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Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 1:08 pm
by Golden_
As the loud door finally closed behind them, Jordan began to scan the interior of the house, as well as those within it. He had to bend his head a little more than usual to get through the door, likely meaning that this house was pretty freaking old. Leaves scattered across the floor, more so in the main foyer, but he wouldn't be surprised if the outside world had crept in elsewhere as well. Dust and cobwebs sat in the corners, decorating the once charming living room. It was a fixer-upper, that's for sure, but if it were restored... it'd be a lot better than his own home back in town. Fortunately, he didn't see any broken floorboards leading to a black hole, nor did he see any small animals using the roof and four walls as a shelter. However, things would be revealed the further he delved inside.

It looked like a fairly small party; with little clumps of people scattered around the main entrance, though he didn't doubt that others had already begun exploring. He recognized most from school, but their names wouldn't come to mind, especially if they were younger by a year or two. A small corner of the room was dedicated to drinks and other goodies, which hardly surprised him. Altogether, everything seemed pretty normal to him, apart from the joyful setting.

The young man stuck around Iris for a moment, watching as she embraced Corinna, knowing that she'd throw a fit if he didn't stick around and mingle. He smiled as she introduced them and let out a light laugh at her comment. He was used to those types of reactions by now, especially after his first couple weeks of college. But that didn't mean he was very good at responding to them. "Nice to see you again, Corinna..." he ended up saying.

Fortunately, the girls moved on, taking a quiet Marina under their wing, leaving Jordan with some freedom. He couldn't mingle if they were involved in another conversation, now could he? Perfect, at least he had an excuse to feed Iris should she question him. He took the opportunity to drift towards the goodie station, deciding that one drink wouldn't hurt. This weekend was his little 'cheat day', given that Ma's cooking wasn't exactly what he ate on a regular basis. Plus, it could help with the nerves.

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Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 3:01 am
by Wannderlust
"Since I was 15,"Jayson answered after hearing Lalou ask him how long he had been smoking, he was about to ask the boy if he dabbled but soon another boy, Bob, came into the conversation talking about how his smokes weren't the greatest and how he wished he had some Oregon - just as quick as he came though he had left and it was just Jay and Lalou again.

Jay who was still a little startled by Bob's sudden appearance and disappearance blinked a few times before he shook his head a little, a small chuckle escaped his lips,"Nah, man, I don't think so, not unless you have proof,"he shrugged a little, there was a small part of Jay that wanted to believe but the bigger part said he needed the proof in order to believe that ghosts existed.

At the mention of Bob's excitement he glanced over to where he was now cornering a girl, he chuckled a little,"Don't know where someone gets that kind of energy from,"he admitted, even before he didn't smoke pot - Jayson was a relatively quiet person, always kept to himself.


Lark spun around when she heard Rion enter the room,"Oh hey,"she said softly as she watched him for a few moments, she wasn't sure what she was looking for - maybe she was searching for the boy she once knew, the one before Ashley broke him at least or maybe she was seeing if he was on the edge of breaking?

After those few moments she shook her head slowly,"No, but I was hoping to explore some more,"she answered softly, she glanced down at her dirty sneakers, they had used to be white - but anyone who knew Lark well enough knew that anything white, didn't go well with her.

It never stayed that colour. As she looked back up, she asked,"You not joining the party?"she was curious on why he was up here and not down there with the others.

The Other Side

Posted: Thu May 14, 2020 3:21 am
by Avocadomydudez
Iris practically clung to Corinna, absolutely in love with the attention she was receiving. Once they were back to the other two she had gave a short laugh, almost replying to Corinna on filling Jordan’s head with compliments, but before she could they were on the next conversation. Something Iris loved about Corinna, was that she was never on the same topic twice, there was always something different to have a conversation. “Oh I’m sure Marina could handle them, turned me down quicker than anything. Broke my heart.” Iris had pouted in Corinna’s direction before quickly giving a sly grin. Iris remembered all the fights Corinna had gotten into, coming by with a busted lip or a healing bruised eye- but each time Corinna’s victim had an ass whooping they wouldn’t forget. Iris wasn’t really a fighter, at least not with fists or some rusted iron pole. Iris valued words, gossip, rumors, something that could truly shatter someone. It was a shitty thing to do, but Iris never started shit on someone who hadn’t deserved it. She also valued her pedigree over a broken nail- those bitches hurt when they cracked.

