The Return Of The Lost Princess

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Re: The Return Of The Lost Princess

Post by Jasmine » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:38 am

Liza looked over at Gormahl with a confused, yet worried look on her face. She frowned when he said that Tikans were here, and started to think. "Whatever we do, we cannot let them see us. I don't know why they're here, but I'm not just gonna wait around to see why they're here. The Prince has taken over and I'm wanted. We can either barricade ourselves in and hope they're not here looking for us or we can leave out that window." She started to walk over to the window, but froze and turned to face William. "Is that dumb? There could be more outside, I don't even know anymore." She sighed and looked away, trying to think of a plan. Liza couldn't just go near the window and see if it was safe because what if someone spots her? She'd probably get her friends killed and either end up getting killed, or worse.

"Whatever we do, we're gonna go down swinging. I'm unsure who's side those Tikans are on, but I'm not letting you guys die. I'm sure we could use something as a distraction if they come after us." Liza shrugged, then looked up at William once more for advice.
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Re: The Return Of The Lost Princess

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:47 pm

"If they followed him, they wouldn't know us Liz. I'll hang out downstairs, see if they ask any questions. In the meantime take this... Gormahl said as he removed his cloak and handed it to Elizabeth. "Use it to disguise yourself if you want to come with me. I need a second to keep an eye on both of them. Do not go in with sword drawn like usual. I mean it liz...let's find out why they're here first. Will... stay in the room"

"Stay in the room? I'm a knight of Tor.
I can take them with ease.

"Or set off a trap. If they are here for you, you can't be seen. Plus we can't leave rosa alone and she's no good at surveillancr

Will sighed, knowing the half orc was right, but was not happy about it. "Fine. But if anything happens just shout and I'll come running."

The Torish knight then sat on the bed, putting his sword in his lap. Gormahl quietly opened the door and grabbed his mug of beer. "you ready liz?"
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