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Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 5:21 am
by JoJoTheZombie
"Neighboring enemies?" Ray repeated with a small amount of confusion sitting under his words. What enemies? What kind of place was this? The sound of her voice drew Ray closer and closer with every breath. It was so dark, yet, so warming. Raymond felt terrified but estatic at the same time. Adrenaline pumped through every vein as the woman's hand touched his chest, taking in a sharp deep breath.

A puff of air as she turned away, watching closely as Daeva's attention turned to a squirrel. Within moments the squirrel had changed, is very soul seemingly evaporating from its cavity leaving nothing but darkness in its place. Ray's eyes widened as the scene unfolded "What in the.." Before his scentence could be finished Daeva spoke again. Her voice even more mesmerizing than before.

She spoke of power within, something she could unlock. Stating that life and death could be manipulated so easily at a free whim. Something about her words made Ray feel at ease, his confusion clearing up satisfaction. It was so hypnotising of an idea that Raymond could barely even break eye contact. Only for a second his eyes glanced at the squirrel once more before turning back. Responding to his new name 'Sephtis' with only a nod, a satisfactory moniker for what was to come.

Before the creature even had a chance to move, a black aura darker thank the pitiful darkness around them began radiating from Raymond's body. Before the creature reacjed raymond the blackness had covered the small area they were in. Within all of this Raymond remained still, his expression turning more serious than before. He didn't even flinch as the rodent latched onto his leg. Only his head turned to look down at his small attacker, staring deep into it's dark eyes. For a moment they both stood still, quite and motionless. Then suddenly a blood curdling screech erupted from the squirrel, its body flailing in shock as it tried to let go.. But couldn't.

By now the blackness wasn't only spreading outward, but inward. The poor squirrel wasn't the only one feeling the effects.

A small flash and the squirrel was gone, and so was Daeva. A quick look around confirmed he was still in the forest, though it seemed different.. Somehow? Wait, this definitely didn't look right. It felt as if he had no control over his own body and what was going on around him, as if he were watching a movie.

Another flash.

Pain surged through Raymond's body as the next scene unfolded, starting in his arm a burning pain began to take over every inch of his body. His body was beginning to change and he felt as if he were begining to burn alive. Unwillingly he began to crawl. Moments later the scenery changed, cave walls coming into view. A few more moments drew a water source in the distance. Slowly it came closer, almost tangible. Once reaching the edge, his hands slid onto the water. Though the water only made it worse, feeling an energy surge through his veins. The color of his skin began to darken until it turned jet black, and watched while it elongated his nails. The pain felt everlasting, a horrifyingly tormentuous experience. It lasted for hours, no, seconds. Then it was gone.

Another flash.

A blinding white light flashed before Ray, slowly making sense of the scenery as his vision began to reset. Though, it didnt make sense, he wasn't in the forest anymore. No, this time all he could see was white. Slowly it formed into archways, tables with fancy centerpieces, rows of chair and people occupying them. In the center lied an aisle. A blonde haired woman wearing a stunning white dress happily strolled down the center, accompanied by an older man. At the end of the aisle, a handsome young man in a tuxedo stood there happily. The look on his face told the stories of many hopeful year to come with his newly founded family. It was warming, yet, a deep searing pain began to develop the closer the blonde drew to the groom. With every step Raymond could feel an excruciatingly painful stab in his chest of the left side. The echoes of the bride to be's footsteps haunted Ray's ears as the stabs got harder with each approach. Tears rolled down Raymond's face as the gaze shot to the ground. Once it lifted, his eyes were fixated on the bride and groom, his vision zooming in on their embrace of unity after their 'I Do's.' This picture seered into his brain burning every memory of lost relationships time into his mind. The emotional torment soared in comparison to the physical he felt before. He wanted to scream. Butnhe couldn't. His attempt only settling for a halfass cry. Slowly the bride and groom began to melt away, and everything once again faded into blackness.

Another flash.

Finally Raymond shook back to reality, all of the pain carrying with him as he dropped to one knee. He looked up, seeing Daeva once more. Though, not in quite the same demeanor she was before. With heavy shallow breaths Raymond's head fell once again, his eyes falling to the ground. A loud ringing made a slow crescendo into his ear drums, blocking out all another noise. Soon thereafter, a splitting headache followed, both of which felt like nothing compared to the journey he had just went on.

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Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 3:00 pm
by Avocadomydudez
He was a quick learner, but nothing had prepared Daeva for what was going to happen... the memories she had held once before in another lifetime itched their way to her mind, a mind filled with nothing but death, hatred. A woman- no, an enemy dressed in white, walked past her in her mind. She didn’t want to see this, to witness the events that changed the course of her life, she didn’t want to relive it. Daeva had fell to the ground, her hands reaching to her ears like a child fearing their parents fighting. She didn’t want to hear the bells, an aching pain she had never felt in her new body was arising, but just as her mind caught glimpse of the bride and groom saying I do... all of it disappeared.

