Orbital Core Prison

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Orbital Core Prison

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Orbiting outside the fourteenth planet in the Petras system, this maximum security prison houses both highly violent criminals and those deemed criminally/violently insane beyond treatment. It's location makes Petras the perfect solar system to hold this prison, since it is almost directly in the center of the the largest lack of systems in the known universe, the Boötes Void. 1.8 billion light-years from spherical edge to edge. The only life outside the prison exists miles below on the surface of Durvas III, the fourteenth planet from the Petras Sun. Even that is only one city, housing employee families and supplies for the prison.
Designed only for those serving life sentences, existence in the is monotonous and hard, everything is earned by work or trade. Only the strong can really make any life here, hiding any shred of it from the abusive system that holds them. Guards are only half the problem with all the gangs running things on the inside.
As a newly transported prisoner, you find yourself in need to build the right relationships, trade for the right things, and maybe even enjoy the hidden side of Orbital Core. An Aldesian prison guard removed your shackles from your wrists with his large lizard like hands. You turn to find a small, solid steel cell. One mattress without a frame, a blanket, and a sink/toliet combo in corner. The guard firmly requests your name, race, and medical conditions... Rules: 1. Humans and humanoid aliens only
2. Events will be daily, sometimes multiple times a day
3. Keep combat to a minimum, role play is mainly about daily storytelling and entering yourself in the lore.
4. No Godmodding or event changing, except the author, of course, and natural progression. This roleplay exists within the Cyberlife Artistic Universe.


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