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Re: The Other Side

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:05 am
by JoJoTheZombie
A surge of curiosity and adrenaline pumped through Raymond's veins, causing him to eagerly lean in as the grouo began to recite the aformentioned spell. Though, Raymond seemed to hesitate in reciting with the others as the voice in hisnhead called to him once again. This time it was louder than before, Raymond's head filling with the same beckoning voice as before. At this point it was becoming less inticing and more annoying, giving Ray a splitting headache. The Aussie closed his eyes as he shook his head "Alright! Thats enough!" Raymond yelled out as his eyes shot open again.

Everything was gone, they were no longer in the basement. An odd fragrence passed his nose as Raymknd took in the shock change. Dark lush trees crowded the area within view, though the ground seemed grey and.. Cracked? "What.. The actual fuck? Ray asked as he turned around fully expecting to esee everyone else. To his dismay, Ray was alone.

"Jay? Lark? Firey Redhead? Other people?" Ray called out, his voice falling deaf on the otherworldy forest. "Ray ran hisnhand through his hair and looked down his feet, questioning what he was even looking at. All of this was so strange, unexplainable. Did the spell actually work? Theres now way. Raymond sighed as he leveled his gaze again and began to walk forward slolwy, seeing nothing but the same trees ober and over. Maybe they really had made it to the other side. What the other side actually was was an mind blowing mystery.

A sudden bolt of pain seered in Raymond's mind as a strong headache grew. He winced in pain, stopping his stride. A few moments went by and Ray was able to shake it off, atleast partially. "I am not high enough for this shit." He mumbled to himself, reaching for his pot and phone. Oddly, neither seemed to be in his pocket. Had they fallen out? Ray grunted with dissatisfaction as his eyes shifted to the ground again in search of his possesions.

The Other Side

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:52 am
by Avocadomydudez
Such a feeling- a familiar feeling, one that hasn’t happened for quite some time... this presence was odd though, it wasn’t the one of her own love, no... this particular being was one with something extraordinary. A dark like figure crept from behind a nearby tree, almost seeming to disappear by all other beings of life- heading to one life alone. This shadow like form would begin to spread across the forest floor, engulfing it as it moved on before suddenly stopping and hiding behind a tree. “Oh dear- looks like one sheep got lost from the herd..” this particular sheep held something that Daeva was quite familiar with... darkness. This young lad had some sort of gift that she could feel would be very useful to herself. She held an elders gift, one that all elders had, being her own leader, she automatically received the ability to feel ones gift, where it’s origins may lay- and this young mans laid within the darkest of realms, her mind feeling quite fuzzy the more she tried to pry. “Oh, what an extraordinary gift I shall unlock in him...” she’d mumble, shifting herself out from behind the tree as the young male bent over.

Without a seconds wait the young male would be surrounded by darkness, though the sun was out, the tops of the trees worked as a barrier. Daeva waited a moment, resting herself against the tree before moving herself into the darkness. “Ahhh... you- you are something special my dearie..” a voice would mumble between the dark cloud that was around the guy. Daeva wouldn’t make him wait long before making herself visible through her shadows, her skin jet black, her nails almost like talons, and her wear was all leather- skin tight leather. “Such.. darkness I see within you,” she’d speak softly as she got closer to the guys face, leaning slightly to the side. “I would love.. for you to use me as I intend to be using you- I can unlock, so much more inside of you...” Daeva would whisper, attempting to get closer to his ear without him moving back.

Before she had waited for an answer Daeva disappeared within the darkness, “tell me your desires, wishes, wants I shall make them true. All I ask is you pledge yourself to me, do as I ask, whatever I say- only then will I fulfill what you want- and only then will I unlock that gift you behold inside of you... that gift that I can feel will bring so much- but, tik tok.” The dark lady would say, moving back close to him, now wrapping her arms around from behind him. “You only have so much time before my darkness will devour you- and oh... how I’d enjoy so much to devour you, but I want to find, find out what this power is.” Daeva said in a soft moan. Her voice was mature, but it also had a soft seductive tone that she decided to use just for this moment.


Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:13 pm
by Kaylanie676
Allyra looks around noticing that she was alone. "I need to find the others" She mutters as she starts walking in a random direction. "This isn't good... I don't know where I am... Or where the others are.... I should've gotten high.. Does my phone work?" She wonders aloud searching her back pocket for her phone she gasps when she cant find it. "Where in the actual hell is my phone.. Oh my god I need my phone" She says running her fingers through her hair and panicking. "How are we going to get back?" She says. She walks to a tree and tests the branches before attempting to climb it. She pants as she hears the others calling out, she can hear them but doesn't register that its her friends who're calling out, still panicking about not having her phone and not knowing how to get back to their world.

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Re: The Other Side

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:17 pm
by JoJoTheZombie
A small shadow flickered in the corner of the Australian boy's eye, causing his head to jerk up to follow the motion. Strangely enough there was nothing there. "Wierd.." Was an understatement. Everything around him was beyond wierd. Inexplainable.

Though before Ray could really process what was going on, a pool of darkness appeard around his feet before it spread out covering the entire forest like a blanket. Though Ray didnt react to the spreading darkness, feeling a small sense of comfort as it surrounded the area. His sense of comfort was followed by a familiar voice, the voice who called out to him before in the underground. It was daunting yet seductive, strangely enough it kept Ray's nerves fairly even. Thats when he saw her, a slender figure in all black, skin tight. The very sight of her caused the skin on Rays body to rise up in a series of bumps, though tather than geeling nervous, Raymond felt inticed, almost excited. For a few long moments he stared at the woman's face, silent as can be.

She spoke of desires, wishes, power, devotion. All of these things flowed like music to Ray's ears. "Desire?" He questioned, pausing for a few moments. What was it that he wanted? Well, what everyone else wanted. Control.

"I desire..Darkness.."

Those words slipped from his lips so seamlessly that it almost seemed natural. A small curl formed at the corner of his lips into a smile as the leather arms wrapped him up from behind. Her embrace inspiring something deep within Raymond. "Ill do it."

The Other Side

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:19 pm
by Wannderlust
Lark reached the top of the hill with a huff, as she did, her eyes scanned the area quickly before they landed on Jay who was now standing up near the tree. Lark watched the tree pulse with life, before she dropped her gaze back towards her older brother, he seemed worried about something,"Hey.. what's up?"she asked as she came near him.

"Have you seen Ray? I can't ... I can't find him..."he mumbled as he watched the others gather, he felt his heart begin to race as his palms became sweaty.

Lark knew that look, it was the same look you would receive from a deer caught in the headlights, she quickly reached out and gave his arm a reassuring squeeze,"I'm sure he's here, how about I go look around the tree?"she suggested,"maybe he is back there ..."

Just than, it was like Jay snapped out of whatever he was going through in that moment,"He's not here!"he snapped at his sister, he shoved past her. As he did, he felt Lark try to grab him in an effort to stop him.

"Where are going?!"she asked, her gaze flickered over to the small crowd of growing people.

"What does it look like?"he scoffed,"I'm going to find my fucking friend!" Jay was now beating himself up, why hadn't he kept an better eye on both them? He ran a hand through his hair as he stood away from everyone else, if Raymond did end up here, he wouldn't know where to begin to look.

Lark hung back, she felt bad, Jay would have never been here, and would probably have never mentioned to Raymond about the house. Or maybe Ray would have still showed up either way, it wouldn't have felt like her fault so much if she had stayed home. Unsure of what to do, or how to comfort her own brother, she hung back near the tree unsure of what to do now.

Re: The Other Side

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 10:34 pm
by Avocadomydudez
Daeva watched quite intently on the stranger, awaiting his response. It wasn’t too long before he had answered though, an answer that brought the devilish woman a wide grin, “your desire... is all that I own.” She’d whisper into the shadow like fog, soon it sweeping back, quickly raveling itself back into Daeva. “The sound of your voice- I haven’t heard. The accent you hold, will in time be useful with our neighboring enemies I’m sure.” She spoke softly, her eyes were hidden beneath a hat, but glimpses of white with black smokey lines seemed to be within. With the light still shining through the trees, Daeva had seemed much shorter than when in the shadows, light being one weakness that she’d never be able to escape. Still near, Daeva reached out to touch her newest recruits chest. Her mind now filling with a slight pain as she focused on what this boy might be holding as a gift.