Now all of a sudden her arm was throbbing, to think of how a mere human thought they could take on the rarest of the creatures was quite funny to her now, but having to relive it all- was hell. Daeva now was laying motionless onto the ground, the same as her memory. The venom taking its time spreading across her body until the very end, where a deal was already set into play. A deal that would keep her living, the part of hate, the part that craved for those around her who held no potential to perish. “Stop!” Daeva would let out, her voice shakey. The memories were quickly buried back, memories that she had long forgotten about... as if her reasoning for the start of this war was now silly, no, it was the perfect reason. The reason of betrayal. Getting her sight back, Daeva stood, taking a moment before looking at the mans feet. Her dearest companion, now laid to rest against the mans feet. “So that is how you could view my past?” She questioned aloud, making her way towards the small creature and picking it up. Control over ones power wasn’t the woman’s plan, a power that could easily change the tables to her advantage just needed to run free- but... he’d need some control so she would never again have to see what she had once lost.

“How do you feel Sephtis?” She asked, the nickname still holding. The Shadow Woman looking down at the squirrel, tracing her finger up it’s stomach before piercing with her nail to completely end the life. Not wanting to keep it in a stunned phase for any passerby to see, a darkened cloud swiftly moved back out of the squirrel, it’s once reddish brown fur changing to a grey color... it’s life completely destroyed, even if it had managed to live pass the travelers gift, it’d still never be the same as darkness had stolen it.

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Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 6:12 am
by Monika
Marina was caught off guard by something, something she couldn't exactly explain as she was knocked off her feet. As she hit the ground, her head hit a rock and knocked her unconscious briefly. At least, she thought it was briefly. Her head hurt when she started to come to and she sat up, holding her head a little as she tried to figure out what had happened. She heard the voices of others, familiar voices. Everyone was there... but just where were they? She opened her eyes as she looked around, finding herself on the ground with her bag still draped over her slightly. "Iris...?" she called out, quieting up when she held her head a little more, groaning slightly in pain. Her head still stung. She didn't feel the cold floor under her... it felt like... grass...?

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Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 5:01 pm
by Wannderlust
He was frustrated with himself mostly, why had he agreed to any of this? His eyes flashed towards Corinna, then away just as quick, he knew why he had come but did he do this to fit in or try to impress a girl who would never notice him? He had to admit it was a little of both, but he also knew that deep down, if he hadn't come, Lark would be here alone for sure, Raymond was no where in sight. As the others agreed to stay together, he let out a distressed sigh, before waving his hands at them,"Fine, we'll stick together,"he muttered, not wanting to argue with anyone, was done with this little adventure now. He just wanted to find Raymond and leave.

What if he was in some serious trouble? He looked out at the woods that Rion mentioned, it was a good place to start looking too, he thought.

He looked back at the others,"The woods sounds good,"he agreed, he would start his search tomorrow, once everyone was settled and had some sleep at least, by the time they had found the book and gotten here, it had started to get pretty late back in the other world.


Lark didn't say anything, she felt just as responsible as the others who had read the book, she even encouraged it along with Cori. Her hands were all over this just as much as anyone else who had stepped up, at the mention of woods, she glanced towards them before she looked at the others, who seemed to agree with the idea of moving away from this tree.

She simply nodded, not wanting to draw any attention towards herself, the last thing she needed was another person biting her head off. As she hung back, she glanced down at her sneakers, wishing she could be anywhere but here now.

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Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 11:30 pm
by JoJoTheZombie
"Your past?"

"That was you?"

Everything felt seperated. Reality felt like a sweet dream.

"I dont understand.."

This was all so much. Ray felt overwhelmed by the connected emotion he felt towards the memories he'd just experience. There had never been anything like it. All of these memories felt as his own. But they weren't. They were hers

Slowly it had come all together.

"No. Those were your memories.. Right?"

It was through the squirrel. Daeva's control of the creature gave a link into her mind. The contact was all Raymond needed to take that journey. It didnt take a genius figure it out. But how.. How was this even possible?

"This is a lot of shit to process, love" Raymond responded with a grunt, shaking his head at the ringing of his ears. He stood up straight looking across at the woman. "Sephtis?" He asked, not feeling quite as mezmerized by her presence as before. "You keep calling me that.. What does it mean?"

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Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:34 am
by Avocadomydudez
Iris hadn’t looked back, hadn’t noticed that Corinna hadn’t followed, hadn’t noticed that her friend had gotten caught up by the others. She just swiftly made her way to Jordan, swiftly walked towards him. Yea, all this was a tad scary, but at the time being she hadn’t really thought on that matter. Perhaps all this was just a dream, that seemed like the most logical answer. As she made her way up to Jordan she noticed the change of his expression, it was a bit terrifying, and part of her wanted to flee, to go hide behind the tree or the woods that surrounded the hill far off... no, this was her friend, this was Jordan... everything was okay. She hadn’t caught what he said, and thankfully she hadn’t, because the blame would’ve fell on her and Corinna most likely as well as a few others. The blame moreso her since she begged him to come.

