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Re: [RP] The City That Law Forgot

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:03 am
by Reyn
Faust chuckled at Saul's words. It was as he thought; the mysterious stranger worked for someone who likely wasn't so mysterious. He offered them a smile, but it was one that was coated in frost.

"I don't talk to police when I can't access their tangible form, Saul." He said "If you want me to answer your question, you're going to have to step out of hiding so I can reach you. I don't like talking to cowards.".

He held a gloved hand out towards the shadow, offering a friendly handshake. Well, perhaps 'friendly' is pushing it a little, but it was a polite gesture nonetheless.

"If you are willing to become material and stay material throughout our talk, I would gladly oblige." He said "But watch your step. I want you material for a reason.".

Re: [RP] The City That Law Forgot

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:50 am
by ConfidentialCon
Saul shrugged apologetically, neither offended at being called a coward nor feeling particularly inclined to put themself at Faust's tender mercies just because he'd like them to. On the other hand... they'd already risked much just by having this conversation, and Faust was known for his premeditated murders, not for losing his temper and killing potential business partners. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but Saul knew they'd have to either leave soon to return to their regular form and never get this opportunity again, or take the chance.

I can agree to that. I should mention that I'm expected to report back, in person, in two hours and seven minutes. If I don't, my superiors will proceed under the assumption that something tragic has befallen me, and will of course take the steps they deem necessary to protect their employees from further unfortunate incidents.

They stepped forward, their body fading back into existence and their shadow once again nothing more than an ordinary shadow that tagged their heels. They inclined their head politely and took the offered hand, resisting the urge to flinch from knowing the poison that could secrete from Faust's skin at any moment. The fear was pushed away to a corner of their mind, and they gave him a warm smile, one that they had been told was charming, almost indistinguishable from a smile that was actually meant. Faust was unlikely to kill them at present, and even if he was there was no reason to be rude.

"But that would be an outcome I doubt either of us desire. Shall we go someplace less likely to be interrupted?"

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Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:39 am
by Reyn
Faust nodded as the person appeared before him. They didn't look familiar, which was somewhat unexpected. For someone who seemed to know so much about him, Faust would have expected them to be a face he had seen before. Perhaps they were, but he couldn't remember. Still, police were police. He could be stood facing Nine for all the difference it would make.

"I admire your courage." He smiled "Forgive me for being so nostalgic, but your resolve reminds me of my old... partner. I should hope you don't meet the same fate they did... though, come to think of it, they're probably fine now. Four years was how long it seemed to... Ah, I'm getting off track here.".

He let go of their hand, gesturing behind him towards the entrance of the bar.

"In there." He said "The security system was destroyed months ago, and the owner and I... well, let's just say that she's not really in a position to interfere, shall we? It should be quite a nice place to hold a meeting.".

Re: [RP] The City That Law Forgot

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:53 am
by ConfidentialCon
Saul raised an eyebrow at the comparison to Faust's old partner and their fate, unsure who he was talking about. They couldn't remember being briefed about him killing a lover, though with a man like him no doubt many of his murders would never be truly known. Four years...? Interesting. They hadn't pegged Faust as the type to leave people alive.

"You flatter me," they said politely, weighing the benefits and risks of asking about this 'partner'. "But I'm just a humble soldier. Nothing more."

They followed him into the bar, a bit impressed at the decor: it looked far more expensive than they'd expected. It was also dimmer inside, shielded from the sun: it probably wouldn't be enough to save them if Faust did decide to kill them, but it gave them slightly better odds. As Faust implied, the only other person there was a rather shell-shocked looking woman, the presumed bartender. Saul absently nodded to her in greeting; if Faust apparently trusted her to keep her mouth shut, that would be good enough for them.

Taking a seat in a booth across from Faust, Saul cleared their throat. "I'm here on the orders of certain high-ranking members of our fair city's police force. They believe that there could be mutual benefits to a certain amount of..." They ran their tongue over the false tooth in the back of their mouth as they thought. "Collaboration," they decided. That was a pleasant word for it.

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Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:50 am
by Reyn
As soon as Faust entered the bar, the bartender shot up from her seat and walked towards him.

"What are you doing back here?" She said "Who's this? Are you here to open another contract with me? Do you want to take back your money? Are you here to... kill me?".

Faust shot her a glare and shook his head, taking a small bottle out of his jacket and placing it on the counter in front of him as he sat down. The bottle was tiny, unmarked, and filled with a black-tinted liquid. There was no hiding what it contained.

"Stay silent and I won't be forced to silence you myself." He said icily "Now, can you please make this... officer a drink?".

"Officer?" The woman sounded confused "What are you doing with the police?".

Faust simply waved her off dismissively. She didn't need to know such things; chances are, she wouldn't be around much longer. The bartender quickly got to work making the pair a drink, constantly keeping an eye on both Faust and the bottle he had placed on the table. Faust ignored her whilst she worked, and instead turned his attention to Saul.

"What amount were you thinking?" He asked, tapping his hand against the side of his chair in idle thought "You do know the nature of my services, right? I wouldn't think the police would be all that interested in this line of work. It seems a little suspicious, don't you think?".

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Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:30 am
by ConfidentialCon
Saul watched Faust's interaction with the bartender quietly, unsurprised. If she was in that deep with someone like Faust, there'd be no point in trying to help her, and she probably deserved it besides.

"In the right light, everything is a little suspicious," they said with a faint smile. "But yes, I understand your concerns. Let me elaborate: there are a few people who my superiors would like killed. Witnesses of things they were not meant to see, potential's all a bit maudlin, in my humble opinion. While they would normally send someone themselves, these people have fled out of East section of the city, and all multi-person missions to other sections have to get the approval of a superior officer who would likely...not approve," they settled on saying, putting on a fondly exasperated expression. "Internal politics can unfortunately be rather cut-throat."

They smiled. It really was funny in a way, seeing them bicker with each other like a pack of dogs fighting over a rat's carcass. Rather sad, but still funny.

"So my superiors have an offer: $150,000 for tracking down and eliminating those individuals. $50,000 upfront, the rest to be paid upon confirmation of their deaths. Is that acceptable?"

Re: [RP] The City That Law Forgot

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:48 am
by Soupster
Soul’s vision and feelings started to come back. First the pain. The fatigue came back second. And his vision and perception next. He had no idea what the heck happened, nor did he want to stick around for the cops to reach him. He did have a bit more energy in him. Soul tried to get up. He succeeded mostly. He fell down a few moments after. Faust and Saul had left.Better not wait for them to come back. Soul tuned his attention to Starbolt rummaging through his bag. Then an idea stuck him. Soul crawled across the cold and hard ground leavening behind a trail of his own blood. Finally reaching in his bag Soul pulled out what looked be be an inhaler. Closing his eyes he brought it to his mouth before giving himself a puff.His mind started calming down. His Senses rising. And a general feeling of time slowing down came too. Because to him it was. Soul successfully got up this time. Slowly to him. Normally to the world. Starbolt jumped into the bag before it got picked up by Soul. His movements were weak. Limping over too a wall he stamped a small emblem. His emblem. The same one on his eye interface. One he made somewhat feared a big on the west. One that was feared elsewhere too. His drugged status went away, and time slammed back to him. Leavening him to limp away. Away from whatever was going to happen to him. From the shackles of the government. At least for now. For now, Soul should find a place to stay, and something to eat.