But as quick as her hand landed, she pulled away. The sound of a small squirrel scurrying behind the two of them now taking her attention. A flash of black taking over the squirrels eyes, ears, all senses diminished in her cloud of darkness. To her stranger, he wouldn’t be able to see the cloud around the squirrel only a paralyzing fear stunned across its face. “This... is what I do. I will teach you all you need to know about my gift, as well as your own.” Daeva said as she walked towards the frightened creature, this certain animal species being one of the first she had practiced her gifts on. Crouching beside the squirrel, but not yet revealing herself to it, she reached out and touched its snout lightly. The reddish hued mammal soon absorbing a darker coloring, jet black. With a matter of seconds, the paralyzed stated the squirrel was in changed, a slight sniffle, the small animal made its way on top of Daeva’s shoulder. “I also, can take the life. An animal’s mind is so easy to corrupt, but a humans, a persons mind is a bit tougher to crack... least that’s what I thought before meeting you. I believe you have something-“ now standing back up, the Shadow Lady looked back at friend, “something that’ll make the process faster, easier. Do you want to see what you hold Sephtis?” She’d ask, her once clear white eyes changing to a red along with the squirrels, still a circular snakey shake of black twirling around in the both of their eyes. Sephtis, a name she had chosen, a name meaning eternal death, a name she believed he could live up too. “I will not strike to kill, but if you fail I may. Channel the rage my pet shall inflict onto you, channel that rage and let us see what you are truly hiding.”

Her hand now extended, the quick and nimble creature would follow in pursuit, racing to Daeva’s companion and try to Initiate a war. Not fleeing until Sephtis had given a bit of insight on what he held inside. What gift this young man had possessed. The small mammal followed where Daeva had wanted, mostly going in for a quick and easy nip at his ankles, an annoying place that could be bit, that would hopefully bring the rage that the woman was looking for.

Re: The Other Side

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 2:39 am
by Golden_
While the others gathered inside the second, smaller room, Jordan embraced the temporary solitude in the first room. As he gingerly stepped towards a particular corner, his dark gaze took in the previously overlooked details belonging to the rest of the room. It was fascinating to him, yet completely fictional. This time, he observed the wall filled with squares, which all held rolled up pieces of paper, much like the map Rion had pulled out. He wondered if they were all maps, or perhaps held even greater secrets. Whatever the case was, Jordan was more interested in the corner he had previously explored: the weapons.

There were fewer daggers, that's for sure, but it wasn't surprising given that a couple companions had rather shifty hands and heavy pockets. His ability to observe and evidently become invisible, despite his size, made it quite easy to catch. He didn't give a shit though - who was he to stop these idiots from pocketing the memorabilia of a dead man?

Before he could get into digging through all the weaponry, Jordan heard the group begin to chant. A horrible, undescribable feeling ran through his body, causing him to freeze and turn towards the second room. In the brief silence afterwards, he heard his own heavy breathing, followed by... nothing. Nothing happened. He shook his head and cursed beneath his breath, embarrassed about his unexplainable paranoia. As they began the second round of chanting, Jordan turned back around the explore.

But as the second round concluded, that's when shit went down. The pressure in the room shifted, causing the young man to lift a hand to his pounding head. And before he could do anything further, the third chant occurred, sending his world into chaos. His eyes widened as he fell through the floor, into a void of flashing light and colour. Despite the fear that ran through him as he continued to fall, Jordan didn't close his eyes. He wouldn't.

Then his feet hit the ground, hard. His knees buckled to absorb the impact but thankfully, he remained upright. The shift of swirling light and colour to a world of dark neutrality caused him to experience a couple seconds of disorientation and confusion. For that brief moment, he wondered if he was tripping.

But as his new reality kicked in, emotion began to overwhelm him. He observed this new, strange environment, turning his body to take in everything around him. Most of the others were around, recovering from the fall and trying to compose themselves. He could see Iris further down the hill, seemingly fine, which settled the specific worry he had of losing her. But with the taming of one emotion, another grew stronger.

He was furious. At the others, for reciting that chant, at Iris, for dragging him along, and at himself, for being stupid enough to stick his nose where it didn't belong. It rippled through him like molten lava, amplified by the adrenaline that pumped through his veins. He didn't remember ever feeling so angry as he did in that moment. His gaze dropped down to the cracked ground, to the tightly formed fists he had instinctively made, to the pale flush of his knuckles.

