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Re: Re: [SIM] Hogwarts (1982) #3

Post by StrawberryDreamer » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:02 pm

"It is my pleasure," Adriana flipped a few pages back in her notebook. "If you understand that there are five exceptions, I can teach you each one. Or do you want to start with the laws?" She might as well actually help the kid before getting into his pants.
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Re: Re: [SIM] Hogwarts (1982) #3

Post by Octavia » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:28 pm

Flora hugged Elijah back for a few moments, and released. "Hey, you'll be ok. Whether you want to come out or not is your choice, and I'll be behind you every step of the way." She smirked a bit, trying to cheer him up. "And what's a little egg throwing to let out some anger? Pleeeeease?" The Hufflepuff grabbed Elijah by the wrist and tried to drag him out of the forest to the Quidditch pitch.
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Re: Re: [SIM] Hogwarts (1982) #3

Post by Trandafir » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:45 pm

Chase furrowed his eyebrows at Siren's mention of the cruciatus curse. The memory brought a chill down his spine, but he shouldn't think about it now; a friend needed help and he had to pull his shit together. "There was nothing you could do back then... And hey, you have me alright?" Chase said, pulling the girl's chin up so her eyes could meet his, showing a comforting smile. "You have your friends. We'll protect you, you don't have to be scared of anything." Chase stood up, offering a hand for Siren and winking playfully at her. "Come, I think you need a distraction."


"We can start with the exceptions," Raj said, opening up his own notes. He furrowed his own eyebrows, trying to understand his own handwriting. Usually it looked quite organized, but McGonagall spoke too fast and he could barely keep up, making the page a huge mess of random words covering the entire parchment. "Ok, the five exceptions for the Elemantal laws of transfiguration are; food, money, love..." Raj bit his lower lip, tapping his fingers on the wodden table as he tried to remember the other two. After a moment, he gave up with a sigh and glanced at Adriana, waiting for the answer.
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Re: Re: [SIM] Hogwarts (1982) #3

Post by MidnightSky » Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:30 pm

Ani turned to Cassandra, stopping briefly in her tracks. "I'm on the team? Have been for a while? But, yes. I'm going to Quidditch." She continued walking, looking to check that the ravenclaw was following her before attempting to start a conversation. "So, um.. Been a lot of drama recently, hasn't there?"
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Re: Re: [SIM] Hogwarts (1982) #3

Post by RaidenAwkward » Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:17 pm

Elijah wiped away his tears on his robe. "I'm not anger Flower. I'm terrified, but I'm glad you're here." He said while squeezing her hand and letting her walk him to the pitch. When they got there he saw a Gryffindor girl with Chase under the bleachers. "Alright guys. While you throw I'll sit up in the stands putting a concealment charm on you. That way I can say I'm cheering Ani on if they day anything." He gave them his plan and pulled out his wand to conceal the three of them.
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Re: Re: [SIM] Hogwarts (1982) #3

Post by Crimsigon-718 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:39 pm

"I don't really watch the school quidditch that often so unfortunately I can never remember who's on what team". Cassandra said in an apologetic manner to Anima as she caught up with the Slytherin and walked at a relaxed pace by her side. When Anima mentioned drama however Cassandra thought back to charms and a smirk became plastered across her face. "Oh yeah tonnes of drama. Especially in Charms with Beatrice and...Ella". Cassandra's facial expression turned into one of disgust when she thought about the halfblood. As Cassandra finished talking a silence took place and not wanting to ruin her first proper conversation with Anima Cassandra continued. "Look, I'm....sorry for the first time we met. I was quite force full and repeatedly came over and disturbed you and your friends when you quire clearly wanted me to go away". With that Cassandra looked down and continued stroking Cinder, quite surprised at how calm and dare she say humbler she was today. It must be the cat Cassandra thought as she looked up at Anima once more.
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Re: Re: [SIM] Hogwarts (1982) #3

Post by Golden_ » Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:41 pm

Jackie gave the professor a timid smile, before entering the room as instructed. The office was rather interesting to say the least; Wanda sure had a variety of odd interests - and that was coming from Jackie herself. She took a seat in the chair and placed her book bag onto her lap, while gaping at the walls. The girl didn't expect to be here for too long, or so she hoped. "Uh, yes please," she murmured, in response to the tea offer. But when it came to the next question, the rainbow-haired girl wasn't quite as open. "Actually, I'd rather not."
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