[ONE] For Those That Conquer (Superhero RP)

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[ONE] For Those That Conquer (Superhero RP)

Post by P_Solstace » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:36 am


The world outside past by in a blur as the train barreled forward towards its destination. My head bobbed along to the song coming through my headphones and a small smile found it’s way to my lips. It had been a long day of mid terms, but they were finally over and I was feeling very confidant about it all. I was at a point in my day were I felt that nothing could bring me down. Not even the creepy guy who kept making kissy faces at me from across the train. I was off at the next stop anyway and home was only a few blocks from there.

Creepy guy stood up and started making his way towards me. I frowned. Why me? Before he could get close, the train made a sudden stop sending the man flying backwards onto his butt. Several people were jostled out of their seats and I grabbed onto my seat to keep from falling off mine. The lights in our compartment flickered a few times before going completely dark. Several shouts of surprise echoed through our compartment.
“What on earth.” I whispered and pushed my face up against the window. Why did we stop? My heart froze as I spotted what was up ahead. The tracks had been blown up and I watched in dismay as the first train compartment started to tip over the edge.

A cold sweat ran up my spine as the realization that our train was about to topple down hundreds of feet hit me. I gulped. I could stop this. I had the power to, but I swore never to use it. Someone from across the compartment started crying. My eyes scanned the crowd before I found the source of the noise. A little boy clutched his mom. Fear raidiating from his eyes. I couldn’t sit here and do nothing. I pulled on my pink hoodie and pulled the hood over my head as I ran for the front of the train. I will stop us from falling over. A a new wave of determination fueled my steps as the look of that little boys eyes seared into my brain. I made it to the front. Everyone had dashed out of this compartment by the time I arrived.

I kicked open the door and lowered myself onto the tracks. I grabbed onto the underside of the front compartment and began to pull. Maybe it was the lack of practice or the years since I last used my full strength, but I struggled pulling the train back up. I didn’t help that I was wedged between the first and second car. I had to push the car behind me while pulling the front one. The train groaned in protest of my efforts.
“Come on!” I yelled out desperately. I managed to pull the train back onto the track a few inches before the underside of the train started to give under my grip. I needed help. I couldn’t do this alone. I sent out a silent prayer and hoped that by some miracle, there was another super being in the vicinity.


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