Pokemon Gajinka Island

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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by FeatherBlood » Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:17 pm

It didn't take long for Gallus to reach his destination, where he planned to have a little drink and snack before his work would start. So where better did he feel to go for that then his sister's work, The Four Sweets. Gallus smiled to himself as he looked at the entrance of the establishment. Looks the same as always, pretty sure the workers are as well. Gallus entered The Four Sweets, noting the few folks already sitting about enjoying a drink and snack along with a little conversation. He could see Ciri and Rein all working behind the counter, unsurprised the two girls working together again, whoever Fi seemed to be missing and Gallus could only guess she was out on delivery or something similar.. Gallus took a seat near the counter so that he could talk in a normal voice and those working would hear him ok. "Did I miss any fights or have you guys actually managed to meet up peacefully for once? Also hi, me again." Gallus tended to visit The Four Sweets, mainly because it was a nice place, as well as him knowing those who worked there which was always nice.

Spirit continued walking down the street, her eyes continuing to dart from person to person, plotting a victim for her pranks. Many ideas were flowing through her head, she just needed to pick a perfect victim and a perfect prank to match. However the unexpected happened. A voice from behind her spoke, clearly directed at Spirit. Spirit spun round, her eyes flaring up in surprise and annoyance. She noticed a man behind her with unusual black and red eyes, scratching the back of his head as he questioned the looks Spirit got. She connected her gaze with his, staring with her green eyes. First she started giving short and quiet laughs, building up into a full blown laugh. She crossed her hands over her stomach as she bent forward laughing. Is this guy really stupid enough to ask me something like that!? Bwahahahahaha! Ah man does he really not know who I am!? We he is going to learn the hard way! Spirit straightened up as she recovered laughing, before pointing directly into Gaia's face. "Your asking me a question like that!? Do you even know who I am!? Are you new here? I don't recognise you and if you don't know who I am that would explain it? These people kind of have a right to look at me like that, but that doesn't bother me. They are all my victims, so they kind of have a right. Not that it matters! They still fall for my traps anyway! Hahahahaha!!" She bent back laughing again, still finding it funny that this stranger approached her out of nowhere. She would make sure he would regret and and make him learn who she really was.

Roto was panting when he finally reached his work. It was a small store that sat comfortably in the middle of town, slightly run down looking but good enough. It was an electrical appliance store, meaning they dealt with anything of that sort, whether its selling them to people, assisting in setting them up, or repairs. Roto quickly burst through the door, staggering slightly as he made his way to the front desk. "Sorry I'm late!" A middle aged Electivire sat at the desk, looking at a computer. At the sound of the boy rushing him, he looked up at Roto. He shook his head and smacked Roto on the head with one of his tail. "There you are ya slacker! Where ya been? You know what, nevermind. Just get back there and get ready to work! You've got to make up for your lateness!" Roto gave a rushed nodded. "Yes sir!" He rushed off in a brisk pace, pushing open an employees only door at the back and vanishing into the room beyond. The Elevtivire just shook his head before grinning to himself. "Heh. That kid's a handful."

Dusk finally managed to reach the Ghost Town District after a while. Looking about at the town, she just nodded to herself at the familiarity of the town. After all, this is where she lived. "Damn, I always seem to get my home town as my patrol route... Well, can't complain. At least I am familiar with the area... And it's inhabitants. Better begin." With that she made her way into town on her patrol. As she walked through people would recognise her, after all not only was she a police member, which were normally recognised, but the chief herself. Many would shuffle out her way and nod in respect to her, only for her to nod back. Having people always recognise you like this... Can never really get used to it.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Jasmine » Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:55 pm

Max handed the box to Aya with a small smile. "Can you drop this off once you're done? Thank you." He started to walk back, but stopped once he heard Lottie speaking to him. He had to finish getting Ray's order with. "Need something?" He stood there and listened to her while she talked, nodding. "I understand, that's why I was just gonna go myself. Its a big order and a bit far so I was just gonna take him along for the ride, if that's alright. Actually, children are allowed in, but with a parent or guardian and not around the tables. I don't want to have you walk all the way over there or anything. I need to go get the order anyway." He was a bit confused when she said she couldn't allow him in there, but Ray said that he would bring a smile to everyone's face when he was there.

Vincent slowly let go of Zoreta when the two busted in and Eve fell onto the floor. He stood up before walking over to them, bending down. He chuckled softly when they asked where everyone was. "They're playing at the playground. The bell didn't ring yet. Do you need any water or something?" He offered his hand to Eve to help her off the floor too. Vincent smiled before chuckling once more at them. "There's still a bit time to play or you can stay here, I'm almost ready to start class anyway."

Aya stopped smiling before nodding. "I'll be right out with your order." She turned around to get his drink before bumping into Max, then grabbing the boxes from him. She smiled and nodded before walking over to the kitchen, setting the box down for a moment to get his order. Aya grabbed the man's drink before going back to his seat, then sat it down with a small smile. "There you go."
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Tuut the Genii » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:18 am

Gaia looked at her, skeptical with his hand slowly cupping into the shape needed for a dark pulse. His face twitched with annoyance at he tone then he raised his hand to his ear and changed the hand movement to holding one finger to the heavens above his head. As his face turned to an evil smirk. A larger version of a dark pulse started to form, floating above his finger. Ill teach you to mock me, it's sad you don't know who I am either... Wait. Am I famous? I did defeat that Dialga. Ah never mind. He used his dark wing and flapped into the air, the smirk becoming a grin as his fangs began to show. "HAHAHAHAHAA... This supernova dark pulse will teach you not to mock me!" He then shifted his hand to hold the giant dark pulse with both hands and flew down at breaking speed towards her and held the dark pulse in a dive bomb formation.

Luca and Meu sipped their coffee and made jokes and laughed still in the coffee shop.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Archer_Algren » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:09 am

“Nothing really, Rain just greeted me and is now serving snacks while I make them.”
Said Ciri.
“I’ve been asking Fi for a raise but she keeps dodging the issue.”
Added Ciri.
“Good day, may I have your order?”
Asked Rain who approached the counter with Gallus there.
“And don’t even think of trying to ask anything for free Gallus, it comes out of my Salary.”
Said Ciri.
Fi came in through the backdoor in the kitchen when she saw Siri talking to her brother.
“Less chitchat, more work!”
She shouted as she snapped her fingers.


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