“Jordan!” Iris would call, still gripping onto her scarf, not realizing that her phone had slipped from her pocket- but even if she had it wouldn’t have been much use at this point. It being shattered and all. “Hey, Jordan!” Now next to him, Iris would spin and shuffle to in front of him, facing him now. A large grin plastered on her face as she peered up at him. Nothing else would fumble from her lips though, unknowing what to say or even do. What else could she say? At the moment her dear friend didn’t really seem in the mood for a joke, but still... she was glad she had found him, glad she was now by his side. Jordan was her protector in a sense, being there through every bit, but even so she could never understand him being upset by this sudden experience.

(Sorry it’s short and may possibly not make sense, I just got home from work, I’ll try posting for Daeva as well!!)

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Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:49 am
by Avocadomydudez
Memories? Yes.. that’s what it was, but even so, Daeva couldn’t say those words at the moment. Instead she looked at the man and nodded before turning to look at the sky. The sun beaming down through the treetops, not really causing pain for her, but instead causing an annoying sensation to flow through her. She thought on his second quest instead, looking back at him for a moment. “Sephtis, the name I’ve granted you means eternal death. Upon meeting you I could feel darkness within, and within darkness can always bring death.” She replied softly while looking at him, her once sensational aura soon fading, but just for a moment, the memories once again fading and becoming blocked from her mind. The darkness in her once again prying it’s way in control. “It’s not too much to process if you just understand it.” She said simply, not really giving any explanation on his gift or even how he got here, because that answer she hadn’t even known.

Daeva would soon move closer, but not yet touching her companion, not really wanting to feel- to see those images again. “Love, is too simple of a name for me and quite bland, a lie upon lies. If you really wish to call me something... Mistress shall do.” Shed whisper, getting closer to Ray, her lips once more inches from his ear. The lady would even take it a bit further as she inhaled, as if taking in his scent before moving away. “We must leave now, I have much to show you, and even though you have attempted the darkness you behold, you have not mastered it, just unlocked it.

With that, Daeva would turn away, and begin heading further into the forest, heading straight for a cave... the same cave where once a shadow creature lived, a cave that she now swelled in.

(I can give descriptions tomorrow unless you want to describe it with how you may feel it looks like?)

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Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 2:49 pm
by Golden_
Jordan's unusual and uncharacteristic anger didn't seem to disappear, likely because the others opted to dance around the problem. Yes, obviously they had to stick together - it didn't take a genius to figure that out. Other than that, no one had a plan. With some of these idiots being smart enough to transport them here (wherever here was), surely they could recite another chant to take them back, right? In the back of his mind, Jordan knew that his logic was flawed; no one could have known, nor did anyone have any idea on how to get back. Perhaps that's why he kept that opinion to himself, at least for now. But his anger definitely fueled that thought, wanting those responsible to grow a set of balls, take responsibility, own up to their fuck-up, and find a way back.

At a certain point, he drowned out the useless chatter of the others, and turned his attention back to the phone that sat in front of him. Again, he reached for it, and again, his fingers passed through it as if he didn't exist. Panic, confusion, and anger all mixed together, causing a bout of light-headedness, making the talk around him increase in volume.

Suddenly, a pair familiar boots appeared before him, snapping him out of his spacey experience. He knew who those boots belonged to, well before he even looked up to Iris' smiling face. God, why was she smiling? It confused the anger within him, to the point where it began to subside. It was odd and he couldn't explain it, nor did he care to at that moment. There were more pressing matters at hand. Before he got up off his knees, he tried one last time to pick up his damn phone, and magically, it worked. His fingers gripped onto the edges tightly, slipping it into his back pocket as he shakily rose to his feet. He couldn't explain what had just happened, but he attributed it to the fall and overall overflow of emotion he had felt. What else could it have been?

"You alright?" He asked her quietly, lifting the corners of his mouth up into a tight, forced smile. His voice did showcase a little more genuine concern for her well-being, which wasn't out of the ordinary for the two of them. He would always care for her, and given the circumstances, he made a silent vow to ensure her safety.

No longer raging, Jordan took in a little more of his surroundings and the state of his companions. For the most part, they seemed to be up and about, dead-set on finding some missing dude. He'd go along with the motion to find a safe space for the night, and then to go searching in the morning. But before they did, he wanted to make sure everyone was okay to walk. A quiet voice called out for Iris' name, belonging to a girl still sprawled out on the ground. Jordan jogged over and crouched down beside Marina. "Shit, come on," he said, offering her his hand.

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Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:16 am
by EyesOfIce
Rion swallowed when he noticed the disapproving look from Lalou and turned on his heels. “Well... I don’t really know how far it is... and it’s only gonna get darker until morning.” He said slowly as he looked between Jay and Lark. “Do you want to wait or should we go now?” He asked, raising a calculating brow and looked over towards the woods, studying it slowly. From where he was standing it seemed calm, but who knew what actually lurked within.

“Whatever we decide though, we should do it as a group.” He nodded again and then proceeded to tuck his arms in.


Once her brother began to speak again Corinna turned and began to slightly climb the hill again, until she reached where her bag had inevitable tumbled off of her. She began to dig through it, seeing if anything had been damaged or whatnot. At least she had a snacks that she could share. In all honesty at this point she didn’t know what to do. She really didn’t think that anything was going to happen. She didn’t know that anything to this extent could actually happen...