Miss Aarden's School of Witchcraft

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Miss Aarden's School of Witchcraft

Post by Mayonayys » Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:02 am


It was a sweltering Louisiana summers day, as they usually were, and not even the slightest breeze could be felt. Today was the first day back at Miss Aarden’s school of Witchcraft, and students were pouring inside of the seemingly small hut to escape the heat. Sighs could be heard all throughout the sitting room as the magically cooled air rushed over them. Returning students already had their wand, staffs, and robes, and went to receive their letter sets for the school year. New students were greeted by Miss Aarden herself and given a specially made starter wand or staff, if they didn’t already have one, their robes, and their very first personalized letter set. The school was very small, that was for sure, only about five people in each class. Some blended in with the crowd, while others stood out. The students definitely outnumbered the adults on the grounds, with about five students for ever teacher or staff member. But the students here were all older, and Miss Aarden trusted them to know how to behave, after all, she wouldn’t accept just anybody into her school.

After everyone was gathered into the sitting room of the old magical mansion, Miss Aarden slowly started to float above the crowd, at the front of the room. “And this begins your days at my school of Witchcraft,” she started, before rambling off into a long speech about how she would teach them all to be their best and to do good wherever they go. She cleared her throat when she finished, as she slowly floated back down to the ground. She grabbed up a baggy from a table and with a flick of her wand, little slips of paper started to pour out and float around the room to each student. “These slips hold your room number, the name of your new roommate, and a little spell for those of you with larger familiars. Wouldn't want an incident like last year to happen again... But! I hope you have a wonderful day and get settled in, because tomorrow starts your instructions.” And with that, Miss Aarden gave the room a small bow and exited through the kitchen. Returning students knew they would likely not see Miss Aarden in person again until exam times.

Room Assignments

Room A
1. Annabeth Bass (Female) Played by anotherbabyrose
2. Sophia Newton (Female) Played By Mayonayys

Room B
1. Luna Nova (Female) Played by LovelessHeart1224
2. Ciri Winchester (Female) (Not Finished) Played by Jasmine

Room C
1. Jett Wilder (Male) Played by DatGuyDusty
2. Albius Aster (Male) Played by dreadabelle

Room D
1. Vitae Eathai (Male) Played by Mr_Generic
2. Victor Porter (Male) Played by Mayonayys

1. (Beginner)
2. (Intermediate) Nikolas Quinton Played by Deus Arctos
3. (Advanced) Lillath Countser Played By Happy
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Re: Miss Aarden's School of Witchcraft

Post by Mayonayys » Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:17 am

Sophia | Sitting Room - Outside | Mentions: Annabeth

Sophia sort of lazily plucked the piece of paper out of the air as she sat comfortably in a large lounging chair. The name on the paper was familiar. She knew Annabeth from previous years classes, but the two never really talked, and certainly weren't anything more than classmates, but that was for the moment. As roommates, it would be crucial for them to get along, and it wasn't like Sophia didn't already get along well with most everyone. She wasn't too worried about anything pertaining her new roommate, though there was always the chance that their personalities just clashed while living in such close proximity with another. Sophia just shrugged to herself before standing up from her seat, deciding to make the best of her first day and spend the day reconnecting with the peacefulness that stood outside of the seemingly small hut. She slowly made her way outside, weaving through the crowd, and taking a deep breath of the warm air as she stepped outside, a smile spreading across her face as she did so.

