a monitor displaying a close-up of Volt, a malevolent smile crossing his face, “I do believe we’ve found your brother.”

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Re: [RP] Days of the Hero

Post by Water » Thu May 17, 2018 8:36 pm

Aurelia shook the other hero's hand, a content expression on her face.

"You know about me! I'm flattered." The girl chuckled, glancing back towards the girl standing behind her poking the dead body of the spider-like monster and talking to herself. Her criticisms were heard but had no real affect, her speed must've caused her to be less accurate; perhaps if she gave her weapon a foreign name like Blaze did then her wielding would improve.

Sliding her hands into her pockets, Aurelia briefly faced the creature again. Perhaps this other hero, Volt, could explain to her how it got there as it was a complete mystery to her.
"So, do you have any idea how this thing got here?" Aurelia asked, gazing towards Volt as she spoke. "I kind of just jumped in, I apologise if you wanted to kill it by yourself."

Volt didn't seem too affected by the way Nyx jumped into the fight, however she decided it was best to apologise just in case.
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Re: [RP] Days of the Hero

Post by MC_Middy » Sat May 19, 2018 10:04 pm

Charging at 95% capacity. Would you like to turn off power saver now?

Ah fuck it. Whatever.

Merrick sat up from his charging station, his battered body protesting against his movements. “I just got out of a fight. Right. I need to hit the lab and get a quick fix up.

He sat up, “groggily” looking around the room as power saver’s effects were wearing off. Right, Amane had left, disappointing. This left him in the house alone, bored and broken. He unplugged himself, not bothering to place any decent clothing on, leaving in his torn garments.


Got into a fight with a few Brain Matter thugs.

“And you thought that was a good idea.”

They were trying to kill this girl and-

“Of course it was a girl.”


The doc burst out laughing, scattering his tools all over the floor. “I’m just yankin ya chain. I already got the report, was expecting you an hour ago.”

I needed to charge. Just hurry up.

“Right.” The doc strapped Merrick to the table, his left arm breaking apart to reveal multiple tools placed inside the forearm. A few clicks on a keyboard and Merrick could feel his body powering down completely. “This exactly how much damage you took when you fought Mernrad. How long did it take me? Thirty minutes? Let’s try to cut it to 15.
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Re: [RP] Days of the Hero

Post by someguywithakeyboard » Tue May 22, 2018 3:38 am

"Well, yeah!" Volt gave an enthusiastic reply to Aurelia, "I did a lot of research on the heroes in the association before I joined." Volt faltered when she asked about the origin of the monster, looking down as if he was embarrassed, "Well...I got informed about a monster attacking citizens, and, well I went to go stop it, and I thought I killed it, but here it is," He gestured to the giant-sized body of the monster, "All huge and alive and whatnot, no idea how it got so big, but I got a feeling it couldn't do that naturally..." He just smiled when she apologized, "Don't worry about it, I probably couldn't have taken this thing down if I tried on my own, only been at this super-hero-ing stuff for about a year now. Besides, it's kinda cool to team up with another hero."

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