Letting go of Corinna’s hand to sling herself over on Marinas back, holding up her own weight but letting her arms go dead on her shoulders. “Kidding! She was super sweet about it, just not into girls.” She spoke, not knowing if that was something Mar had wanted to be shared, but even so Iris didn’t think on it. Speaking her mind was something she done, especially on others sexuality, dedicating a poster on who liked what. Iris’s eyes quickly surveyed the room, spotting where Jordan had gone through the small crowd, his large muscular figure hard to miss. “Shots?” Iris would chirp as she untangled herself from Marina’s shoulders, not really for exploring the house without some alcohol in her system- best time to be scared was to be tipsy. “I’ll be back.”

Just as soon as Iris’s attention was off Marina and off to dig through the cooler and grab a starter drink of mikes hard, was when a nosy punk hand went up to Mar. It wasn’t until later when Iris had popped the tab and took a chug was when her eyes caught sight of the guys. Her legs began moving before anything, a protective like instinct overriding every movement in her body before she slipped- wedged herself between the guys and Marina before giving her a bright smile. Iris didn’t really stop to see what was going on, but she didn’t need too. A meek girl with raging testosterone boys was all she needed to see. “Maaaaar!” She almost squealed in a sing song voice, now playing dumb as well as a weak drunk. “Let’s go be pirates! I’ll be the parrooooot!” Iris quickly giggled.

A small memory tried to wedge itself in, but Iris had long buried it. Mathew did NOT get to win, he did NOT get to be in her mind. He wasn’t either, as soon as the memory popped, it soon went back to its grave.

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Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 5:17 am
by EyesOfIce
Corinna gave a sideways glance when Bob left his position and called out to Marina, but noticed that other people had perked up a bit and seemed ready to help the girl if she got too uneasy. Corinna took one last look at the girl before nodding to herself slightly and turning. She decided that after she finished her drink she would explore, so she walked back over to the table and picked up her backpack, and then slung it over her shoulder while simultaneously setting her cup down on the table. It wasn’t that she thought people would outright steal from her, but at the same time, she didn’t know some of these folks too well and who knew if they would rummage through her stuff. Not that she had anything to hide in there, but some of the stuff she had in her “goodie bag” that was tucked away in her backpack was expensive. She also wanted to find a spot to claim for the night for when she decided to sleep.

“Well, I’m going to look around.” Corinna stated as she looked from one person to the next. Then she looped her thumbs around the straps of her backpack and began to bounce down the hallway instead of going upstairs, since some people had already gone up there. Each door that she came upon in the hall, she opened it and peaked her head in, but continued to the end of the hallway. She was looking for something to grab her attention before entering a room, but so far had no luck, at least that was until she came upon the last door at the end of the hall. Once again Corinna pushed the door open and looked around. This room was the one she decided was worth the time, since it seemed to have a different vibe than rest of the rooms that she had seen on her way down the hall.

Once the door was fully pushed open, the fiery red-head stepped in and took a slow look around, as if she were a machine scanning the area. The room was pretty large and seemed to be filled with boxes and various furniture that was covered in white fabric, which she assumed was an attempt to preserve the material and furniture itself. She began her exploring by walking directly to the center of the room, maneuvering around various objects on her way there and idly running her fingertips along the tops of the different boxes that were on top of their respective stacks. When she reached the spot that she was satisfied with, she lifted her fingers and looked at the dust that they gathered on her walk through the room. Corinna peaked in to a few of the nearby boxes, and settled with one that seemed to be filled with photographs and frames. There was something sweet, romantic and sad about the photos she found. Many if not all were in black and white and seemed to feature a beautiful woman with curled hair, of course there were a few other photos sprinkled in that seemed to be of a family or different scenic views. She smiled as she stopped at one particular photo of the woman. In the photo the lady had one of her fists pressed against her chest and her other hand on top of her head, seemingly holding the hat she was wearing in place. The part that stuck out to Corinna the most though was the woman’s face. The woman seemed to be laughing her teeth showing in a vulnerable manner, and her eyes seemed to almost sparkle. Slowly Corinna traced her finger along the picture and sighed. She wondered if this woman was in love. Clearly the woman was happy, but what made her seem to glow? Eventually Corinna peeled herself from the photo and set the stack that she had pulled out back on to the top of the pile within the open box. She then left the box open and decided to move on to a different area of the room.

