Pokemon Gajinka Island

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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by shadowvoidboss » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:26 am

Lucas and she him the packages "your welcome now I need to go and deliver other things to people let me know if you need anything else Mr max" he said with a beaming smile and ran off.

Ray walks along a dirt road and runs into Lucas and Lucas gives him a few letters then runs off again after ray gives him some money and walks into the restaurant and to the counter. "Hey max you back there." He said in a calm business man tone.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by JustLettingYouKnow23 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:03 am

Loui woke up groggily there were bags under his eyes from staying up so late working on a case, he checked the time and sighed getting up to get dressed. When he finished he walked down to Max’s for his morning coffee. He walked in and sat in a one seat table Waiting for someone to take his order of coffee

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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Jasmine » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:12 am

Max reacted into his pocket before handing Lucas a twenty, then grabbed the packages from him. Alright, Lucas. I'll see you later." He walked back into the kitchen before setting the packages down. He had a lot of things to do because people had already walked into his restaurant. Max looked over at Aya. "Can you sit them down and take their order?"

Max went back to cooking before hearing Ray's voice, turning his head. "Yeah, yeah... I'm here, just give me one moment." He walked over to one of the cooks and whispered in their ear before they nodded, then went to finish what Max was doing. Max walked out of the kitchen, heading over to the counter. "Need something?"

Aya looked over at Max before nodding and jogging out of the kitchen to great everyone. She sat the people down, then wrote down their order with a smile on her face. "I'll be right back with your drinks!" She ran back over to the kitchen to grab the drinks, setting them down on a tray. Aya grabbed them before going back out, seeing Ray. "Hello!" She walked over the table before setting their drinks down. "I'll be right out with your food." Aya smiled before seeing another costumer (Loui) and walked over to him. "Good morning!
My name is Aya, I'll be your waitress. May I start you off with a drink?"


Ethan flew all the way over to Max's restaurant and landed right at the door. He walked inside before seeing Max standing at the counter with someone. He smiled, then waved at him before walking into the kotchen because he was allowed to. "Morning everyone." Ethan smiled and waved at them before going to sit at one of the chairs in there. The food smelled good, making him even more hungry.

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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by HT_Fafnir » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:35 am

Luca looked over at Meu with a general WTF look. "Unlike you I wasn't trying to absolutely destroy the entire forest. Anyways wanna go down to Max's and get some morning coffee?" Luca asked as he took off his weighted bracelets and anklets that he used to train. Luca started to raise up to fly with his psychic power.

"Sure lets go." Meu said as he began to rise into the air following Luca.

The two blasted off at top speed racing through the air. The building started to materialize on the horizon. "Look there it is!" Meu said as he was gaining on Luca. The two arrive at the front of the coffee shop. The walked in and looked at the lack of people. While Meu was over getting the coffee Luca walked over and sat in a chair with his arms crossed on the table.

Meu grabbed his wallet and said to the cashier, "That'll be two poke-lattes please."

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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Archer_Algren » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:01 am

Four Sweets was having a pretty normal morning, Fi was simply at in the kitchen while Ciri took orders on the counter.

“There, that’s the last one.”
Said Rain as she finally delivered the last of the tea, now, to four sweets.

As Ciri took orders, the door opened and the bell on it rang, Ciri then came face to face with Rain.
They stared at each other for a while when all of a sudden.
“The School of the Undefeated of the East!”
“The Winds of the King!”
Said the two to each other.
The two then threw punches at each other while hitting each other’s punches perfectly.
“Tempa kyouren!”
Shouted both, they bumped their fists together.
“Look! The East is burning red!”
They concluded.
Came a noise from the kitchen as both Rain and Ciri were hit by a sensation that stung.
Yelled Fi.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by LovelessHearts1224 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:52 am

Lottie walked up to Aya, finally dresses in her uniform. "The place looks great Aya, want me to take any tables" she asked in a soft and sweet voice. Her bangs were clipped back out of her face letting her amber eyes gleam in the florescent light. Her kitty ears were white like her hair but the dress was the same.

Aria arrived on the streets of the volcanic territory, the hussle and bussle of the city was oddly slow for the morning, Aria hummed a soft toon as she began her several block walk to her beloved restaurant with her favorite curry.

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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Mama Happy » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:12 am

Cookie yawned loudly as she was getting dressed for work. Lazy Sweets didn't open today, so Cookie was free today. Cookie had some regulars that would come in early in the morning so that they could buy some of her cookies and sweets, sometime she would have to tell them to come back later as they would forget she was closed on certain days. She got dressed and headed downstairs. She lived upstairs right above her bakery, so it was really convenient for her so she wouldn't have to walk everywhere since we all know how lazy Cookie is. Lazy Sweets was in the Valley District, a hot spot for many baking businesses and shopping areas. It was nice being able to live in an area where everything was so close together. "Alright, time to stop by my favorite restaurant." Cookie said to herself, pushing up her glasses and walking down the street happily.