That's when he noticed that his phone had tumbled out onto the ground, likely from his sudden impact. It had settled nicely between the unnaturally black cracks of the earth, reminding Jordan, once again, that this was all crazy. He crouched down to pick it up, only to come across another problem. His fingers passed through it, as if he wasn't even there. Bewildered, Jordan tried again, and again, was unsuccessful. Panic began to sink in as he kept trying, even dropping down to his knees as he clawed at the phone desperately. What the hell was happening?

He stopped out of frustration, breathing deeply and tilting his head to look up at the sky, desperately trying to calm himself. But it wasn't working, not when the simple chatter of the others irritated him. "Yeah, no shit," he said roughly, in response to some this is bad comments the others made. "Who's fucking idea was this again?" Someone was gonna be accountable for this, he would make sure for it.

Re: The Other Side

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 6:31 am
by EyesOfIce
Rion glared towards Corinna as Jordan’s venom filled words sliced through the air. He was going to shift the blame towards his sister, but before he could speak, he turned to face Lark and Jay, whose vocal level of their conversation quickly seemed to rise. “Hey, what’s going on?” He asked, leaving his position from the base of the tree and moving towards the pair. His ending position was in-between Lark and Jay, however he hovered closer to Jay due to the fact of his clear distress.

“What do you think wandering off by yourself is going to do? Clearly none of us know where we are and I don’t know about you, but this place doesn’t feel exactly warm and welcoming to me. We will find Ray, okay? But we should do it as a group.” He finished the last bit of his piece by looking at Jay, and then back over his shoulder at the rest of the group who seemed to be regaining their ground.

Corinna nodded in agreement and crossed her arms as she stepped forward. “I think that’s the best plan.” She stated, before being stopped by Rion’s hand coming out in a stopping motion.

“Corinna, I think now is the time for you to stay quiet. I am pretty sure nobody really wants to hear your plan or thoughts right now.” He said, giving her a stern look that held the air and confidence as some angry, old, History teacher.

Corinna furrowed her brows and hugged herself tighter before looking away. When she was confident and happy she stood tall and seemed unstoppable, but something about the way she drew back made her seem shrunk back and meek.

“Now, I don’t know what you guys think, but I say those woods are our best bet.” Rion stated as he nodded a bit. While talking he had taken a few steps towards the woods, and then when he finished speaking, he turned to face the rest of the group, searching for their opinion.

Corinna immediately looked away when Rion turned his gaze to her, but he didn’t let it phase him. He himself was pretty mad at her and thought she deserved to feel bad. Of course, she didn’t know that the book was actually real, but he had tried to get them out of there.

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Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 2:04 pm
by RabidGravity
Despite his stress and nervous energy, Lalou could see the others weren't faring well either. Jay was stressed about Ray, Allyra was just plain stressed, and the bond between Corinna and Rion was obviously stretched thin at the moment. He felt for all of them, understanding how each person could feel what they felt at the moment. Though he didn't like the way Corinna was curling in on herself at the moment or the way Rion seemed to glare at her.

"Hey, it's gonna be alright Cor," he said softly, reaching out a tentative hand to gently place it on his friend's shoulder.

"I agree that we should all stick together right now. I wouldn't wanna be alone in this place at any point in time," he gave Rion a little bit of a miffed look for making his sister feel so dejected, but realized it was between the two siblings and he couldn't do much besides give little nudges here and there. He hoped they would get along again soon because the role switch of Rion leading and Corinna holding back was odd and though Lalou was glad Rion was stepping up to the plate for the group, he wasn't sure if he liked that it was at the expense of Corinna's natural fire.

Re: The Other Side

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 2:44 am
by Kaylanie676
Allyra stays by the group when her panic attack is finally over. She moves closer to everyone so she doesnt seem to alone or exposed. She moves over to Corinna feeling safe because of how long she had known the girl. She looks around at the group and takes a couple deep breathes to keep from having another panic attack.
"We'll be fine... We just have to Stick together and figure out a way back.... Is everyone here?." She says to mostly calm herself down as she looks the the group of friends she doesnt quite focus on anybody as she thinks about how they're going to get back to their side..

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