This time Corinna found herself strolling along the wall that held no windows. It was the leftmost wall from when someone entered the room, and in the center of the wall was a white door whose paint was chipping. This was the thing that grabbed Corinna’s attention now. Without a second thought, Corinna went to turn the doorknob but was taken aback when the door refused to budge. She audibly made a curious hum before squatting down to look around the doorknob. The outline of a keyhole could be made out, however it seemed to be plastered over with some sort of hard substance. Slowly Corinna straightened up and began to twirl the end of her long, braided hair once again while she thought. She could try to dig out the substance in the keyhole, but then she would need a key and who knew how cemented in the stuff was. She took a glance over her shoulder at the door once more before a wide smirk grew over her lips. This house had been abandoned for years, surely nobody would be upset if she…

With a running start, Corinna braced herself before throwing her body against the door. One hit was all it took before the door busted open and Corinna hit the ground, both resulting in a loud bang sound. Corinna rolled on to her back, sputtering for a moment as she regained her breath. She blinked her eyes a few times before sitting up and looking around. This room seemed very similar to the previous room; however, this room was much smaller and had no windows. Another thing that this room had in common with the last was that it was that it seemed to be filled with furniture covered in white sheets, however this room did not seem to have nearly as many cardboard boxes as the other room. Once her feet were back under her, Corinna looked around once again, however it didn’t take nearly as much time since this room seemed to be twice as small. Then she spotted it.

In the back of the room, directly opposite of the door stood a large trunk. Corinna slowly approached it, taking in the entire look of this trunk. The trunk itself was a distressed looking red leather, with the corners and the latch pieces being made out of a silver metal. She wasn’t entire sure, but something in her gut made her feel that this was the reason the door was locked and the keyhole sealed. At first Corinna ran her hand over the red leather before her fingers found the lip under each of the metal latches and quickly flipped them open. At this point, it was almost as if something were calling out to her and demanding that the open the trunk. Once all the latches were undone, she paused for a moment before gingerly wrapping her hands around the handles and pulling the trunk open. At first she had her eyes closed, fearing that a body or something would be store in the rather large trunk, but after she opened her eyes, her mouth fell open as she stared down at it.


Rion watched Lark as she seemed to study him for a moment, almost a look on her face as if she were searching for something, after a few seconds he turned to look out the nearby window. He knew what she was thinking, Corinna had worn the same expression many times. As soon as Lark asked her question, he turned to face her again and shrugged while forcing a bit of a smile. “They seem like they’re doing fine without me. Besides, I don’t know if this is my thing… I honestly just came for Cori… She wouldn’t leave me alone until I said yes.” He elaborated, this time he gestured slightly with his hands. “It’s probably better that I am here anyway, who knows what kind of trouble she’s gonna get herself in to tonight.” He almost laughed a bit as he said this. Then, as if right on cue a loud bang seemed to come from right under their feet.

“Why do I get the feeling that that was Corinna.” Rion groaned as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Well, lets see what kind of destruction she has caused now.” He mumbled as he turned to leave the room. Before he went to walk through the doorway, he half-turned looking back at Lark before he spoke. “Wanna come see the show?” He said, giving a small genuine smile that seemed to leave as fast as it had come.

It took almost no time for Rion to get to the bottom of the stairs. He looked around at the room of people for a moment, not seeing Rinna anywhere causing him to sharply turn and walk down the hallway with his hands shoved in his pockets once again. At the end of the hallway a single door stood open, indicating the location of his sister. Instead of stopping to look around at all of the boxes and furniture as Corinna had, he made a beeline right for the door that had been broken open, and sighed once again as he finally had his sister within eyesight.

“Why can’t you just not vandalize places? You know, one day I won’t be here to babysit you anymore.” He said in a stern manner as he approached his sisters’ side, however the scolding stopped as soon as he saw what she was staring down in to.

“Holy shit.” Rion breathed as he peered down in to the trunk. It appeared as though the trunk was actually a secret covering for a ladder that lead down in to a very dark passageway.

“Holy shit.” Corinna agreed as she nodded her head. “This is like something straight out of a movie… We have to show everyone.” She stated with the same tone throughout the whole sentence. The dark abyss-like hole seemed to mesmerize her and she found herself subconsciously fingering at the top of the ladder.