She opened the door and took a deep breath. Even though the restaurant just opened, they were still busy. She pushed up her glasses and smile.d "Hello, everyone." She said calmly, waving as she stepped in. "...! Oh dear, I forgot the cookies I was going to give to you all." Cookie said, referring to all the workers. Cookie knew most of them and how nice they were when she came to eat in the morning on her days off. "Or I probably ate them last night... Either way, they're not with me." She chuckled, knowing that her hungry sometimes got int he way of her baking.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Archer_Algren » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:00 am

As Rain just stood next to the phone, it began to ring and she picked it up.
“Hello? Is this Four Sweets?”
Asked the voice.
“No, this is Rain.”
Replied Rain as she hung up.
The phone rang again after a while and Rain picked it up,
“Hello? Is this Four Sweets?”
“No, this is Rain.”
*a few moments later*
The phone rang again and Rain picked it up again.
“Hello? Is this Four Sweets?”
“Yes it is maam, what would you like?”
Rain asked as she took down the order and gave it to Fi.
“Okay, did you get the address Rain?”
“What address?”
*the good news was that the phone had caller ID so Fi found out the order came from the Forest district and Fi decided to be the one to deliver it, Ciri can manage making the sweets while Rain served*
“Alright then, time to bring it out.”
Said Fi as she entered her garage, there were mostly husks of vehicles lying around but her pride and Joy was a Land Rover Defender she had painstakingly restored.
“Lets ride.”
She told herself as the car zoomed off.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by Souldragon78 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:09 am

Crow stared all most mornings flying to wherever he was going to go for work the same way. Wondering wtf happened the night before to get him to go where he was going. Last night he went a bar with Valco. All he remembered were drinks and something about darts. Guessing that it was a dart game that decided where they would for today. Crowe simply just kept on flying. Well it wasn’t really flying. He wasn’t able to go up too high and wasn’t able to move entire that fast either. At least it was faster than walking at least. After about half an hour the volcano district came into view. Time to start the day. In the hottest district in the island. Well this wasn’t going to be a fun day. Not at all.

Valco was just sitting at his desk. He got out another lotto card from a different lottery and scratched it. 4x profit. Not that bad. Getting up he went to the bathroom to change into something more fitting for his job. His uniform more or less the same thing Crowe had. Just a bit different. He still had a bit, but he wanted to get going anyway. He put away his card and left out for the day. Just knowing one thing. That Crowe probably got screwed with a game of location darts.
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Re: Pokemon Gajinka Island

Post by FeatherBlood » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:27 am

After a while longer of training Gallus finally decided to stop for a bit and head out for a bit instead. He wouldn't have work to do for a while longer since his bar wouldn't open until a more reasonable time, closer to a time where bars become more populated rather than mornings. Making sure his swords were sheathed away, Gallus headed out, locking his house behind him as he did. He strolled down the path and out onto the main path, making his way onward into the village. "Alright, where should I head to today? Maybe visit sis at her work? Annoy her while getting something nice for myself." He laughed to himself as he walked on, figuring out his destination.

Spirit was finally up. She was no longer going to be able to get back to sleep anytime soon and just decided to get up and changed. She was now walking through her hometown with a tired expression, shouldering anyone who got too close to her out the way. Luckily nobody did get close to her, most people who spotted her would move out the way, with a fearful and disgusted look. Spirit was quite infamous on the island, well known but not well liked. She didn't care much for that, so long as they didn't bother her, they would be safe for a short amount of time. Yawning while stretching upwards, she began deciding her plans for the day. "Now, who shall I target today?"

Roto, unsurprisingly, still hadn't moved from his computer from his computer screens, still jumping back and forth from one to the other. A pile of empty wrappers and cans lay beside him, continually growing in size. He would've kept this up, hadn't he noticed the time. "Ah! I'm going to be late for work!" Realising he had nearly gone over his time limit, Roto saved and shut down all his computers simultaneously at high speed. He then bolted through his house and grabbed everything he needed, before bursting out the door and ran down the street, weaving in and out of people.

It was finally time, after reading a little longer and finishing her drink, Dusk decided it was time to head out. Putting her book away in a drawer, Dusk stood up, grabbing her jacket and throwing it on in the same motion. Once ready she left her office and into the main room. She looked about, noting barely anyone was about, apart from a cop or two occasionally walking past. "Guess Crowe and Valco already left." Would've liked to have had a little chat with them beforehand, but it's fine. She stood there for a minute, her one eye looking about. Then she began walking towards the door. "I guess I'll take the Ghost Town District this time." With that, Dusk began her patrol on her way to her destination.
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