Blight Of Glass

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Re: Blight Of Glass

Post by HoneyBuzz » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:56 am

Pepper looked at the shard, then to Moon. "Where did you find this, Moon?" She asked, her voice was laced with worry. Quickly, and without thinking, she grabbed the crystal and took it from Moon's hand, holding it tightly in her left hand. It was only a few seconds before a strong, burning pain shot through the entirety of her left arm, causing her to yell in pain and almost drop the shard. Instead of dropping and possibly shattering it, Pepper quickly tossed the thing into her hat, where it sat dormant. She held on to her hand, letting out a long stream of curses, the kind of which was foul in it's own ways. "Dammit! Where the hell did you manage to pull that from?" Pepper yelled, still clutching her hand. Her palm was covered in black marks, from where she had held the shard seconds ago; As if she was burned. Still mumbling soft profanities and empty promises of cursing people, Pepper pressed her hand to her chest, taking in a deep breath. "That hurt." She muttered, before looking back up at Moon. "To answer your question, Moon, that crystal could quite possibly be the most dangerous thing we've ever stumbled upon." Pepper, still with her wounded hand and arm pressed against her chest, grabbed her hat and dragged it over towards the two of them. "It's appearance is similar to how the Mirror Shards would look, just much thicker. Most likely, the storm created it." She motioned outside, wincing as she moved to a more comfortable position.

"When the mirror was broken, a massive storm circled all of Drelia, raining Hellfire and bringing Demons with it. We originally thought that the demons and the storm were the curse, but instead the storm was just a diversion." Pepper looked at the crystal, a frown forming on her face. "The crystal is Hellfire, in a rather solidified form. Demon Magicks, as many like to call it. Someone must have found it hidden away somewhere, or a Hellfire Magicks user attempted to create it. Why, I have no idea." Pepper scoffed, kicking her hat and the crystal away. "I know for sure that if one of the others, aside from Axel, were to touch it, they could run the risk of being-" She rubbed her hand, looking at the black markings. "They could be transformed. Full Demon or Half-Daemon. It's all up to how well they can fight away the 'illness'. Luckily i'm a witching, so all it does is severely hurt me." She lifted the hand, for Moon to see. "At least, I hope that's all it does."
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Re: Blight Of Glass

Post by GUVII » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:56 am

Moon looked at Pep, with some look of concern on her face, then her attention slowly turned over towards the hat and the crystal, as she was curious of this 'hellfire' crystal. She walks over, and crawls under the hat, and pushes the crystal out, as she is partly under the hat still. Moon looks at the crystal that was within Pep's hat and comes up with a theory of what might had happened. "The crystal was within a power containment housing, designed to contain Alpha Radiation from a Plasma based core made of dark matter, my theory is that Tess' original power core was damaged, and she found a 'substitute' to put in its place... However, all the connections to the core were fried, the body couldn't handle the crystal's energy output, yet... it manage to contain it." She said while forming a orb around the crystal, as it slowly solidified into glass within, to contain the crystal, and its energy. Moon waits for the glass to cool before picking it up, then glances up at Pepper with her hat still covering herself.

"I should limit my exposure to this as well, not for my own sake, but for Diana's as well, including your own. She reacts differently around such energies, sometimes she becomes overwhelming, and I lose control of her..." She said in a quiet, and nervous tone, then looks at the others out side. "I hope that Diana will return to normal some day, maybe then ill give her a proper body to reside in, rather than my own... She is all I got when it comes to family right now..."

Tess on the other hand was acting different, covering herself with her own hair, as if she was naked as her hair is draped across her... However, no matter how you think of it, Elemental's are always naked, due to the fact that they form their clothes from their own stored energy. She glances up at Juju, and smiled lightly, it made her comfortable in a sense, she hasn't really seen a dog this size from where she came from. Her attention returns to the group, and her red eyes shifted around, starting to be uncomfortable now that she is sort of lost for words, and outside her mechanical body. "H-...hello..." She said very quietly.

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Re: Blight Of Glass

Post by someguywithakeyboard » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:35 am

James whirled around to see Mack approaching him, and promptly looked around to make sure nobody else was around before speaking. "Luke was..." He began, "He was my little brother." He paused for a moment as if he were re-thinking his words. "No, scratch that." He finally said, "Luke was my travelling partner for over a decade, the one who relied on me most...Luke was my best friend. And I couldn't save him." He looked away and sighed, staring at the ground.

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Re: Blight Of Glass

Post by Magnol92 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:32 pm

Mack felt a bit of sympathy for James. He had lost somebody close to him, apparently had therapy to get rid of the constant guilt he felt according to Wicker. With this, he decided to make a decision. ''I can help you talk to Luke. Clear things up...We only need somebody with blood magicks, and somebody with spirit magicks. And luckily, me and Pepper are good for that. Although, it may be a bit traumatising at first...'' He decided to keep the rest of his mouth shut. If he got too much in detail James would be turned off. Because telling the man that a carbon copy of Luke would be temporarily created from one of his shadows through his memory would probably make him cancel the whole thing. ''Anyways, I'm going to head inside...One last thing though...Remember when I said you looked like a doctor that ruined my life..That was just a lie. In reality I only hated you because I was envious. You look rich, powerful, and the subtle smug look on your face was the only thing I really hated about you appearance wise. You're still an arrogant asshole. Don't get the wrong idea.'' He entered Momotaro and Titania's house again. Feeling a bit better.

Inside, there he spotted her, Tess, looking less confident and entirely different. He couldn't muster out any words since the chances of him being a dick to Tess were high in his mind. Instead, he called to Wicker and they walked to the back of the large house.

''What do you need me for sir?'' Wicker raised his eyebrow.

''I want to do a seance with James so he can visit his dead brother. It'll be easier with two people with Blood magicks and-'' Mack was instantly interrupted when Wicker heard the term ''Blood Magicks.''

''Magick?'' Wicker raised his eyebrow. ''It's kinda familiar. But what is it?''

''You see, it's a rare thing that people are born with, remember when you holstered me in the air with those branches? That was wood magick. You have wood magicks and blood magicks. You could probably turn each room of this house into a separate cabin if you wanted to.'' Mack explained. ''You're just a young person with the mind of a kid, so it will be hard for your to do this seance. I'm thinking of doing it after the first tomb. Are you with me?''

''I-I guess...'' Wicker sighed, before heading back inside.


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