(Crash) Life As We Know It

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Re: (Crash) Life As We Know It

Post by Wanderlusst » Sat May 12, 2018 4:09 am

Th rest of the day turned out to drag on. By the time Dani hit her head on her pillow she was exhausted, the next morning Dani got up to hear Abby singing in the kitchen, as she walked in Dani looked around before making a face,"We are not going to the beach."

"Oh yes we are!"Abby giggled as she packed the food and drinks into a cooler before standing up,"now go get ready!"

Dani sighed before turning, her hand came up to her stomach, the one that now showed clear signs of her pregnancy, she hated the idea of the beach. However she knew she couldn't fight with her friend she she hurried into her bedroom to find something that fit.

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