Victor | Sitting Room - Halls | Interactions: Open

Victor was almost falling asleep listening to Aarden's speech, for the fourth time in his life. It never changed. Nothing ever changed in this old place. He sat slumped in a large chair with his feet propped up on a coffee table, eyes half lidded as he stared at the old woman's retreating figure. The usual paper slips came fluttering down in front of each of the students, knowing which owners to go to, he waiting until his just landed in his lap, right on top of ole' Hans. The cat gave a yelp as it was startled out of its slumber, he was always a sensitive thing, he glared at his owner, before stretching out and jumping down, making the paper flutter to the ground.
Vic was almost too lazy to pick it up, but knew he would be lost without the little slip. He let out a groan as he moved his heavy body to snatch the paper off of the ground. He eyes skimmed over it, going to the room section last. He didn't have to memorize his room, because oddly enough it was the same as the previous years, and he knew his roommate well, since it was another Master. He shrugged to himself, slowly hoisting himself up out of his chair. Well, time to go take a nap in his room, he thought, looking around lazily for Hans. The mischievous little bugger was off about to pounce on some beginner year girls unsuspecting bird. This made Vic smirk a little, like father like son, he thought, but made his way over to the cat.
"Hans." He nudged the cat with his toe, just before he was about to pounce. The cat yelped again, jumping a few feet off of the ground, turning and glaring at his owner.
"Sorry ladies," Vic gave a smile to the small group of beginner girls that now looked back at him with wide eyes.
"Seems as though Hans here was about to get into some trouble." He was trying to be charming, as he usually was to women, but his eyes flickered down to one of their slips and he noticed their age printed at the top. The girls didn't even have time to respond before her bid them goodbye. They were cute, but a bit young for him. He strode out of the sitting room, making his way to his bedroom, his black cat grumpily following behind.
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Re: Miss Aarden's School of Witchcraft

Post by Mama Gay » Mon Nov 06, 2017 2:43 am

Lillath sat on her broom with her right leg crossed over her left. She was searching through the library’s vast collection of books for her favorite history book. She had read it many times over, so much that she could recite it forwards and back to you, but no matter what, she never got bored of it. ”Aha!” Lillath said, finding the book and pulling it out of its spot. Acabe raised his large head up at his master, but lowered it when it was nothing of interest to him. Lillath floated down and hoped off her broom, walking to a table far away from any students. Sure, the teacher could have been sleeping, but she really wanted to read the book. Acabe’s ear turned when he heard someone walking near him. Opening one eye, he noticed a familiar face and purred. It was one of the returning students who would constantly give Acabe food and nice belly rubs. The large cat turned over on his back and was greeted with a nice belly rub. Lillath glanced over, but didn’t bother to say anything. She didn’t like ruining Acabe’s fun, so she left him be. After a few seconds of belly rubs, the student had to leave, making the poor tiger sad, yet he understood and went back to sleep. Lillath chuckled and resumed back to her book.
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Re: Miss Aarden's School of Witchcraft

Post by dreadabelle » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:40 am

Albius looked down at his slip and began to walk to his room. He used his staff as a walking stick and his duffle bag felt light against his back despite the many books that laid inside. His summer project went well, he thought as his finger tips grazed the strap of his bag, feeling the texture of the runes he sewed into it. He spent several months crafting the spell, since he wasn't allowed to use a pre-existing one. He could have done it in ten minutes, but his goal was to make the spell as elegantly short as he could in his favorite runes.

A short walk later and he was in his room, putting the books on his shelf. Placing the books just right, he put his families black grimoire face up on its back, and put the skull in his bag on top of it, the way Jim liked it. He then moved to his dresser and loaded it with his spare clothes. He then pulled his satchel out of the duffle and loaded it with his couple school books and his writing supplies, and headed to class, staff in hand, leaving the duffle on his bed.
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Re: Miss Aarden's School of Witchcraft

Post by Deus Arctos » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:32 am

The day was lovely, perfect conditions for walking, running, broom riding, whichever you prefered. But of course, Nikolas was doing absolutely none of these things, he was instead asleep in his cottage, snoring the day away while all of the new students began their very first day here at the academy.

*Snore*...*Snore*... *Snore*...
"Chi chi?" A sudden squeak could be heard, but Nikolas didn't stir, the wizard could sleep through just about anything. Even though he was young, the professor behaved like an old man, even when it came to his sleeping. "Chi! Chi chi!" The squeak was heard again, but this time, a small ferret appeared from under a royal blue wizard's robe, slowly slinking around until it was face to face with Nikolas and his big bushy red beard. This was LuLu, Nikolas' familiar. She brushed her tail against his nose for a few moments, making the wizard sneeze lightly and causing him to slowly wake up. "Ah,
Good morning LuLu. Is it morning already?
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Re: Miss Aarden's School of Witchcraft

Post by DatGuyDusty » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:35 am

Jett caught the paper, swiftly reading it before letting out a sigh. He then leant back, slightly shaking his head and taking a small breath. He felt a little bit of pressure, not having a familiar or a friend. Well, he knew people but in reality, they most likely didn't know him. Slowly, he got up and slowly made his way past the newbies on his way out.
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