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Crossroads (Kali) (Killian)

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:49 pm
by Killian

Near the outskirts of town, around the corner and into a dark alleyway, a body of a man slumped against the wall. Engel’s breathing was getting more and more laboured, as he pressed his hand towards his side. Though he had wrapped bandages around his wound, his torso felt cold from the dampness of the cloth. It was likely the wound had re-opened in the midst of running all night and day.

Bloody Trap, he thought to himself as his eyelids were growing heavy. His rival had spared no time nor mercy to come after him.

He cursed to himself, unable to feel his legs as he tried to stand up. His mind was urgent to get moving and continue to run before Hel found him, but his body was feeling more and more sluggish…

As Engel’s consciousness slipped away, the afternoon sun was just sinking below the horizon.

Re: Crossroads (Kali) (Killian)

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:56 pm
by Monika
A light clink filled the small room, overlapping the faint Japanese instrumentals playing over a speaker in the room. The blonde haired girl wasn't sure how long she had been working, but the ache in her back made it feel like hours. She had no idea why she decided to pick the stranger up off the street, but she couldn't just leave him there with a good conscious.

Another light clink, another crimson bullet rolling into the ceramic bowl with the other. She was surprised the man was still alive with the wounds he had. It reminded her of her own caretaker. She remembered some nights that she had to patch the older woman up. She was thankful for the practice she had over the years, or this man could have already died from blood loss, or possibly infection because she didn't have the supplies she needed.

She finally sat back with a small stretch of her aching spine. She only had a little ways to go before she was done. She reached over to the nightstand, lifting the needle and suture from the small metal tray. As much as she wanted to find out who he was, stopping to take a look at any belongings he had would have taken too much time. So he would just have to be 'the mysterious man she found bleeding out in an alley' a little longer. The sterile needle slipped through his skin easily as she stitched up the two bullet wounds she had extracted the contents from, making sure the skin was closed well before she tied it off and cut the thread.

Giving him a once over, to make sure she didn't miss anything, she used medical tape to keep the gauze in place over the final patches. She would need to get more supplies in a day or two. But with any luck, he should recover just fine. She sighed and finally got to her feet, stretching her back once more now that she had more room. She pulled the blood covered gloves from her hands and tossed it on her tray before pulling the sheet fully over the unconscious man to keep him warm.

Abeandra yawned tiredly as she picked up the tray of tools, bloody rags, and bowl, making her way out of the bedroom and into the kitchen to clean everything, leaving the stranger to recover.

Re: Crossroads (Kali) (Killian)

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:46 am
by Killian
It started with the flex of two fingers, and then gradually Engel's eyes opened a fraction. It took several seconds for him to recollect what he last remembered. Somehow he had made it to town, hoping he had done the best he could to cover the tracks.

Testing his mobility, he used a hand to clutch his torso while slowly sitting up. His nose picking up the faint smell of medical supplies, his right hand darted to around his pockets. His weapons were still there, and he exhaled in mild relief before turning to the room around him. It was an unfamiliar place. How long was he unconscious?

Had Erika already escaped with her family? No, now he had to make sure he hadn't been taken in by an agent from Hel. Pulling the sheet back and stepping onto the floor. He stood up slowly, opening the door. It wasn't locked, and only took one hand to open. Well, that was good news so far. Whoever put him in this room didn't decide to lock him. Opening it wider he walked out, with quiet steps toward the kitchen.

Re: Crossroads (Kali) (Killian)

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:00 am
by Monika
Abeandra was in the kitchen, humming to the music that seemed to be playing in every one of the rooms. One noticeable thing was the amount of unscented candles, matches, and flashlights throughout the house as he made his way to the kitchen - almost as if the owner of the house was afraid of the dark. As he passed through the house, he could see the house was decorated Japanese style to match the music, with a Katana resting on the fireplace mantle. It was a unique blade, with only two of its exact design, and they had been owned by a legendary assassin known as 'Shi no Megami', who had retired roughly twenty years prior.

The blonde was deftly cutting carrots, making dinner for not only for herself, but her guest as well. "On your feet already?" she asked, glancing back towards the doorway. "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes... if you're feeling up to it, could you grab two plates from the cabinet there?" She asked as she pointed towards a cabinet with the knife in her hand, going back to cutting, the knife swiftly slicing through the orange vegetables.

Re: Crossroads (Kali) (Killian)

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:14 am
by Killian
The ample amount of light Engel had not had the chance to enter into a eastern-styled traditional house. He wondered if many large Japanese homes had a weapon so openly, whether as heirloom or as a weapon. Though, if it was someone that was actively using it today, he would have remembered them if he crossed blades.

The other rooms didn't seem to be locked, but he didn't feel the curiosity to enter most of them. Although... it was questionable whether his instincts were still just as sharp to sense any dangerous presences in his current state. Very soon, he heard the sounds of the a knife on a wood, he could differentiate that it was the common sounds of someone preparing food.

He quirked his eyebrow up in mild curiosity at her ask. Supposedly this was the owner of the house, since they weren't expecting anyone else for the meal. [Because she had only said two plates.] "If that's an offer for free meal, I would gladly help" he said, in a somewhat casual and grateful tone. It was the same tone he had used to listen and add in to the jokes Lau would use to amuse Sorai and Erika. His footsteps towards the cabinet above one of the counters. Opening it, he saw white plates stacked. A well-maintained kitchen wasn't one a man like him often seen, he didn't even use the kitchen in his old apartment most of the time.

Bringing down two white plates of reasonable size for eating, he turned towards the woman. Perhaps he should also get a spoon and fork for each plate, depending on what she was making, he thought as he placed the plates in the table that he saw in the largest common room. He hoped the long low table was the actual dining table in the Japanese-style room.

"I don't believe I've thanked you for your help. Call me Engel." He said, eyes lingering on her face for any twitch of recognition, or shift of expression. Not many knew about his assassin name, and even less outside of Hel would know his true name. "Mind telling me what I should call you?"