Rion nodded in agreement, glancing at his sister’s hands nervously, before backing away and moving back to the first room. He stood in the doorway and stuck his head out in to the hall. “Hey… guys… You gotta see this.” He called out, his voice quiet at first, but plenty loud as he finished talking. He waited for a just a moment, waiting for a sign of moment from the other “party-goers” before he made his way back to the second room and took a place next to his sister.

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Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 5:56 am
by RabidGravity
Lalou had jumped about sky high when a loud bang sounded through the house. His first thoughts were if Corinna and Rion were alright as he didn't see either of his dear friends as he whipped his head around. His heart stopped beating so fast when he saw Rion come down the stairs, but until he knew that Corinna was alright, he wouldn't be able to settle. He was right on Rion's tail and walked in just as he was telling everyone to gather in the back room.

"Are you alright? Cor did you break this door? Are you okay? Wait...what's that?" the questions tumbled from his mouth like little pebbles from a jar. He was worried beyond a doubt but took in his surroundings with his hawk like eyes, cataloging and filing away everything he saw. The chest was the moth obvious. With signs of wear and tear, the leather looked soft to the touch and well worn.

Looking inside shocked him. This house had all kinds of secrets it seemed. The ladder was rickety and old, but that wouldn't deter Lalou in the slightest. Lalou looked to Rion with a twinkle in his eye.

"Secret passages~" he said in a sing song voice, excited beyond measure.

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Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 6:15 am
by Cr25pltro6
"If she's the parrot then i wanna be an alligator!" Bob said as he put a hand on Iris's shoulder. "You know! Like the one in that peter pan movi-" Bob cut himself off as he caught a full view of her face. He abruptly snatched his hand away from her like it was burnt and stuttered "Y-you know, i think i- does anybody want- what i meant to say was-" Fuck, what was she doing here? Was this really the IRIS MOTHERFUCKING ACE?! The girl with the most ominous reputation attached to her name! This threw a wrench into his plan. No, scratch that, it poured gasoline on his plans and set it on fire then stomped it out using spiked boots!

Seriously, from what he heard, she was as dangerous and calculating as it got. Supposedly, she bribed several teachers and even slept with one, to destroy the lives of some kids who were considered untouchable with their social influence. Why exactly she did this, he wasn't certain. He had only the scattered rumors from a dozen different people, nothing he would label as concrete. Some say she did it to get revenge because those dudes did an unspeakable thing that should have gotten them buried underneath hell, others say that was just a sob story to mask her sadistic nature and that the boys were just innocent people that she decided to hurt just cause she could.

Either way, the general consensus among the people "in the know" was to leave her alone. Normally, he would ignore such a mindset, but the "Awkward-but-harmless/Energetic" persona he was currently wearing wasn't gonna fool the Ace. Knowing the stories, she was probably wearing a mask right now as well. If he was being honest with himself, the only reason why she doesn't see through him was because she didn't know him and probably assumed that this was how he normally acted. He had only his lucky stars to thank that she hadn't payed attention to him...... at least until he had touched her shoulder!!! Christ, he needed to fix this before he left an impression. Maybe if he continued with his persona and apologized? Yeah, she probably wouldn't think much of the situation. He was probably overreacting, he just touched her shoulder is all.

Replacing the involuntary shocked expression from his face with a more leaned back relaxed expression, he said "Where is my manners?! I'm sorry dudet-" However, just before he could finish the sentence, he heard Rion yell for them. Thank god, saved by the bell! "What was that dudes? We should probs check out the sitch." He turned away from the Ace and began to go downstairs. As he walked, he couldn't shake the feeling that he got out of that situation by the skin of his teeth.

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Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 2:47 pm
by Wannderlust
Lark listened to Rion, he sounded exactly like Jayson did - the two protective brothers, she thought. She was about to say something when a loud bang filled the house, her first thought was that something had fallen over somewhere, but when Rion mentioned Cori, it made all the more sense. It did seem if trouble wasn't following her, she was getting into it, probably one of the many reasons that drew Lark to Corinna,"Yeah not much to see up here,"she said after he asked her if she wanted to come.

Lark followed Rion down the stairs, he was a little more quicker than her as she trailed a bit behind the older boy, as they came into the large room, Lark stopped short to take a look around at the covered furniture and the boxes that layed out, dust seemed to dance in the air as Rion rushed into another room.

Lark slowly approached the room with the broken door, as she came to step into the second room, she glanced around before finding the two hunched over something, Lark felt a cold chill run down her spine as she stepped closer and closer to them, as she peered over their shoulders, her gaze fell down a very dark looking hole with a ladder.

As she heard others shuffling in behind her, she pulled back a little to let them get a peek for themselves,"Does anyone have a flashlight?"she asked,"maybe we could go down?" Lark was curious on why someone would build such a room, or even hidden it the way they had.


Jayson was right behind Lalou, the noise seemed to come from one of the back rooms on the same floor as they were. As he noticed Corinna had left not long ago, he suspected it was her, as he followed the other boy into the room, he hoped she hadn't fallen or gotten hurt in another way.

Unlike Lark, Jayson didn't take anytime to rush into the second room, his mind going a mile a minute, as he came to a quick stop in the door way, his eyes scanned the room, the door he stood by had looked like it had been forced open, which explained the noise, as Rion called out the everyone, he moved into where everyone seemed to be gathered around,"What's going on..."he trailed off as he peered over Corinna's shoulder to see what looked like a trunk, as he looked even further to see what was inside, he didn't expect to find a ladder leading down a fairly large, and dark hole,"Don't say we are going down there.."he muttered as he glanced at Corinna and than the others, he didn't get a good feeling from this.

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Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 6:38 pm
by Avocadomydudez
Iris’s fingers had turned white when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Her fingers gripping tightly around the bottle. The moment she had turned to face him, his hand had quickly shot off. Bob. The only reason she had known his name was due to someone else saying it. Iris hadn’t recognized him, at least not for the time being. There were few people whom she hadn’t tried to get to know, some either too scared to get to know her, always getting stoned, or just not around. Bob was one of these people, but which category he fit under she didn’t know. Though her face was calm her mind was filled with anger and curiosity... but quickly her expression changed to a wide grin. “No worries.” She stated, figuring that’s what cut him off but soon realized someone else was speaking.

Iris had turned slightly towards the noise and began walking in the direction of it, not checking to see if Marina was following along or staying hidden. She moved past the others and made her way to one of the edges of the trunk. Looking down her mind was a bit clouded, mostly with so many thoughts. “I have my phone for light.” She had offered up, setting her drink next to her and pulling her phone out from her back pocket.

Iris even lifted her leg, now resting her boot on the side of the chest, her doe like eyes looking up towards Corinna with a sly grin. “I’ll race ya down.” She chuckled, now turning the flashlight onto her phone but instead of it looking into the chest it was shining up to Iris’s face, her pushing out her lips and crossing her eyes, still facing in Corinna’s direction.

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Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 10:48 pm
by Monika
Marina leaned against the wall, trying to recover from the whirlwind that had just surrounded her and was gone before she knew it. She had managed to thank Corrina briefly before Iris brought up the time she turned her down. She had felt bad for turning her down, but like she had said, she wasn't really into girls. It didn't hurt their relationship, though, and she was glad for that. Her friend wandered over to get something to drink, and she heard someone call out. She didn't even get to say anything because Iris seemed to magically appear out of nowhere, rambling on about... pirates? Parrots? and then the guy from before chimed in. She could tell that Iris had been uncomfortable when he touched her, but like always, her friend handled it well. It made her a bit jealous, actually. Everyone seemed so... well adjusted and... well... social. After she had wandered off to see what Corrina was up to, and as everyone else migrated in the same direction, she slid down the wall, pulling her knees up. She came for her friend, and the spooky place... but there were so many people she just... barely knew. It was a bit too much for her to handle and she just needed a breather.

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Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 7:01 pm
by JoJoTheZombie
Crowded rooms didn't exactly make Raymond comfortable in the first place, he needed air. Heading out the back door Raymond took a few steps away from the house, letting the combination of inebriation and mild anxiety get the better of him. Plus he barely knew most of the people there. Though being distant from others was something he felt used to. Starting from his foreign background, ending with his general disdain for how some of the people around here acted. Ultimately, the irritation would stem from feeling misplaced of sorts. There was something that would calm that anxious feeling for now, luckily Ray had more of it.

A quick roll from his pocket to his hand gave Raymond all the time he needed to cool off before he was approached again. Ray took another drag before he turned his head to look at the girl. What was her name? Allyra or something? "Oh, whats up?" Ray asked as she approached, nodding at her comment thereafter. "I'm alright. Just a bit of herbal rejuvination, love." Ray asnwered with an exhale of smoke. "Nothin to worry bout. Sounds like something going on inside though?"